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TTK Samara


In structure Transtelecom (TTK). Samara Transtelecom Ltd (TTK Samara) is the regional enterprise Transtelecom Company Ltd (a trademark of a TTK) in the telecommunication market of the Samara, Penza, Ulyanovsk regions, Republics of Mordovia, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan.

Transtelecom (TTK)
Financial results
2014 year
Revenue: 609000
Net Profit: No data


The company is engaged in service and technical operation of the Backbone digital network of communication of JSC "Russian Railways" in an area of responsibility of the Kuibyshev railroad and provides all modern telecommunication services - Internet access, lease of communication channels, creation of virtual private networks (IP VPN), etc. Extent of the communication networks serviced TTK Samara is 3341.9 km.

Clients of TTK Samara company are the government and law enforcement agencies of the region, the largest Internet service providers, chief operators of cellular communication, financial institutions and structural divisions and also representatives of medium and small business, individuals.

TTK Samara actively promotes formation of infocommunication space in the territory of Central Volga area, implementing new technologies and providing thereby complete solutions of telecommunication tasks of the clients.

Performance Indicators


The total revenues of the company were 609 million rubles, having increased by 5% in comparison with previous year.

Income from communication services provision was 535 million rubles, having exceeded indicators of last year for 7%. Revenues of the operator from retail business increased by 9%, having exceeded 335 million rubles, income from providing trunk communication services to the large companies and telecommunication operators was 200 million rubles that is 5% higher, than the previous year.

"In 2014 we continued active development of access networks in the cities of the Samara region and also in the Republics of Mordovia and Bashkortostan. It allowed our company to increase last year the number of retail subscribers more than by 15%, today more than 72 thousand residents of 10 cities of the Volga region use services of a TTK. In 2015 we will continue active promotion of services in retail market, having paid special attention to customer service quality improvement", - the development director of an access network of macroregional branch "Srednevolzhsky" of TransTeleCom Company Dmitry Aslanov commented.