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The Software (S)  — along with hardware, the most important component of information technologies including the computer programs and data intended for the solution of a certain circle of tasks and which are stored on machine-readable mediums. Software represents or data for use in other programs, or the algorithm implemented in the form of the sequence of instructions for the processor.


Software - in a computer slang is often used the word "software" from the English software which in this sense for the first time was applied in article American Mathematical Monthly by the mathematician from Princeton University John Tyyuki in 1958. In the field of ADP equipment and programming the software  is a set of all information, data and programs which are processed by computer systems.

The programming methodology is the set of the ideas, concepts, the principles, methods and means defining style of writing, debugging and support of programs.

Markets of software

Classification of software

On a distribution method (deliveries, payments, restrictions in use): Commercial Software, the Free software (Freeware), the Open source software (Open Source), Exist also options Shareware Abandonware Adware Careware , etc.

  • The free software - the software which can freely be established and freely be used on any computers.
  • The open source software - open source software which is delivered together with source texts of programs.
  • Closed by software - the software which source texts are closed from access to users of software.
  • The commercial software - the closed software which extends on a paid basis with licenses.

To destination software is separated into system, applied and instrumental.

System software

Software tools of protection

Instrumental software

Application software

Office application

Corporate information system

Systems of design and production

Systems of a logistical support of products

Processing systems and storages of medical information

Scientific software

Other systems

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