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CloudLine Metrocluster

The name of the base system (platform): DataLine CloudLine
Developers: DataLine
Date of the premiere of the system: October, 2013
Last Release Date: 2020/01/14
Technology: IaaS - Infrastructure as service,  Virtualization,  Data processing centers - technologies for DPC

2020: Restart based on DWH of Infinidat

On January 14, 2020 the DataLine company restarted a disaster-proof cloud based on DWH of Infinidat.

The disaster-proof cloud will ensure continuous functioning of business-critical of applications at unavailability of one of platforms.

At the heart of a disaster-proof cloud — geographically distributed cluster of virtualization of VMware based on two platforms OST and NORD. Distance between platforms of 33 km. All elements of a cluster are duplicated on two platforms. Between DWH synchronous replication is configured thanks to what the identical copy of the virtual machine works at the second platform. At failure of one of platforms the client will be able to switch to reserve without data loss (RPO=0). At the same time having rummaged in work of service will make no more than 3 minutes.

Clients of a disaster-proof cloud of DataLine are already banks, retailers, e-commerce are all those business directions for which every minute of idle time involves significant financial and reputation losses.

In the updated solution are used by DWH of Infinidat InfiniBox. The solution provides high availability of data storage, in case of failure of disk volumes of InfiniBox can independently switch to their copies on the reserve platform.

InfiniBox has a user-friendly interface which simplifies initial setup and the subsequent operation. Working indicators of each DWH, in addition to engineers of DataLine, far off are traced by the selected specialists of Infinidat. It helps to receive most quickly the help of vendor in case of problems with the equipment.

2013: Start of a disaster-proof cloud of CloudLine Metrocluster

Since October 1, 2013 DataLine started service – a disaster-proof cloud of CloudLine Metrocluster. As declare in the company, it provides "security blanket of business and critical applications and data from internal failures and external threats".

The solution works on the equipment of Netapp with VMware vSphere software, and duplication of storage systems on two territorially separated platforms – the DPCs of DataLine Nord and Ost located at distance of 33 km from each other is its cornerstone. At unavailability of one of data centers virtual machines will be automatically started on the second platform. Speed of recovery of virtual environment is of 2 minutes.

At failure of one of cluster nodes synchronous replication of data should provide the continuity of operation of applications. Additional benefit of a new solution in DataLine call a possibility of balancing of loading at the level of DPC network.

Earlier disaster-proof solution was available only within a private cloud which was developed for one client, explained TAdviser in the company. Now it is provided within a public cloud.

"Probability of any cataclysms is incomparably small therefore this solution is provided as an option. Thus, our clients have a choice", - add to DataLine.

According to representatives of the company, technical features of the disaster-proof solution are provided in the SLA agreement (the agreement on the service level) of new service and changes will be made: in particular: a single downtime of work of service to be reduced from 45 to 25 minutes, a total downtime in a year (for carrying out technology works) will decrease from 1.6 to 50 o'clock minutes.

In software developer for providing a hosting and cloud services of Parallels consider that the service is expected large corporate clients to whom even minute idle times of service can cause an essential financial loss.

The company also notes that "there is a popular belief that the cloud service should be by default disaster-proof". The representative of Parallels Yulia Yasnovskaya believes that it not so: "if it is necessary to provide complete disaster tolerance, then it is necessary to dub resources in different data centers moreover and to be able to manage all this".

"However, anyway, reliability of an average cloud service is much higher, than the average internal solution as cloud services are provided from professional data centers where a large number of solutions on reliability assurance, almost unattainable for the ordinary corporate user is used", - she adds.

In the company the program system of Double-Take Software which allows to perform asynchronous replication of files of physical and virtual servers of applications was originally used, automates procedures of determination of emergency situations and recovery, is capable to work with "weak" data transmission channels. According to in DataLine, its high price essentially influenced the cost of the corresponding services for final customers and, as a result, was the main factor of low demand.

Therefore for CloudLine Metrocluster service products of Netapp, the software of VMware vSphere, vCenter Site Recovery Manager and some other solutions of VMware were used. The service is based on duplication of storage systems in two territorially spaced platforms of DPC.

In each DPC the 30 percent reserve of computing resources in relation to their peak loading is provided.