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VTB - Vneshtorgbank - 51,24%



The Gals-Development company is the development company specializing in segments of the commercial and residential real estate, controls all stages of project lifecycle from development of the concept before the subsequent management of a ready object. A major shareholder Gals is the VTB Bank (51.24%).

History and performance indicators


  • Revenue the Tack intelligent development in 2017 made 3.4 billion rubles.
  • The gross profit of year in Group of Gals development made 57.3 billion rubles that made growth twice from indicators of 2016.

The Gals-Development company is going to put three projects with a total area about 300 thousand sq.m. into operation is the second queue of the residential quarter Heritage, elite residential ensemble "Theatrical House", office towers of IFC "IQ quarter" and the terminal handler in MMDTs "Moscow City".


  • The developer put 4 projects about 300 thousand sq.m. into operation. In a stage of active construction there are 5 projects with a total area about 800 thousand sq.m.
  • Gals-Development increased income from rent activity which were 8.6 billion rubles against 7.7 billion rubles in 2015 by 11%. More than 40% of receipts were the share of business center SkyLight (a tower "And" and a tower of B) on Leningradsky Avenue in Moscow, 21% - of LETO shopping mall in St. Petersburg.
  • The Heritage complex (the first and second stage) of which 34% of the total amount of receipts were the share became the leader of sales of the residential real estate. In 2016 the Gals-Development company completed sales in the first stage of a complex in three months prior to the end of construction works, in the second queue LDC Heritage is implemented about 90% of apartments today. Receipts on two projects of a business class - Property and "Iskra-Park" made about 2 billion rubles.
  • About 36% of sales volume are the share on the elite quarters put in operation Wine House, Gardens of Beijing, apartments in IFC "IQ quarter" and the complex "Theatrical House" under construction.