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7690 employees in 2016



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Russian state enterprise which is engaged in researches, development and production in the field of the state signs. One of new priority activities is rendering IT services based on own DPC. Federal State Unitary Enterprise Goznak acts on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation "About the federal state unitary enterprise "Goznak" of August 26, 2005. Since March 3, 2008 is the strategic enterprise of Russia.

Total number of staff of Goznak as of March, 2016 is 7.7 thousand human.


In directorate of Goznak in Moscow as of March, 2016 375 people work.

Consolidation Goznak includes eight subsidiary enterprises:

  • Moscow Mint (509 employees)
  • Perm printing factory (1700)
  • St. Petersburg paper-mill (942)
  • Saint Petersburg Mint (464)
  • Moscow printing factory of Goznak (1695)
  • Scientific Research Institute Goznak (99)
  • Krasnokamsk paper-mill of Goznak (1356)
  • Moscow printing house of Goznak (550)

Products & Services

Priority activity of federal state unitary enterprise is production of monetary tickets, change and commemorative coins, state awards, forms of identity documents of the citizen of the Russian Federation, government securities, excise, special and stamps, special types of the protected paper and also forms of documents of strict accounting and the reporting.

Also smart cards, GSM cards and telephone cards, different elements of protection of products, such as paints and holograms enter product assortment of Goznak.

15% of the world market of banknote paper 

As of 2018 JSC Goznak is among the largest producers of cash of the world and performs deliveries to  25 countries of four continents. In particular, about a half of all volume of the protected paper made by Goznak falls to the share of foreign orders. At the same time the share of the world market of banknote paper controlled by Goznak according to the experts already now makes about 15%, and not less than 5-7% of the world market are the share of the banknotes made by JSC Goznak. 

DPCs and rendering IT services

One of the developing priority activities of Goznak is rendering services in information technology field, reported federal state unitary enterprise in the tender documentation on development of model of management accounting in February, 2016[1]

The enterprise renders IT services and services on IT outsourcing model based on own data processing centers.

In 2016-2018 there took place development of the created technology platform, including increase in volume of the rendered services. In 2018 creation of the second large Data processing center of Goznak – based on the St. Petersburg paper-mill is begun.

Enter a portfolio of the rendered IT services and services:

  • Colocation (placement of the equipment);
  • Rendering services in models IaaS SaaS PaaS;
  • Cloud services;
  • Data storage;
  • Related services (including, providing communication channels, administration).

The mobile applications developed by JSC Goznak together with the Bank of Russia which allow to carry out preliminary identification of the Russian banknotes by means of the camera of the smartphone became demanded.

For already several years the company is engaged, including, development of systems of ensuring traceability of different goods. In 2018 according to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 24, 2018 No. 321 of JSC Goznak it is defined as the operator and the developer of the integrated information system in the field of control of turnover of precious metals and gemstones.


1919: Renaming into Goznak

After the October revolution of EZGB it was transformed to Management of factories of preparation of government securities, in abbreviated form Goznak. Reforming was performed on the basis of "Provision on management of preparation of the Soviet state signs of factories" which was approved by the National commissariat of finance of RSFSR on June 6, 1919.

In 1919 the board of Goznak was transferred to Moscow. The Moscow, Petrograd, Penza, and then Perm and Rostov factories were subordinated to it.

In later Soviet period the complete name of Goznak sounded as Head department production of the state signs, coins and awards which submitted to the Ministry of Finance of the USSR. Goznak integrated paper and printing factories, mints.

Signs of mail payment

The signs of mail payment printed at the enterprises of Goznak had training in DIEZPO. At the same time the polygraphic enterprises of Goznak printed not only all Soviet mail signs, but also executed orders for a number of foreign countries. The Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak (MPFG) was responsible for the edition of stamps; in an experimental order several series of brands (TsFA (ITTs "Brand") #3815—3819, 4536—4540 and some other) were printed on the Moscow Printing House of Goznak (MPHG). Integral things, including one-sided postcards with original brands, were printed on MTG, MPFG and also the Perm printing factory of Goznak.

Forms of documents

At the enterprises of Goznak forms of the Soviet documents were printed. Among them forms of education documents of a uniform state sample (school-leaving certificates, diplomas, etc.) in special technology of a color rendition for an exception of counterfeits were made. They had an appearance of the form uniform typographical executed, folding double in a dense cardboard cover. All forms were documents of special storage and issue, carried individual number.

1818: The basis of the Expedition of preparation of state papers at the Ministry of Finance

The enterprise was founded by the decision of the State Council of Russia at the end of summer of 1818 in St. Petersburg as the Expedition of Preparation of Government Securities (EPGS) at the Ministry of Finance. In construction and work of EZGB in the first years active part was taken by Augustine Bettencourt (1758 — 1824).