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The TVEL fuel company is a part of ROSATOM State Corporation. Primary activity of the company is development, production and implementation (including export) nuclear fuel and the accompanying non-nuclear products.






+ TVEL Rosatom

The enterprise as a part of Rosatom State Corporation. 100% of its stocks belong Atomenergoprom.

JSC TVEL was formed in 1996, based on the TVEL State concern founded in 1991 (earlier - the Third Head technology department of the Ministry of nuclear power and the industry of the USSR). The company integrated the enterprises making fuel assemblies and their components.



Main type of products made TVEL is nuclear fuel. The company provides with nuclear fuel of 74 power reactors in Russia and fifteen states of Europe and Asia, 30 research reactors in the world and also all transport reactors of the Russian atomic fleet. Every sixth power reactor in the world uses the fuel made TVEL.

Production of fuel cartridges of the power nuclear reactor, 2019.
Production of fuel cartridges of the power nuclear reactor, 2019.

The company merges production and scientific assets in the field of a fabrication of nuclear fuel, Separation-Sublimation Complex and also production of gas centrifuges and the equipment to them.

In addition to the main products TVEL supplies non-nuclear products to the Russian and world markets: the zirconium, lithium, calcium, magnets, thin-walled pipes polishing powders, a tribe devices, tseolitny catalysts and other materials.

Sales markets

As the directions of product sales the CIS countries (Ukraine, Armenia), Central and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Finland) and also the state of Western Europe and Asia act. Nuclear fueled TVEL nuclear power plants of China and India work. Besides, in cooperation with the foreign partner of the enterprise of the company produce fuel for the NPP of Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands.


Rosatom and the Ural scientists will create the domestic 3D-printer

In January, 2015 the fuel company of Rosatom – TVEL announced readiness of the Novouralsk enterprises to implement projects in the 3D area - technologies together with partners – specialists of Ural Federal University (URFA) and the NTO IRE-Polus enterprise from Moscow area.

The enterprises under control TVEL, already conduct works in the field of 3D - technologies. At one of the plants of "The Ural electrochemical plant" (UEIP, "subsidiary" TVEL), in particular, the direction of powder metallurgy develops: installations are developed and made for receiving quality powders for so-called granulny metallurgy.

By data TVEL, the first task is to adapt these installations that the quality of powders was suitable also for 3D - technologies. And the second - to create own installation of powder layer-by-layer synthesis.

The Deputy CEO of UEIP for development of non-nuclear business Oleg Elistratov notes that the world size of the market of systems, services and materials for additive technologies (a comment – technologies of creation of a product by layer-by-layer material adding by different methods) is more than $3 billion. Within the next decade its quadruple increase is expected, at least.

Deputy CEO of UEIP for development of non-nuclear business Oleg Elistratov
Deputy CEO of UEIP for development of non-nuclear business Oleg Elistratov

"However the quantity of the installed metal additive systems in Russia is insignificant is small in comparison with the world market: in total about 20 against 1500-1700 units, - Elistratov says. – The foreign equipment – very expensive pleasure, especially it is influenced by sanctions".

He adds that powder of pure titanium in Europe costs 230 euros for kilogram, aluminum - about 90 euros for kilogram, and in Russia they are on sale two-three times more expensively. World requirement - up to 900 tons per year. "Without import substitution and development of these technologies in Russia the additive systems and their products at us will not be profitable", Oleg Elistratov says.

"We are sure that correctly built cooperation of the enterprises of nuclear sector with the Russian engineering and scientific centers will allow to implement projects on creation of the Russian installation of powder layer-by-layer synthesis and production organization of the granulated powders for ensuring its work, having effectively used the saved-up personnel, scientific, technical and technology capacity of the enterprises of Rosatom State Corporation, - he added.

To URFA, in turn, 3D - the Russia's first engineering center of laser and additive technologies which began work in 2014 is engaged in technologies. Its basic functions is project development of upgrade of the enterprises, training in technologies and technology methods based on the latest technology principles and also rendering services in production of single copies of unique products. For work the center uses 3D-printers of the German production.


2013-2014: Key projects

In the annual report for 2013 published in October, 2014, TVEL gives the main results on the IT direction for the reporting period. In particular, project completion of replication of the standard solution based on SAP ERP for resource management of the enterprise in four companies "TVEL" - "KMZ", "ChMZ", "software of ECP", "NZHK", "AEHK" and also putting into operation of uniform industry EDMS of Rosatom (EOSDO) at six enterprises of the company - Uralpribor, "NNKTs", Centrotekh-SPb, OKB-NN, "TsPTI" and "MZP" concerns like those.

In 2013 the project of replication of advanced functionality of a master system on personnel management at manufacturing enterprises of the second queue also came to the end. A system completely automates personnel records, management of an organization structure, accounting of organic time and payroll and also performance management processes and accounting of indicators of labor protection. Thus, now all enterprises entering a circuit of the SAP ERP project TVEL work as well in the uniform centralized control system of personnel of SAP HCM Rosatom.

Development of an ACS by design-technology preparation of production (KTPP ACS) in the Fabrication division became one more large project of last year. The advanced functionality of a system was put into commercial operation at the enterprises "WIP", "ChMZ", "NZHK" and head company "TVEL". In trial operation a system was introduced at the enterprises "OKB-NN", "KMZ", "NNKTs", "UZGTs", "Uralpribor", NNKTs branch — Centrotekh-SPb. Also the project of replication and development of an ACS of KTPP in the Gas centrifuges division came to the end.

Production on Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant (\"NZHK\")
Production on Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant ("NZHK")

In the company calculate that the development of an ACS of KTPP implemented within these projects will allow to reduce costs for implementation of design and technology preparation of production for 10% due to application of more rational methods of the organization of work and to reduce terms of approval of technical documentation of the enterprises by 10% at the expense of the automated interaction between the enterprises. One more expected effect - reduction of terms of design and start of products in production for 20% due to coordination of interaction of divisions of the enterprises and use of the standard design and technological solutions which are saved up in a system.

Among other key projects of 2013 - completion of replication of the unified resource management system of the enterprise "1C ERP: Rosatom" in one of the enterprises of the company - "NNKTs". A system was transferred to commercial operation. Also creation of the centralized corporate fund of the specifications and technical documentation for purchasing activity and documentation of the integrated quality management system, ecology and labor safety TVEL was complete.

According to the program of transformation of IT of Rosatom, key projects of 2014 are pilot implementation of management subsystems elements of product lifecycle in the Gas centrifuges division, replication of an ACS of KTPP at the enterprises of Separation-Sublimation Complex (UEIP, "software of ECP", "SHK", "AEHK"), development of the concept of automation of primary activity of "VNIINM of A.A. Bochvar".

Here project implementation on development of the concept of creation of the integrated management system for design in "TsPTI" and project implementation on expansion of functionality of the corporate data warehouse belongs.