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Garmin Fenix (smartwatch)

Developers: Garmin
Last Release Date: August 29, 2019
Branches: Show business, leisure, sport,  Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care


2019: Exit of a line of hours of fznix 6

The company Garmin International, Inc., division of Garmin Ltd., announced on August 29, 2019 release of a line of fznix 6, next generation of the multisports smartwatch with GPS. Fznix 6 collection includes the Power Manager function for increase in the period of operation of the battery, the next PacePro technology for the help in planning of jogs and the biggest round display.

Are glad to provide function of recharge of the battery using solar energy which is used in the fznix 6X Pro Solar model. Now our users will try to see functions which expected long ago in fznix line — the period of operation of the battery up to 21 days and the display of the bigger size,

Dan Bartel, the vice president of Garmin company for the international consumer market notes

The Garmin company provided hours with recharge using solar energy — the fznix 6X Pro Solar model. The device includes Power Glass technology — glass which uses energy of the sun for increase in the period of operation of the battery. Thanks to this technology users will be able longer to use hours for sports occupations, trainings, viewing color cards, listening of music, etc. On the screen of the device it is possible to cause easily information on statistics of use of solar energy. The fznix 6X Pro Solar model works without recharge up to 21 days in the mode of the smartwatch plus 3 additional days when using function of a power supply from solar energy.

Multisports hours of fznix 6 and fznix 6X differ in rugged construction and are comfortable at daily carrying. At the same time the size of the display increased respectively to 1.3’’ and 1.4’’ that for 17% and 36% it is more, than in the previous fznix models. In hours of fznix 6S which are suitable for a wrist of the smaller size the display of the former size - 1.2 is used'.

In addition to displays of the bigger size the Garmin company offers nylon and silicone bracelets of QuickFit. In the Sapphire models the reliable sapphire glasses steady against scratches are used.

In hours of a line of fznix 6 the PacePro function which helps fans of the cross run to select necessary speed according to a distance is used. Users select how to plan a training: directly on hours or in advance using the Garmin Connect or Garmin Connect Mobile application. During run on the screen the target value of speed for the current section, real value of speed, distance to the following section and the value of advancing or lag of rather target time is displayed.

Devices of a line fznix include the preloaded TopoActive cards for rest and sport, alpine skiing maps of 2.000 world resorts and 41.000 golf courses. The device stores up to 2.000 songs and synchronizes lists of reproduction with several popular musical services; at the same time use of phone is not required.

Thanks to the Power Manager function users browse statistics and define how settings and sensors influence the period of operation of the battery. For convenience before the occupation on the screen of hours battery operating time that users estimated whether there will be enough charge before the following recharge is displayed and if necessary included a regime of economy. For professional athletes hours of a line of fznix 6 include the popular ClimbPro function using which runners and cyclists analyze how the external environment and the nature of a landscape influence sports indicators.

Fznix 6 devices include readily available functions – profiles of occupations, calculated values of VO2 max and the status of a training with adjustment for accounting of a heat or height. The pulsator on a wrist round the clock traces stress level, and the pulseoxymeter measures the blood saturation level by oxygen. This sensor supports expanded observation of a dream and function of assessment of acclimatization to highlands conditions. Besides, function of observation of energy of Body Battery shows organism energy levels in specific timepoint that helps during the planning of trainings, time of rest and a dream.

Users of hours of a line of fznix 6 will be able to stay easily in touch thanks to function of notifications from the smartphone about calls, text messages, e-mails. Besides, the smartwatch includes function of contactless payments Garmin Pay which is used in most world networks of public transport now.


Possibility of payment from cards of Yandex.Money

On December 7, 2018 the company Yandex.Money reported that owners plastic and virtual cards of Yandex.Money can pay without contact with the help smartwatch Garmin with technology now Garmin Pay. According to the company, cards of service for December, 2018 began to support five methods of contactless payments — via Garmin Pay Apple Pay Google Pay, Samsung Pay and also through own application of Yandex.Money. In more detail here.

The output of Fenix 5 Plus devices with the pulseoxymeter

In June, 2018 the Garmin company updated family of the sports Fenix smartwatch, having added to it the Fenix 5 Plus model with the built-in pulseoxymeter for measurement of the saturation level of blood oxygen. This function is useful to users who train at height.

During sharp ascent the smartwatch will be prompted, how well the organism adapts to lighter air and also will notify the athlete on a break which will promote bigger productivity at rise uphill.

Hours of Garmin Fenix 5 Plus
Hours of Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

The provided series includes three models differing in the size: Fenix 5S Plus (42 mm), actually Fenix 5 Plus (47 mm) and Fenix 5X Plus (51 mm).  In all gadgets the color screen with resolution capability 240 x 240 pixels is used.

Hours also received the sensor of heart rate, a barometric altimeter, a compass, a gyroscope, the accelerometer and the thermometer.  The functional list includes calculation of quantity of steps, the passable distance, the overcome steps, the spent calories, durations of a dream and activity.

The ClimbPro function which allows the runners and cyclists preferring to train in the hilly area is provided, more effectively to distribute the efforts and to obtain more information on the route. 

The mode of calculation of popular routes Trendline which for the first time appeared in our cycle computers of a premium class uses data of Garmin Connect to offer users the best tracks and running routes.

Hours support Garmin Pay payment system and can work without recharge up to 20 days in a standalone mode and till 13 o'clock when using GPS and a musical player. At synchronization with the smartphone it is possible to browse calls, text messages and e-mails on the screen of hours. 

The line of Garmin Fenix 5 Plus went on sale and is offered at the prices from 700 to 1150 dollars.[1]