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PJSC Rostelecom – one of the largest in Russia and Europe of telecommunication companies of national scale which is present at all segments of the market of communication services and covering millions of households in Russia.

As of the end of 2016 the number of subscribers of services broadband access of Rostelecom exceeds 12.2 million, and paid TV of Rostelecom - 9.2 million users from whom over 4.0 million are watched by the federal product "Interactive TV".

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Authorized capital of the company is 7.965 million rubles and is separated into 2,943,258,269 ordinary and 242,831,469 preferred shares with a nominal value of 0.0025 rub.

Securities of Rostelecom are trading at the Russian exchanges RTS and MICEX, and also in the electronic system of the curb trading of OTCQX in the USA.

As the share capital structure of Rostelecom as a result of the transaction on purchase of Tele2, will change 2019

As the government manages Rostelecom

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Board of Directors

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Option program

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Performance Indicators

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2019: Growth of revenue by 5%, net profit — for 10%

In 2019 revenue of Rostelecom reached 337.42 billion rubles, having increased by 5% in comparison with previous year earlier that was promoted in many respects by rendering digital services.

Annual incomes from services of broadband access (broadband access) in the Internet increased to 83.87 billion rubles from 80.04 billion rubles the previous year. Services of television brought to Rostelecom 37.13 billion rubles, having exceeded result of year prescription in 34.46 billion rubles.

Financial performance of Rostelecom

In 2019 the operator earned 61.74 billion rubles from the market of the fixed telephony. In the 2018th revenue was higher and was measured by 69.99 billion rubles. On cloud and  VAS services the company gained 49.8 billion rubles whereas in 2018 this income equaled 36.9 billion rubles.

The number of subscribers of the operator increased practically by all sectors. Growth of number of Internet users was 2% (13.2 million by the end of 2019), users of services of a pay TV — for 3% (from them the number of subscribers of Interactive TV grew by 6% up to 5.6 million), subscribers of the virtual operator — 41% (up to 1.7 million). At the same time the number of subscribers of local telephone communication continues to be reduced: it dropped by 10% and by the end of 2019 made 15.7 million. 

Average revenue from one subscriber of services of broadband access Internet reached 402 rubles, having increased by 2%. In a segment of paid TV there was a growth by 2% up to 255 rubles.

Rostelecom completed 2019 with net profit in the amount of 16.47 billion rubles that for 10% exceeds the profit of year prescription. Net profit was 4.9% of revenue against 4.7% in 2018.

Good results of 2019 became possible thanks to efforts of all blocks of client segments to ways of digital transformation and promotion of modern digital services. At the same time the segment of corporate and state clients on which sustainable development we stake showed the best two-digit growth — 13% year-on-year — the senior vice president of Rostelecom Vladimir Kiriyenko noted.[1]

Strategy of Rostelecom

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Development of the state IT systems

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Communication networks

For May, 2020 own backbone digital network of communication of Rostelecom has extent about 500 thousand km., is constructed on the basis of the fiber-optic communication line using SDH-and DWDM technologies.

Local networks, over 2.6 million km. long, provide a complete covering of the territory of the Russian Federation and transfer of any information type: voices, data, video.

5G networks

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2016: Rostelecom will select up to 300 billion rubles for updating of network infrastructure

From 2016 to 2021 Rostelecom is going to allocate up to 300 billion rubles of own funds for implementation of the plan for updating of network infrastructure which provides implementation program - the defined networks (SDN) and technology of virtualization of network functions (NFV). It is written by Kommersant with reference to the president operator Sergey Kalugin[2].

According to him, financing of updating of network infrastructure can happen including due to sale of 16.24% of treasury shares of Rostelecom. "But still for this purpose not the most suitable market situation", - the representative of operator Valery Kostarev specified. It is noted that as of July 29 in trading time at the Moscow Exchange this share block cost 38.23 billion rubles.

Rostelecom annually invests more than 50 billion rubles on different projects therefore the amount with a limit of 300 billion within five years seems quite logical, analysts note. Meanwhile, as the partner of Deloitte Anton Shulga assumed, implementation of NFV and SDN technologies will take place within the general program of upgrade and development of network. The operator spent from 60 to 90 billion rubles for it the last years.

In the presentation of the operator it appears that updating of infrastructure of network and, in particular, implementation of NFV and SDN, will help to reduce time of an output of new service for the market from 14 to 3 months and also will promote reduction of number of command centers of network from 67 to 7 and to reduction of the personnel servicing network - from 80 thousand people to 50 thousand.

Meanwhile, Rostelecom expects to unroll in the fall of 2016 at least two pilot zones on the implementing solutions SDN and to involve in testing the Russian companies, including the Center of application studies of computer networks, and, perhaps, affiliated to Rostelecom of Programmable Networks LLC (Brain4Net brand).

2013: To efficiency of billing through patches

"Rostelecom"plans data of number of separate billing systems to two-three platforms OSS/BSS during 2013, reported Sergey Kalugin, the CEO of the company, at annual general shareholder meeting JSC Rostelecom on June 17, 2013.

"At the moment in the company more than 100 different billing systems are implemented that strongly reduces efficiency of many business processes, - Sergey Kalugin emphasized. - Among our major tasks for the current year - to put this situation in order, following the strategy of optimization of the company".

According to the head of the company to bring billing of regions together it will not turn out, but to two-three platforms - after all it is possible.

"It, most likely, will be couple of vendors from that, whose systems OSS/BSS are already implemented locally, - noted Kalugin. - Slowly we will migrate on these "ideal" solutions for now to put certain "patches" on what is".

Platforms should be selected in the nearest future, migration will be begun in October, 2013.

As of August, 2012 in macroregional branches of Rostelecom billing systems of five vendors from which three dominate worked: "Start2kom", "Petter Service" and CBOSS.

  • "Start" - development by "Start2kom", provides settlement service of subscribers in macroregions Center, Siberia, Volga and Far East.

  • the region South is serviced by two systems: "Rate" and Onim of production of Stek-soft Ltd.

Joint venture, absorption and sale of the companies

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