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JSC Giredmet is the enterprise of Rosatom state corporation.

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The Giredmet company is the research and project organization of a materials research profile.

Specialization - development of materials on the basis of rare metals, their connections and alloys, high-pure substances, semi-conductor materials, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies.

Activities of Giredmet

As of spring of 2015, the main activities of the organization are:

  • Materials science of functional materials and nanosystems.
  • Technologies for creation of materials and products on the basis of rare metals, alloys and the alloying additives for strategically important industries.
  • Design of high chemical and metallurgical technology productions on the basis of the modern resource-saving technologies which are turning out products for key branches of economy including dual-use products.
  • Diagnostic check of quality and metrological support, implementation of functions of the leader and the coordinating certified center in the field of rare, noble and semi-conductor materials.

Production of organic semiconductors for micro and optoelectronics

At one of the enterprises of Rosatom - Giredmet - master the new technology direction — production of organic semiconductors for micro and optoelectronics, reported the corporate edition of Country Rosatom state corporation at the end of December, 2014. By 2020 the enterprise expects to gain the lead in this sector.

Giredmet notes that modern methods of synthesis allow to make the whole class of organic semiconductors which on the properties exceed traditional inorganic materials: they differ in the bigger durability and rather low cost value since the technology of their production is quite simple.

Application range — memory cells of new generation, superradiating circuits, cells for processing and information storage. In nuclear power these materials can be demanded too, generally in security systems. Light-emitting sensors, digital panels, microchips from organic semiconductors will be inexpensive and long-lasting, consider in Giredmet.

For micro and optoelectronics of Giredmet expects to receive the first patents for developments in the field of organic semiconductors in 2015

According to the ex-director of Giredmet Marat Bulatov, as of the end of 2014 specialists of the enterprise already developed a number of technologies of receiving organic semiconductors, there are models and prototypes, it is possible to start production of the first samples.

With customers of problems should not be, believe in Giredmet: "Producers will be able easily to transfer our technologies to the capacities. Of course, something should be changed in processes, but it is minimum. Besides we are ready to interact with the plants, to accompany the development at all stages", representatives of the enterprise note.

Works on organic semiconductors in Giredmeta are financed under the contract with the Ministry of Education and Science. Besides, found Giredmet industrial partners, one of whom – the NT-MDT company which is engaged in creation and delivery of the hi-tech equipment.

In the new Giredmet direction is going to take out the first patents for developments in 2015. After emergence of the first ready samples of organic semiconductor products the enterprise is going to take out the project on investment committee of Rosatom to receive financing for start of a series.