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Rostelecom bought 300 thousand smartphones on the Russian Aurora OS for 2.9 billion rubles

Customers: Rostelecom

Moscow; Telecommunication and communication

Product: Aurora (before SailfishOS)

Project date: 2019/05  - 2019/10
Project's budget: 2.894 billion руб.

On May 7, 2019 Rostelecom summed up the results of the tender for delivery of smartphones with domestic mobile Sailfish Mobile OS for the project "The Entrusted Mobile Environment"[1]. The initial cost of purchase was estimated at 3.658 billion rubles.

Rostelecom bought 300 thousand smartphones on Aurora OS
Rostelecom bought 300 thousand smartphones on Aurora OS

9 companies took part in the tender. As a result of holding all procurement procedures the customer selected three suppliers. Each of them will have to deliver to Rostelecom 100 thousand smartphones. With Retentiva Distribyyushen Company the agreement on 946.3 million rubles, will be signed with Center of Distribution company - on 949.8 million rubles, with Kyyutek - on 997.5 million rubles.

Thus, Rostelecom will receive 300 thousand mobile devices on Aurora OS at the average price of 9645 rub apiece. The total cost of purchase will be 2.894 billion rubles.

In addition to the Aurora operating system (before Sailfish) versions are no lower 3.0.2 on smartphones means of cryptographic information protection of PathfinderSSL and also a number of applications, including the Internet browser with GOST enciphering should be preset.

The Sailfish platform which received the Russian-language name "Aurora" in February, 2019 represents the protected mobile, multitask OS for mobile applications under a hardware platform based on the ARM processor.

According to terms of reference of the customer, device management based on the protected mobile OS should be exercised by means of the module of management of settings and the monitoring including:

  • server part in which microservice components are implemented;
  • the user web interface for their administration;
  • client part which is integrated into OS on mobile devices.

Information security tools (SRZI) of the protected mobile operating system should be provided at all levels of functioning of OS: user login, start and stop of processes, creation and work with files, control of integrity, audit of events. SRZI should support OS user authentication at an input and also logical relationship of the user with the processes generated by the user.

As for "iron", here requirements were are as follows:

  • Screen: not less than 5', but no more than 6', with the resolution not below 1280x720, HD + IPS
  • Body material: plastics/aluminium
  • Processor: 4-core MediaTek, Spreadtrum or Qualcomm with clock rate is not lower than 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: not less than 2 GB
  • Internal memory: not less than 16 GB
  • Camera: frontal not less 8Mp AF, lobby not less 5Mp
  • Memory card slot: MicroSD support of memory cards with a capacity not less than 64 GB
  • SIM card: support of two SIM cards, 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Bluetooth: not below version 3.0
  • Existence of NFC
  • Accumulator: it is not lower than 2500 mAh

Guaranty period for the smartphone should make 12 months from the moment of its transfer to the user, but no more than 18 months from the moment of his delivery to the customer. At identification of the same warranty shortcoming at 20 and more percent of smartphones from the number of all order during warranty period, all batch is considered unsuitable and should be completely replaced within 150 days.

According to documentation, representatives of federal public authorities, authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, local government authorities, municipal organizations, budgetary institutions and companies with state participation should become users of smartphones.

On March 1, 2018 Rostelecom officially announced acquisition of 75 percent shares in Otkrytaya mobilnaya platforma» (OMP) LLC and Votron LLC which work on the Sailfish operating system. Both companies directly or indirectly belonged to the founder of the UST group billionaire Grigory Berezkin.

In August, 2018 it became known of plans of the state to transfer officials and employees of state companies to use of the Russian Sailfish mobile operating system. The corresponding expenses were estimated at 160.2 billion rubles, Kommersant with reference to the federal official reported.

It was noted that Russian authorities are going to transfer by 2021 to smartphones with Sailfish OS 7.9 million employees of state agencies, budgetary institutions and the companies with state participation. About 71.3 billion rubles were going to select for these purposes from the federal budget, 78.2 billion rubles – at the expense of state companies and 10.7 billion more rubles - from local budgets.