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TopLog WMS

The name of the base system (platform): 1C: Enterprise 8.2
Developers: TopLog
Date of the premiere of the system: 2010/03/02
Last Release Date: 2019/02/22
Branches: Logistics and distribution,  Trade
Technology: WMS

TopLog WMS is the solution in the field of management of warehouse logistics. A system supports the high rate of work of warehouse objects of different industry specifics and has an opportunity to adapt for management of a warehouse of any scale.

2019: Inclusion in the Register of domestic software

On February 22, 2019 the warehouse management system TopLog WMS was officially included in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. TopLog WMS, according to the Register, is carried to class software "Process management systems of the organization". Order No. 63 of 2/22/2019 on entering into the Register of TopLog WMS was adopted the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation on the basis of the conclusion of expert advice of representatives of the state customers and the Russian IT industry.

Inclusion of TopLog WMS in the Register Russian programs for COMPUTER also DB says that the WMS system of TopLog company is the domestic software and is recommended for state procurements public and municipal authorities.

2010: Effects of implementation. Specific Features. Modules

According to information for March, 2010 the solution integrates experience of implementations more than in 15 warehouses with different industry specifics, including warehouses of safe custody, distribution centers, finished goods warehouses and automobile terminals.

Results of implementation of TopLog WMS:

  • the turnover of a warehouse increases and cost value of processing of goods due to standardization of business processes and use of radio data collection terminals decreases;
  • the greatest possible indicators on quality of shipment of goods at the minimum quantity of claims are reached;
  • cardinally influence of "a human factor" on work of a warehouse decreases and manual entry of data is minimized;
  • accuracy and quality of work increases, workflow is normalized, the management is exempted from an everyday routine on problem solving and warehouse errors;
  • the management of a warehouse receives the convenient tool for increase in efficiency of warehouse processes and a reliable source of information on the movement of goods flows, to use of labor resources, observance of warehouse standards and cost of warehouse service.

Distinctive features of the solution TopLog WMS:

  • open program code;
  • the license for an unlimited number of operators and users of the shipping documentation (within one automation object);
  • connectivity of add-on modules under specifics of a warehouse;
  • high performance (more than 60,000 warehouse transactions per hour);
  • convenient work with radio terminals (simplicity of setup, the clear user interface, support of any shipping documentations with WiFi);
  • connection of an unlimited number of additional reports and printed forms without change of a system.

TopLog WMS has modular structure that gives ample opportunities of the choice from the standard version for a small warehouse to full-scale automatic system for the large warehouse terminal. The basic module TopLog WMS includes the following functions:

  • support of standard warehouse transactions (acceptance, placement, selection, packaging, marking, shipment, inventory, rejection, blocking, movement, feed, consolidation, assembly of sets);
  • possibility of use of radio terminals on all business processes of a warehouse;
  • setup of multistep strategy of accomplishment of warehouse transactions at the level of all warehouse, by owners and characteristics of the nomenclature;
  • flexible configuration of address spaces, consolidation of cells in hierarchical groups, areas and zones with assignment of rating and an order of a bypass;
  • possibility of setup under industry specifics of a warehouse (safe custody, production, distribution, pharmaceutics, food);
  • increase in efficiency of a warehouse due to use of end-to-end transactions (cross docking, the consolidated selection) and side-by-side execution of the connected transactions (acceptance placement, selection-packaging-shipment);
  • possibility of accomplishment of intra warehouse transactions without participation of operators and reduction of a negative impact of "a human factor";
  • simultaneous support of several owners of goods in one warehouse and data exchange with their corporate systems.

The following modules can be connected to the basic version of TopLog WMS:

  • the module "Billing" – is used for calculation of cost of services of safe custody, cost value of processing of goods and motivation of employees;
  • the module "Automatic Control of Resources" – provides work planning of a warehouse, preparation of a scope of work and issue of tasks to personnel without participation of the operator;
  • the module "Management of Delivery" is accounting of vehicles, setup of the schedule of delivery, automatic and manual formation of routes, automatic work planning of a warehouse on the basis of the planned runs.
  • the module "Work with Claims" is registration of claims from clients on quality of accomplishment of orders, consideration of claims with accomplishment of procedural warehouse transactions, confirmation of claims by implementation of shipment or acceptance;
  • the module "Preparation of Documents" is the automated printing of consignment documents directly from WMS, setup of first-aid kits of printed forms with verifiability of completeness of the printed documents;
  • the module "Time recording" is registration of attendance of employees with ability to integrate with SKD, the indication of absence reasons of employees, tariffing of works on types of charges (time off, absence, hospital …);
  • the module "Accounting of Supplies" is acceptance and write-off of supplies on the regulations set on the basis of the executed warehouse transactions (for example, a packaging film, fuel, paper …).