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Novatek - the independent producer of natural gas, largest in Russia, and the Russia's second in natural gas production ambassador of JSC Gazprom.

Michelson Leonid Viktorovich - 25%
Timchenko Gennady Nikolaevich - 23%
Total - 19%
Gazprom - 10%
For April, 2019.



+ Novatek

The company is engaged in investigation, production and processing of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons.


For April, 2019
For April, 2019


As of 2017, takes the 6th place on gas production and the 3rd place on the proved gas reserves in the world. The structure includes more than 20 subsidiaries and affiliates which are in Russia and abroad. In the state — more than 7,000 highly qualified specialists.

For 2010 all fields and license areas of JSC Novatek are located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area of the Russian Federation. The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area is the world's largest region on natural gas production to which share more than 90% of all volume of natural gas production in Russia and about 20% of world volume of gas production fall.


2019: Sanctions of the USA against the Chinese Cosco deprive Novatek of 14 of 15 LNG tankers under construction

The American sanctions blow to the Chinese ship company Cosco in October, 2019 strongly brought the Russian Novatek. Chinese fell under sanctions for transportations of the Iranian oil. As a result, the project of Yamal LNG lost more than a third of the ice fleet at once. It is six Arc7 LNG tankers which had to deliver joint venture of the Chinese Cosco and the Canadian Teekay. Considering the exterritorial nature of sanctions, these sea vessels will remain in ports until sanctions of the USA are removed. Not only the American companies, but also the foreign companies and ports, under the threat of repeated sanctions will not begin to work with them.

Unfortunately, on it problems do not come to an end. It is known that Chinese also have shares in two other international companies which should deliver 8 more tankers for Novatek. The sovladeniye share in these joint ventures does not put them under direct restrictions, but OFAC recommends "to estimate with care a possibility of transactions with not blocked persons in which the blocked persons own an essential share, but smaller than 50%".

Thus, actions of the USA concerning Cosco directly or indirectly threaten work of 14 of 15 Arc7 tankers for Yamal LNG. Maintenance and insurance of these ships will become unavailable worldwide. "Christophe de Margeri" belonging to Sovcomflot will remain the only tanker suitable for the international operation. Now urgent creation of the domestic gas-bulk icebreaker fleet appeared at the peak of relevance. And, considering threat of new sanctions "passages" of the USA, it is necessary to build the ships without participation of foreigners.


The 3rd place on gas production in Russia: 45.5 billion cubic meters

Gas production in Russia in 2017 made 690.5 billion cubic meters (+7.9% by 2016).

Indicators of production of the companies in 2017:

  • Gazprom - 472.0 billion cubic meters (+12.4%) or 68.4% of the general production in Russia.
  • Rosneft - 47.5 billion cubic meters (+1.8%),
  • Novatek - 45.5 billion cubic meters (-9.1%),
  • Lukoil – 21.1 billion cubic meters (+14.9%),
  • Gazprom Neft – 15.3 billion cubic meters (+13.4%),
  • Surgutneftegas – 10.0 billion cubic meters (+2.0%),
  • Russneft - 2.4 billion cubic meters (-1.1%),
  • Neftegazholding – 1.4 billion cubic meters (+0.4%),
  • Tatneft – 0.9 billion cubic meters (-3.7%)[1].

Oil production of 11.8 million tons

For the period January-December, 2017 oil production in Russia:

  • Rosneft - 210.8 million tons (-0.3%),
  • Lukoil – 82.2 million tons (-1.6%),
  • Surgutneftegas – 60.5 million tons (-2.1%),
  • Gazprom Neft – 59.9 million tons (+3.8%),
  • Tatneft – 28.9 million tons (+0.9%),
  • Novatek – 11.8 million tons (-5.5%),
  • Bashneft - 10.4 million tons (-3.4%),
  • Russneft – 7.0 million tons (+0.2%),
  • Neftegazholding – 2.1 million tons (-7.5%).

2011: Total is a shareholder of the company

In 2011 the French company "Total" purchased a share in capital stock of JSC Novatek.

2010: 8.09 billion barrels of an oil equivalent of the proved stocks

For the end of 2010 Novatek has 8.09 billion barrels of an oil equivalent of the proved stocks.

In 2010 gross output was 37.78 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 3,632 thousand tons of liquid hydrocarbons. In comparison with 2009 natural gas production increased by 5.0 billion cubic meters or for 15.3%, extraction of liquid hydrocarbons grew by 583 thousand tons or for 19.1%.

The volume of processing of the deethanized gas condensate on Purovsky ZPK in the fourth quarter and for 2010 was 940 and 3,401 thousand tons respectively.

2009: Start of the second start-up complex of the second queue of the Yurkharovsky field

In 2009 the company completed the construction and put the second start-up complex of the second queue of the Yurkharovsky field into operation. Start of the second start-up complex allows to increase possibilities of the company on gas production and gas condensate by 7 bcm and 600 thousand tons per year respectively. The second start-up complex allows to increase the annual volume of production on the field to 23 bcm of gas and 2 million tons of condensate. It increases production capacities of the company on gas production to 44 bcm a year.

1994: Creation of the company

The Novatek company is created in 1994.

Information technologies

The new Chief information officer - Andrey Burlutsky

At the end of 2018 Andrey Burlutsky was appointed in Novatek company to a position of the director of IT, told TAdviser in "Sibur of IT" from where it passed to this work from the CEO's position.