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Rockwell Automation Affiliate program

* the List of partners of Rockwell Automation in Russia

2020: Submission of the Digital Partner Program program

On January 13, 2020 it became known that Rockwell Automation combines efforts with the IT companies for digitalization of the enterprises.

The ecosystem of the partners capable to help them with deployment of systems and fast performance improvement is necessary for the enterprises for successful implementation of digital technologies. The Digital Partner Program program from Rockwell Automation allows the companies aiming at effective implementation of digital initiatives to join experience and solutions of such market leaders as Accenture, Microsoft, PTC, Ansys and EPLAN.

Thanks to Digital Partner Program of the enterprise will be able to get valuable advice and to develop road maps of implementation of digital solutions. Besides, they learn how it is possible to increase efficiency and to reduce idle times due to technologies of industrial Internet of Thingsdigital doubles, factory of the future and the integrated labor power. During project implementation of the company will have access to the integrated equipment, the software and end-to-end systems of leaders of the industry and, thus, will be able to increase production efficiency, using the assets which are available for them.

Consolidation of all enterprise levels and transformation of the raw data into invaluable information are possible only when devices are integrated, and data are standardized. Any supplier will not cope with this task alone. On the contrary, the companies need the whole ecosystem of the reliable partners having knowledge and technologies necessary for expansion of opportunities of the person. We are proud of the fact that we can move to success together with our strategic partners, such as Microsoft and PTC, and at the same time to agree an osotrudnichestvo, for example with Accenture, ANSYS and EPLAN,
speaks Blake Moret, the chief executive and the chairman of the board of directors of Rockwell Automation

Each of partners in the Digital Program program has special experience, and together they make the ecosystem capable to provide the full solution in your order. For example, Accenture will help to develop the business plan, to think over examples of use of technologies, to calculate their payback and to achieve the maximum advantages from the solutions implemented at the enterprise. Microsoft will provide to the companies access to qualitative data, both on the intellectual periphery, and in an intellectual cloud that will allow to make the right decisions at all enterprise levels. Thanks to the PTC company will be able to integrate the equipment and systems from the periphery to a cloud, and the technology of augmented reality will allow them to find the innovative solutions of tasks. ANSYS and EPLAN will help to meet fully equipped calls and to become the integral link of the "digital chain" allowing the companies to optimize design, operation and service.

Thanks to our partnership with PTC and joint development of FactoryTalk InnovationSuite of the enterprise had an opportunity of convenient integration of a set of smart technologies into the production. Now we create the partner ecosystem capable to give to our customers even more opportunities. We integrate our technologies and services that users could transform the enterprises, using the familiar tools adapted to their requirements


The Digital Partner Program program is a component of the affiliate program of Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork.

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