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Business Family



+ Zvezdinsky Artem

The Business Family project is founded in 2012 and represents business social network and at the same time club for offline meetings of entrepreneurs and managers of an average and the top management of the large Russian and western companies. At the project about 200 thousand registered users. Within Business Family meetings of club on 20 industries (finance, oil and gas, a car business, etc.) will be organized. Their purpose — to help participants with expansion of a circle of business contacts. The project works at a technology platform of MeetFormer which represents everyone again come to guests, recommends it useful contacts and suggests to use paid services. The Business Family company works in Moscow and in five regions of the Russian Federation. Zharkov Alexey and Zvezdinsky Artem act as its founders.

The Softline Seed Fund venture fund (the investment partnership created by Softline group and FPI RVC) announced in September, 2014 investment into Business Family company. The fund will receive a share in the project in the amount of 7% for 7.5 million rubles.

The received investments of Business Family are intended to be used for business scaling — including optimization of a technology platform of service, creation of the new website and mobile application and also for expansion of the state of a sales-command. Investments will be provided by several tranches, each of them will be listed on condition of accomplishment by the Business Family command of key performance indicators.