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The oldest and one of the largest distribution and network companies of Russia. Provides supply with the electric power of consumers of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Administration of Saint Petersburg
Russian networks (Rosseti, earlier IDGC Holding)


Revenue and profit of the company

200922 800 400---
201028 573 600---



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Company Info

Open joint stock company of power and electrification of Lenenergo – one of the largest distribution and network companies of Russia.

JSC Lenenergo is founded according to Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation No. 922 (of 8/14/92), No. 923 (8/15/92), No. 1334 (of 11/5/92), registered by the decision of Registration chamber of the mayor's office of St. Petersburg of January 22, 1993 No. 2518. Society – the legal successor of the state enterprise of power and electrification of Lenenergo.

Today JSC Lenenergo services the capacious market – the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region of 86.739 thousand where 6.5 million people (4.6% of all population of the country) live.

The mission of JSC Lenenergo – providing a reliable and regular supply of consumers of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region with the qualitative and environmentally friendly electric power and satisfaction of increasing demand for electrical energy and power.

Strategy of JSC Lenenergo

  • ensuring efficiency of operating activities of JSC Lenenergo;
  • formation and development of power grid infrastructure in regions of activity of the company – St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region;
  • increase in investment attractiveness of JSC Lenenergo

The most effective management system and high professionalism of staff of JSC Lenenergo are directed to achievement of overall objectives of development of the company and state in general.

History of creation

The history of Lenenergo began with organization in St. Petersburg of "Society of electric lighting" which charter was approved on July 16, 1886 by the emperor Alexander III. This date is considered to be not only day of foundation of Lenenergo, the oldest electric company in the country, but also the beginning of a "electric" era of Russia.

In December, 1917. "Society of 1886" was nationalized, and after several conversions and change of names in 1932 received a name which it bears still – Lenenergo.

Since July 01, 2008 Lenenergo is included into number 11 raspredelitelno of the network companies created as a result of reform of JSC RAO UES of Russia.

Key digits and facts

Total length on the route of overhead power transmission lines (VL) of JSC Lenenergo – 36,273.6 km including:

  • single circuit VL on metal support – 546.1 km
  • single circuit VL on steel concrete support – 28,027.2 km
  • odnotsepna of VL on wooden support – 4,555.1 km
  • two-chain VL on metal support – 1,087.7 km
  • two-chain VL on steel concrete support – 2,057.5 km.

Extent of VL on chains — 39,418.8 km.

Extent of transmission lines of agricultural purpose on the route:

  • The VL of 0.4 kV – 10,245 km, KL-0.4 of kV – 516 km
  • The VL of 6-10 kV – 15,194 km, KL-6-10 of kV – 450 km
  • The VL of 35-110 kV – 5,065 km.

9 branches. 42 regions of the electric networks.

Total quantity of substations of PS of 35-110 kV having:

  • two transformers and more – 329 PS
  • a double power supply – 332 PS
  • voltage regulation under loading – 276 PS.

Main activities

  • rendering services in electric power transmission and other services inseparably linked with process of supply with electrical energy of consumers;
  • technology connection of the power accepting devices (energy units) of legal entities and physical persons to the electric networks.

Rates for the services rendered by Society are established by the state: regional regulators within the solution of Federal Tariff Service.