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Internet services
Since 2013
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
119017 Pyatnitskaya St., 37, floor 2, room I, lump.1, office 56


110 employees in 2019


Instamart is an online service of the product delivery from shelves of shops, the player of the Russian fudtekh-market.

As of August, 2019 Instamart are more than 110 employees at the Moscow office and regions, 400 couriers and collectors in all cities of presence. The company processes more than 30 thousand orders monthly, the average bill by orders is about 4500 rubles.


The Instamart command managed to create own technology platform which integrated the website, mobile application for users, the application for assembly and a complete set of the order and also the application for routing of drivers. On the basis of this platform not only work of the service, but also a show-window of the website of retail chain stores of Metro Cash&Carry is built.



Investments from SBT Venture Fund II

On August 13, 2019 Sberbank reported that the Fort Ross Ventures management company invests in Instamart – one of players of the Russian fudtekh-market. The company is engaged in development of a technology platform for the product delivery of a power supply and essential goods.

Fort Ross Ventures signed the agreement with the shareholder of Instamart company Lev Hasis on converting of all stocks owned by it in individual share in SBT Venture Fund II Fund. Thus, Lev Hasis became one of investors of Fund, and SBT Venture Fund II Fund – the shareholder of Instamart company.

We are glad to make this investment. Instamart is the successful Russian company which quickly grows in actively emerging market of the goods delivery and food. We are impressed with achievements of a command and we will help their development in the Russian market,
told Victor Orlovsky, the managing partner of Fort Ross Ventures

Partnership with Sberbank opens access to all ecosystem of services before Instamart and creates interesting perspectives for their integration with our technology platform. The synergy with Sberbank gives to Instamart an opportunity to become the leader of the product delivery by 2020,
noted Pyotr Fedchenkov, the founder of Instamart company

In addition to SBT Venture Fund II, Mail.Ru Group and also entrepreneurs and experts of the market of retail, including the president of Transcontinental Media company Alexander Mitroshenkov, the CEO and the founder of Qiwi Sergey Solonin, the ex-president of Dixy Ilya Yakubson and also Gazprom Media Partners became investors of Instamart.

Availability to 35% of Russians

As of August, 2019 Instamart successfully helps nearly 2 thousand corporate clients to provide the employees with products and stationery.

The Instamart service is available almost to 35% of Russians: the company works in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Samara, Volgograd and Omsk.

2018: Triple growth of revenue

Business of the company quickly grows – for 2018 revenue of Instamart showed triple growth, and in 2019 is going to grow more, than by 2.5 times.

2013: Foundation of the company

The company was founded in 2013 by three investment analysts – Pyotr Fedchenkov and brothers Dmitry and Andrey Zhulinymi. Instamart began the activity with cooperation with B2B-clients, the Intel company became first of which.

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