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Sberbank of Russia - 25%



Peyzakyat LLC (PayZakat) is engaged in development of a single platform for calculation, collecting, distribution and monitoring of obligatory (zakit) also voluntary (sadag) donations.


2019: Purchase of 25% of Peyzakyat LLC by Sberbank

Sberbank announced on June 11, 2019 agreement signature with Peyzakyat LLC according to which the bank is acquired by 25% of the company.

PayZakat represents the platform for collecting and the distribution of the obligatory and voluntary payments collected by Muslim community for benefit of poor and needing.

Using the chat-bots integrated into social networks, users calculate payment (to a sadag, zakit, zakit al fitr and zakit al of an adkh), distribute it between charitable foundations, select projects for donation and receive a feedback from PayZakat. Only real-life projects — with transparent process of tracking of development and use of the arrived means get to their number. The monitoring system of PayZakat monitors the project progress in real time, and using the smart chat-bot the philanthropist receives a timely feedback about a project status.

Sberbank purchased the platform for collecting and distribution of payments in Muslim community
This milestone event: the project which is grown up in Sberbank becomes a part of our ecosystem. This idea became the winner of the first wave of a corporate accelerator of Sber#Up for employees of the bank which passed in 2018 — Oleg Ganeev, the vice chairman of the board of Sberbank noted.

As noted, total charges of the zakyat in the world, as of June, 2019, exceed $500 billion a year, mainly cash. Considering that on the planet about 1.8 billion Muslims live (including 80 million in Russia and the CIS countries), the potential audience of such service is huge. In the long term PayZakat can become global digital payment system for collecting of charitable donations and be transformed to a universal marketplace.

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