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INLINE Technologies Group is horizontally integrated group specializing in information technologies and delivering the products and services to corporate customers for the purpose of increase in efficiency of their activity.

Varivoda Vladimir Bronislavovich - 35,7%
Sidorov Konstantin Vladimirovich - 35,7%
Mikheyev Jan Igorevich - 28,6%
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+ ITG (INLINE Technologies Group)
+ Mikheyev Jan Igorevich


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Performance Indicators


In 2016 revenue of Inline Technologies Group (ITG) company made 36.484 billion rubles, having increased by 2.7% in relation to 2015. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the Inline Technologies Group (ITG) company took the 8th place.


Revenue of Inline Technologies Group (ITG) in 2012 made 28.4 billion rubles that is nearly 9 billion rubles more than a similar indicator the previous year. In percentage terms the income of group grew by 62%. The main part of revenue – nearly 13.3 billion rubles (46.8%) fell on project distribution of software and the equipment. Almost as much also the share of IT services made: 12.8 billion rubles (45.2%). The remained 2.3 billion rubles (8%) belong to development new and completion of the existing programs on projects.

As for the main for ITG of the client industries, more than 9 billion rubles (32%) it was the share of financial institutions, 8.5 billion rubles (30%) – not a telecom, 7.9 billion rubles (28%) – on a public sector, remained – on the industry, trade, etc. The number of employees of integrator in a year increased since 1248 to 1568 people.

In 2012 the holding purchased the Fitkon company which became in group a rule [1] on contractual document flow and created the new enterprise "Silayn" which is engaged in control automation by customer relations, also on SAP. In February, 2010 ITG opened the plant on production of electronic plastic cards Alioth. In addition to Alioth ITG also include producer of the payment solutions "Inpas" of which explicit support in 2010 competing Rose tree accused the known French producer Gemalto. Except emergence of new companies ITG got rid of business on service of ATMs - PST Company was sold to the Maykor group.


Revenue of ITG holding (Inline Technologies Group) in 2011 made 17.519 billion rubles. The staff of holding for 2011 grew to 1248 people.


Revenue of ITG holding (Inline Technologies Group) in 2010 made 10.016 billion rubles. Nearly a half of income - 4.97 billion rubles, fell on supplies of equipment and software within IT projects. Also noticeable part of income - 4.34 billion rubles, brought to holding of the IT service. About 7% of revenue - 711 million rubles - in ITG carry on a share of software of own development. Nearly a third of revenue of group - 31.5% - created projects at customers from the financial sphere. For works in a telecom 29.2%, and were the share of a public sector - 27.5%. Shares of other industries (the industry, trade, etc.) do not exceed 5%. The most significant projects of 2010, in ITG call works for MTS, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications (including the Federal agency on IT), administrations of the Astrakhan region, Rosrybolovstvo, the Federal Customs Service and Sberbank.

Management structure

The general management of the companies of ITG holding (INLINE Technologies Group) is performed by Inlayn Tekhnolodzhis Group management company which defines strategic objectives of holding and approves the key financial and economic indicators of its development and also coordinates joint work of members of holding within complex projects.


Strategic directions of activity of ITG holding (INLINE Technologies Group) are:

  • system integration of infrastructure, business processes and applications;
  • infrastructure and intelligent solutions for providing communication services;
  • development and delivery of the innovation technology tools for providing financial services;
  • consulting services;
  • services in operation and maintenance of IT systems;
  • delivering solutions in the field of supply chain management and mobile business applications;
  • production and delivery of software solutions for telecom operators;
  • services in operation and management of client information systems based on own network of data centers.


2020: Inlayn Tekhnolodzhis capitalized Foresight for one billion rubles

Authorized capital of the key legal person of Foresight company - Foresight LLC - increased to 1.14 billion rubles, the data published in base " circuit.focus " demonstrate. The company explained TAdviser that in the period from December, 2019 to March of the 2020th Foresight increased authorized capital from 20 million rubles to 1.14 billion rubles and received recapitalization from the only participant. Authorized capital is completely paid by the participant, declared in Foresight. Read more here.

2018: joint venture with Rostelecom

In March, 2018 "Center of Technologies of Interaction of Networks" (CTIN) together with Inlayn Tekhnolodzhis Group (ITG) and Lokasoft Integration founded RTK Information Technologies company ("RTK IT").

Authorized capital of the joint company was 120 million rubles. 50.1% entered CNIT, other 49.9% in equal shares two other founders.

Sergey Kryukov who is also heading the Inline Technologies system integrator entering into ITG is appointed the CEO of RTK IT.

The CNIT belongs to provider of data centers SafeData who is owned, in turn, by Rostelecom.

Key activity of RTK IT - rendering complex IT services to the state customers, Vidiya Zheleznov, the director of strategy and marketing communications "Rostelecom - DPC" confirmed to TAdviser.

2016: acquisition of the rights to developments of Forecast

In December, 2016 the Prognoz company and ITG holding officially announced the agreement under which the structure of holding acquired all legal rights to developments and trademarks of Prognoz company (is more detailed - in the separate article).


INLINE Technologies Group officially announced the beginning of the activity in April, 2006.

The strong relations of partnership which were established between INLINE Technologies, INPAS, Triangle Consulting, Inline Telecom Solutions, R-ID, SmartLabs, DataLine, PST and Peak Systems companies from the very beginning of their activity became premises for formation of IT holding with the uniform ITG brand. At the same time in many projects of the company faced problems of ensuring high-quality complex examination of different aspects of implementation of large-scale IT projects, since technology questions and finishing with project management.

Respectively, there was obvious a need to arrange and integrate technology practices, techniques, intellectual resources and other intangible assets of the companies even more to increase efficiency of implementation of IT projects.