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Fujitsu Lifebook U-серия

Developers: Fujitsu
Last Release Date: 2019/05/13
Branches: Office equipment and office accessories
Technology: Office equipment

2019: Fujitsu Lifebook U939X, Lifebook U939 and Lifebook U729X

On May 13, 2019 the company Fujitsu provided LIFEBOOK U939X - easy mobile transformed PC a business class with a stylus compartment. The ultrathin mobile U939X PC works also quickly, as well as traditional notebooks. At the same time its screen can be turned on 360 ° to use it as powerful tablet based on OS Windows. Thanks to weight in 1015, this mobile PC allows corporate users to replace both traditional notebooks, and tablets with one universal solution, the developer claims.

The mobile transformed Fujitsu Lifebook U939X PC

The LIFEBOOK U939X notebook has the strong magnesian body and the touch screen with a diagonal of 13.3 inches with an antiglare covering and high resolution. The model is equipped with the full-size keyboard and the stylus. The mobile PC has HDMI and Ethernet ports and also is equipped with optional module 4G/LTE. Thus users do not need to use additional adapters for connection to corporate network, emphasized in Fujitsu.

LIFEBOOK U939X is created based on processorovintel Core vPro providing the high speed of work and supports Wacom AES technology. In the tablet mode this technology just allows easily and to work with documents and also supports function of the digital signature.

As noted in Fujitsu, LIFEBOOK U729X represents the next generation of the mobile PCs which succeeded popular portable devices of LIFEBOOK of the P. U729X series has the touch screen with a diagonal of 12.5 inches with permission of Full HD for use of the device in the tablet mode, the stylus of Wacom and a compartment for its charging.

Fujitsu also updated the supereasy ultramobile LIFEBOOK U939 notebook having added to it a number of additional functions without increase in weight of the device which, according to the developer, is still only 920 g.

The model of the second generation is equipped with the IK-camera for implementation of the Windows Hello function, has the touch screen with an antiglare covering and the keyboard with illumination. Besides, a system shows higher performance including a graphic system.

According to the statement of the developer, both LIFEBOOK U939X and LIFEBOOK U939 models and also U729X support technology biometric autentifikatsiifujitsu PalmSecure and are equipped with the Intel processors Core vPro of the 8th generation. In U939X and U939 models the Intel Thunderbolt 3 technology for connection of several screens or devices using one USB connector Type-C is also implemented.

"Transforming notebooks enjoy popularity at corporate users on two basic reasons. They represent full-function notebooks which it is also easy to use, as well as models with traditional design. However they are more convenient in use since the screen can be turned on 360 ° in the mode of the tablet PC for hand-written information input, work with documents and adding of digital signatures in the mobile mode. Besides, more and more corporate users use the transformed PCs in business trips since it is difficult to find comfortable working position when using traditional notebooks in a chair of the airplane".

Rüdiger Landto, the head of client computing devices of Fujitsu company in EMEIA region

Fujitsu noted that the company updated all line of LIFEBOOK notebooks of series U. The flagman LIFEBOOK U7x9 models with screens with diagonal 12.5, 14 and 15.6 inches got support of Intel Thunderbolt 3 technology for the USB connectors Type-C and HDMI. Fujitsu also updated younger models, having installed in them the Intel processors Core vPro of the 8th generation, including STYLISTIC the LIFEBOOK T939, Q739 models and LIFEBOOK E5.

LIFEBOOK U939X and LIFEBOOK U939 notebooks are offered in two color gamma: red and black. As of May, 2019 all Fujitsu LIFEBOOK notebooks can already be ordered from official distributors of Fujitsu company.