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+ Vestelcom

The Vestelcom company is child structure of the largest player of the market of telecommunications and communications of Russia of JSC Rostelecom.

Vestelcom Ltd is created in 1992 by Rostelecom and the American company "US West" for the purpose of financing of joint investment projects in the field of a telecom. For April 22, 2013 100% of stocks of the company belong to JSC Rostelecom.

2016: Creation of the joint venture with subsidiary of Rostec based on Damask steel

Rostelecom and the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) which is a part of Rostec state corporation announced in May, 216 creation of joint venture for production of telecommunication equipment. The company "Bulat", "dochka" of the Russian equipment manufacturer of communication Qtech became base for this enterprise.

Rostelecom on behalf of "daughter" Vestelcom received 37.5% of the shares "Damask steel". As much at Scientific Research Institute Masshtab which is a part of a MIC. Other 25% of the stocks "Damask steel" remained with Qtech. Earlier Qtech had 52%, Taygibov Temirlan Taygibovich has 47%. Transaction amount on entry of structures of Rostelecom and a MIC into authorized capital Damask steel was symbolical, the representative of a MIC Leonid Hozin specified. Read more here.