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Electronic military ID



2018: The State Duma adopted the law on issue of electronic military IDs

On November 20, 2018 the State Duma in the third, final reading adopted the law on introduction of the personal electronic card as the document of military accounting. Issue of traditional military IDs will continue, and receiving electronic options will be voluntary, the press service of the lower house reports. 

The purpose of the new bill — to provide transition to  electronic accounting and  the reference instead of the military ID.

The personal electronic card is the plastic card with the built-in microcontroller allowing to store in a digital form more than 300 parameters, including biometric.

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The State Duma adopted the bill providing introduction as the document of military accounting of the personal electronic card in the third, final reading

The carrier will contain the full names given about the residence of the person liable for call-up, his education, work location, the validity to military service for health reasons, existence of military and accounting and civil specialties and sports category of the candidate for the Master of Sports.

As noted in  the explanatory note, such innovation "will promote determinancy at implementation of military accounting of the recruits, military personnel and  citizens staying in  a stock, to increase in system effectiveness of military accounting  and also the process optimization connected with  training of citizens for  military service, passings of military service by them, stay of citizens in  a stock, holding actions for  mobilization preparation and  mobilization".

According to the chairman of the State Duma Defence Committee Vladimir Shamanov, the electronic military ID will receive high degree of protection. Until the electronic document is issued at will,  it is not going to cancel issue of the military ID.

Amendments  are made to    the Law "About a Conscription and Military Service". In the conclusion of the government on the draft of amendments it is said that on its implementation  additional financing will not be required.  The document is sent to the Federation Council.[1]

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