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Jovi noosphere the Blockchain designer for business

The name of the base system (platform): Projects based on blockchain technology
Developers: Jovi
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/06/06
Branches: Government and social institutions,  Insurance,  Trade
Technology: SaaS - Software as service

2019: Representation of the Jovi blockchain platform

On June 6, 2019 the company "Croc" reported about the Russian blockchain- the Jovi platform. Became CROC the anchor partner of developer of this platform — the companies "Noosphere", and will use it during the work over a blockchain projects for customers. It is possible to test and start a corporate blockchain on the Jovi platform in only one day. The provided tool helps to reduce costs and risks of customers who would like to transfer the business processes to a blockchain, but are not ready to spend resources for system development from scratch.

The blockchain technology allows to simplify and secure the processes connected with supply chains, banking and insurance products, cross-border payments and other popular services. However the high labor input at development and deployment of blockchains-applications quite often stops the companies.

The Jovi platform is available both in cloud, and in a configuration on own IT infrastructure. The tool simplifies process of creation and integration of a blockchain into an ecosystem of the enterprises. As partners, Jovi and CROC will render to customers a range of services on search of an optimal solution based on a blockchain and to creation of blockchains-applications. Jovi will provide ready designers the blockchain components, templates of smart contracts, instruments of monitoring of parameters of a blockchain, and CROC based on it will help clients to create necessary business applications.

the Blockchain for the sake of a blockchain is necessary to nobody therefore often the companies come to us for the help in identification of processes where the distributed register will be able to give the maximum advantage to business. Existence of the ready platform, such as Jovi, accelerates and reduces the price of development and deployment, allowing to test and start a corporate blockchain with the minimum time expenditure, and without the additional capital investments of IT infrastructure in a case with a cloud configuration,


The experience of CROC got according to the results of implementation a blockchain projects, examination on creation of large-scale information systems and efficiency evaluation of a blockchain in specific business processes of customers will also become advantages to customers.

We entered the Russian market about a blockchain service, focused on rapid and simple implementation of technology. Earlier, if business had a need for a blockchain, then it had two options — it or began independent development that very long, expensively and there is no result guarantee. Or addressed IT giant, but all the same underwent several circles of approvals of future project. We offer business a ready template of a blockchain which allows to accelerate development and deployment many times,
reported Mikhail Frolov, the CEO Jovi blockchain project

Using the designer of Jovi several pilot projects within implementation of blockchain technologies in business processes of the companies in the field of retail and insurance are started.

Insurance from not departure, as well as other insured events which do not require expert evaluation — an excellent example and a field for application of smart contracts. The system created to Jovi base can take data from reliable sources and if run is cancelled, instantly to create insurance payments. So clients should not spend time for filling and transfer to the insurer of the application for payment more, to wait for it a statement — everything works in real time,
gives an example Mikhail Frolov, the CEO of the Jovi project

Other example of application of the platform — a pilot project in the field of retail where the blockchain is "a truth source" — the database confirming authenticity of goods. By analogy with the state control system for turnover of alcoholic products, the blockchain may contain information, for example, confirming presence of certificates at specific goods.

In such projects at the first stage there is an automation of difficult mezhogranizatsionny document flow. At the same time the blockchain acts as the guarantor of safety and relevance of all data. At the second stage scenarios of application of smart contracts for specific industry and the company are studied.

The interest of the state and business in use of blockchain technologies grows in Russia. The technology of the distributed register of data is included into one of nine "end-to-end technologies" the Russian national program "Digital Economy".

According to the road map on development of a blockchain in Russia within the Digital Economy program the blockchain is offered to use in all state information systems, including vote at the municipal level and control of expenditure of budgetary funds. Among the priority directions on implementation of technologies of the distributed register there were a financial and insurance activity, transportation and storage, public administration, health care and processing. Authors of the road map claim that the effect of implementation of blockchain technology in Russia by 2024 can be over 1.5 trillion rubles.

According to IDC, by 2022 number the blockchain projects in the world will increase to 5 thousand, and their budget will make $11.7 billion, instead of 700 and $1.5 billion respectively in 2018.