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Information technologies
Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation
St. Petersburg
190103, 10 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 22 (business center "Kellerman')



ALFA-INTEGRATOR-INFOENERGO LLC - one of the Russian developers of the application software in the field of power.


Command basis - group of managers and programmers which was engaged more than 10 years in development and deployment of software products at the enterprises of power pool and power supply system within the Center of information science, ADP equipment and design (TSIVTIP) of JSC Lenenergo. Further this experience defined the behavior in the market based on knowledge of the business processes happening in power, the legislation and industry standards, a technique of calculations[1].


Among customers there are subjects of wholesale market of electrical energy (power) and subjects of retail market of electrical energy (power) located in different price and not price zones OREM. Among customers is both sellers, and buyers of electric and thermal energy (capacities), contractors of services in access to distribution networks and on transfer of electric and thermal energy (capacities) to end consumers, contractors who render utilities to the population, the service enterprises.

To the sales companies of the solution allow to analyze and solve problems of deduction of large consumers from leaving on wholesale market of the electric power and also to control cash gaps and payment of energy in the wholesale and retail markets. As for the network companies, they have an opportunity to reduce loss of the electric power by its transfer and distribution, increasing, thus, the energy efficiency. The generation companies with the help of our system can calculate and control economic indicators of work of the generating installations for the purpose of minimization of unprofitability of thermal generation. And at last, to the housing and public utilities enterprises our solution helps to cope with such problem as complication of settlings with residential consumers for rendering utilities.


The company is formed in 2003. It integrated in new structure a team of experts in information technology fields and management.

One of the results created by the company - the "ASUSE — the Automated Control System for Sale of Energy" software product - more than 12 years it is used in JSC Lenenergo.

Since the beginning of 2013 there is a commercial operation of the information system "Joining of Consumers of Thermal Energy" to JSC Moscow United Energy Company. A system represents the complete solution on business process automation of technology joining of consumers to thermal networks. Implementation of the information system "Power supply" in network companies JSC Sankt-Peterburgskiye elektricheskiye seti and JSC Petrodvortsovaya elektroset is complete. There was a multifunction system which allows to support the register of consumers in a binding to the scheme of networks and a message agreement settlement of power supply and rendering services in transfer of electrical energy (power), to calculate balances of the electric power and another.