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2019: Huawei was recognized in creation of own OS for smartphones and the PC

In March, 2019 Huawei announced creation of own operating systems which can replace Windows and Android in devices of the company. However the Chinese producer intends to use the software platforms only as a last resort.

As told CNBC TV channel in Huawei on Friday, March 15, 2019, the company has mobile and computer OS which are created on that a case if USA prohibits to use the software of the American companies Microsoft and Google. Smartphones As Huawei tablets and notebooks — on Windows work at Android, and.[1]

Huawei developed alternatives of Windows and Android, but will use them as a last resort

According to the representative of Huawei, reserve OS will be involved only at emergence of "extreme circumstances", and "they are created for continued operation of core business at the worst option of succession of events".

We do not plan and, frankly speaking, we do not want to use them. We completely support operating systems of our partners. We and our clients love them — reported in the company.

Earlier in March, 2019 the head of consumer division of Huawei Richard Yu (Richard Yu) in an interview to the German edition Die Welt also said that the company created own OS as "backup plan", but "prefers to work with ecosystems of Google and Microsoft".

Huawei is afraid of repetition of a situation with other Chinese technology company — ZTE. In 2018 it for several months lost an opportunity to buy hardware components and software from the American companies under the resolution of U.S. authorities which accused ZTE of violation of a sanctions regime against Iran and North Korea.

The director of research of Counterpoint Research Neil Shah says that nearly a half of sales of the Huawei smartphones is the share of China, and other 50% depend on mobile Google services which are blocked in the People's Republic of China.

The lack of access to Android and Google Play can affect a little other half of business in the near-term and medium term — the expert considers.

He noted that the Google Play is blocked in China, but Huawei can start own app stores. In a case with Android prohibition, according to Neil Shah, it will be more difficult to offer an alternative: the company will need time to prove that its operating system uses so good services and the user opportunities, as Android. Besides, more than 80% of the world market of smartphones are the share of Android.

Against the background of aggravation of trade relations between China and the USA Huawei aims to weaken the dependence on the American and other foreign technologies. So, more and more Huawei smartphones are equipped with corporate Kirin processors, but notebooks still are based on chips of Intel and other components of the American production.

Huawei is a program firmware of EMUI which is based on Android and is used in mobile devices of the company

According to the South China Morning Post edition  with reference to the informed source, Huawei began to create the operating system in 2012 after the American authorities made investigation concerning activity of Huawei and ZTE. The Chinese companies were suspected then of close ties with the government of Celestial Empire.

Development of corporate mobile OS in November, 2018 on the page in Weibo social network was mentioned by the vice president of Huawei for mobile products  Bruce Lee. Then he told that the project received the name Kirin OS in honor of the processors of the company of the same name. It did not begin to open any parts concerning a software platform, then.

Strangely enough, but not only Huawei can get rid of Android OS. Google does not exclude transition to  absolutely new product code-named Fuchsia OS too. A system is developed from scratch taking into account all errors found in Android and the concept of its distribution.