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<b>Ananyev Alexey Nikolaevich</b>
Ananyev Alexey Nikolaevich

Ananyev Alexey Nikolaevich is the founder of Technoserv company.


Alexey Ananyev was born on August 24, 1964 in Moscow.

1987: Diploma of the translator from Portuguese and English

In 1987 "the translator assistant on the Portuguese and English languages" graduated from the Moscow state teacher training college of foreign languages of Maurice Thorez in "foreign languages" with qualification.

1992: Chairman of the board of directors Technoserv

  • In 1998-2002 — the board member of JSC Tambovmyasoprodukt.

  • Since 2002 — the member of Boards of Directors of AIF Ltd and JSC PO Pressa-1.

  • In 2005 received degree of Executive MBA of the Higher school of business of the Chicago university.

2006: Chairman of the board of directors of Promsvyazbank

Since 2006 — the chairman of the board of directors of Promsvyazbank.

2012: Status of $1.8 billion

According to Forbes, Alexey Ananyev's status in 2012 made $1.8 billion. He took the 49th place in the rating of the most wealthy people of Russia[1].


CEO of Management systems corporation

In February, 2013 the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin reported on the page on Facebook that he signed the directive on Alexey Ananyev's appointment the CEO of JSC Sistemy upravleniya Corporation created in 2010 by the order of the government and Federal agency on management of state property (100% of the company belong to the state)[1].

Appointment of the manager from large private business to a position of parent organization on development of military ACS is natural as all attempts from the Ministry of Defence and other state agencies to integrate efforts in this sphere and to force developers to use uniform standards failed, the colonel reserve officer Victor Murakhovsky notes. According to the source, close to the Ministry of Defence, against appointment of the private businessman military have no objections, but Ananyev's work will be properly checked that there were no abuses in expenditure of tens of billions of rubles which are going to be selected for development and production of military ACS.

On March 23, 2013 the government published the new candidate list for election as representatives of the Russian Federation and independent directors in Board of Directors of the ship-building holding - "United Shipbuilding Corporation" (USC), largest in Russia. Alexey Ananyev who was a part of directors of OSK as the independent director in August, 2012 in the new list was not nominated.

In May, 2014 Alexey Ananyev left Management systems corporation.

Having left a post of the CEO of Management systems corporation Alexey Ananyev returned to Technoserv where again headed the advisory board – the supreme managing body of group. Sergey Korneev replacing Ananyev during his absence held a post of the president of the Technoserv group.

List of assets: Promsvyazbank, Technoserv and dr

For March, 2013 together with the brother Dmitry Ananyev, Alexey Ananyev was a co-owner of the companies:


The section of assets with the brother Dmitry

On February 26, 2018 Vedomosti was announced the section of assets between brothers Ananyev[2].

After the Central Bank entered temporary administration into Promsvyazbank, I considered what will be correct if each of us begins to be engaged in the assets – those which historically and managed. Now I have 100% in Technoserv, and the brother has 100% in Promsvyaz Capital.
Alexey Ananyev

The transaction was cashless, according to him: he left a shareholding structure of Promsvyaz Capital B. V. (it possesses controlling stakes of Promsvyazbank and Vozrozhdeniye bank), having transferred a share to the brother Dmitry, and that is from Technoserv. Before brothers owned equally all businesses.

Arrest of assets of €11 million

In July, 2018 it became known that the High Court of Justice froze assets of bankers of brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevykh in the amount of €11 million and $15.6 million within trial concerning Promsvyazbank, The Bell reports. According to the edition, the claim was initiated by wealthy clients of bank, the brothers Ananyev investing in credit notes under guarantees.

One of investors on the condition of anonymity told that the issued Peters International (Cayman) Limited, VIP clients of Promsvyazbank received the offer to invest in credit notes, in 2017. As earlier reported Kommersant, papers were behind balance of Promsvyazbank, they were produced under guarantees of Promsvyaz Capital B.V. and Peters International Investment N.V companies which final beneficiaries were brothers Ananyev. Parameters of two of them are known: $100 million and €30 million with repayment in 2019 and also $70 million and €30 million with repayment in 2020.

According to Kommersant, credit notes were offered by managers of bank "almost like a deposit", at the same time their rate reached 5.25% in dollars and 6.25% in euro. At that time rates of Promsvyazbank were 1.3% for deposits in dollars and 0.3% — in euro. The first technical default according to papers was allowed in April, however under an insurance of the state in the amount of 1.4 billion they did not get therefore their holders decided to take legal action.

Shift from posts of the chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Technoserv

In October, 2018 the new structure of Board of Directors of Technoserv was elected. Sergey Baranov holding a position of the Head of Department of IT – the senior vice president of the VTB bank which became earlier in 2018 the owner of 40% of Technoserv became the chairman of the board.

Alexey Ananyev who was earlier heading Board of Directors also was a new part of council. Besides, he headed board of the company.

On December 18, 2018 Dmitry Troshenkov headed as the CEO three main legal persons of Technoserv system integrator: Gruppa Technoserv LLC, Technoserv of AS LLC, Technoserv Management LLC.

Gruppa Technoserv LLC is that company through which in 2018 the transaction on sale of a part of the system integrator to VTB bank was issued. For 50% it belongs to the founder of Technoserv Alexey Ananyev (through CU-Holding, but the share is in pledge at VTB till 2026), for 40% - directly VTB. Another 10% - at the Rizus-Proyekt company which is also belonging to Ananyev.

Alexey Ananyev was the CEO of Gruppa Technoserv LLC till December 18, 2018.

Promsvyazbank submitted a record claim to  brothers Ananyev

On December 21, 2018 brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyev and the ex-management knew of submission by Promsvyazbank of the record claim to the being main owners. The bank claims that its money paid debts of brothers Ananyev. Read more here.


The bank of bad debts of the Central Bank promised to pursue Ananyev abroad

The Bank of Non-core Assets (BNCA) intends to pursue in foreign vessels of ex-owners of Promsvyazbank of brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh and beneficiaries of O1 Group - Boris Mintz's family. In February with reference to the head of Trust bank (on its base BNA is created) Alexander Sokolov according to the results of a press conference announced it [3].

BNA created at the initiative of the Central Bank based on Trust bank collects bad and non-core assets of the large sanified banks. In it, including, the problem debt of the large private banks taken the Central Bank on sanitation — Promsvyazbank which ex-owners are brothers Ananyev and also banks "FC Otkritie" and B&N Bank is accumulated.

Questions to ex-owners of Promsvyazbank concern transactions on the redemption bank a day before sanitation of own actions at NPF Budushchee of Boris Mintz and Gutseriev under control of family NPF Safmar and Trust, RBC writes. The temporary administration of PSB appealed to the State Office of Public Prosecutor to bring criminal case in connection with these transactions in December, 2017.

Right after sanitation Dmitry Ananyev left Russia and received the status of the resident of Cyprus. Alexey Ananyev's location in Trust bank and Technoserv at the time of the publication did not specify TAdviser. At the end of 2018 reported to RBC that brothers Ananyev left borders of the Russian Federation right after input in PSB of temporary administration and that in January, 2018 Alexey Ananyev returned to Moscow. Later, in February, 2018 in an interview to Vedomosti he told that he was not going to leave Russia.

In the relation Mintsev legal procedures in Cyprus, in London prepare, Sokolov told, commenting on criminal case against the former head of FC Otkritie bank Evgeny Dankevich who is suspected of waste of 34 billion rubles because of the transaction with bonds of O1 Group on the eve of sanitation. According to the investigators, Dankevich entered into a collision to borrowers of bank and disposed to purchase their bonds at the cost twice exceeding the actual price of papers.

In London for the present there was no meeting. We will reach the end anyway. Same concerns misters Ananyev. The fact that people left the country and, in fact, ran away with money does not mean that the subject is finished. We anyway will follow all debtors up to the end if it is not the Russian jurisdiction, it means there will be that jurisdiction where or there are assets, or people are. Either money, or responsibility, there is no other, - Aleksandra Sokolova of RBC cites words.

According to Sokolov, law enforcement agencies initiated tens of investigations into the allegation of the sanified banks with the total amount of damage of 80 billion rubles.

Arrest of the airplane, car, the real estate and pictures in the claim for 282 billion rub

In May, 2019 judicial arrest was imposed Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh's assets. The procedure was performed by arbitration court of Moscow after giving by Promsvyazbank of the corresponding statement which became a part of the procedure for return by bank and the Central Bank of the assets which were displaid by brothers businessmen reported Vedomosti.

A claim of PSB to the former co-owners was submitted on December 21, 2018, and the total quantity of defendants in it reached 13. In addition to brothers Ananyev, entered their number the deputy chairman of board of Promsvyazbank Andrey Zhupanov, deputy chairmen of board Alexey Iodko who was responsible for HR, Vladimir Mamakin controlling the financial block and Tatyana Voloshkina who supervised work with VIP-clients. In addition, the list included the former heads of small business and the corporate block Vladimir Shatalov and Evgeny Kozerenko, the head of department of project financing Alexander Afanasyev and the head of the block of financial markets Dmitry Ivanov.

In the claim of bank the requirement to cancel all transactions made by brothers Ananyev a day before the sanitation of bank which happened on December 15, 2017 was also stated. According to representatives of PSB, the total number of transactions reached 30, and all of them pursued the only aim – to bring money out of bank.

Total amount of complaints on this claim reached 282.2 billion rubles damage caused to bank from all transactions which are carried out by the management was assessed at 194.2 billion rubles of which. PSB wanted to exact the remained 88 billion rubles from defendants for the financial aid provided to it by the Central Bank.

According to the decision of arbitration court of Moscow, the property of businessmen of Ananyevy and other defendants in the case was arrested in the claim on 282.2 billion rubles.

According to a judicial verdict, under arrest Alexey Ananyev's shares in such companies as PSB-management (owns 33%), Prektis capital (4%) and Modern times got (holds 1/39 shares). In addition, also other property of the businessman, including the Bombardier Challenger 650 airplane with the board number OE-LAN and serial number 6088 (the airport of an addition – Sheremetyevo) and a number of the pictures, at the time of the publication of material which were in operational management of Institute of the Russian realistic art was arrested.

The list of cloths includes, in addition to other, "Kliment Voroshilov's portrait in an office" (I. Brodsky), "Over snow-covered fields" (G. Nissky), "In ways" (G. Nissky), "Kliment Voroshilov and Maxim Gorky in a dash of the Central house of the Red Army" (A. Gerasimov) and "Three artists" (V. Popkov).

By a court decision, official ban on registration actions of any character concerning the real estate which is owned by Alexey Ananyev is imposed. Here enter, including, five land plots in the Moscow region, the apartment in Moscow on Bolshaya Spasskaya Street and also three buildings and seven land plots in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region to the settlement. Hills-2.

Under arrest also the personal estate of Alexey Ananyev got. The former co-founder of Technoserv, according to court documents, possesses the following cars of a premium class at this time: Cadillac Escalade, Ford Excursion, Honda TRX, Lexus LX 570 and Mercedes-Benz GL63.

Closing of the museum IRRI after a seizure of property

On June 4, 2019 the Institute of the Russian Realistic Art (IRRA) founded at the initiative of Alexey Ananyev announced closing after a seizure of property of the entrepreneur. Read more here.

Sale of Anavoya Holdings Limited for 1000 euros

Alexey Ananyev sold Cyprus company of Anavoya Holdings Limited through which he owned 10.01% of domestic IT integrator "Group Technoserv" for the "symbolical" amount of 1000 euros, Vedomosti with reference to the businessman's representative reported on July 26, 2019. Contemporary Solutions from the British Virgin Islands became the buyer.

Alexey Ananyev. Author of a photo: Vedomosti
Alexey Ananyev. Author of a photo: Vedomosti

40% of Technoserv for July, 2019 belong to VTB. Ananyev remains the owner of 49.99% of the company so far. But from the middle of 2018 this packet also is in pledge at VTB. In December, 2018 the bank implemented pledge for non-execution of credit obligations and acquired the right to dispose of this share. That 49.99% formally carried over the State Bank, it needs to address FAS and to approve the transaction.

Since the end of 2018 of VTB independently manages Technoserv. Till 2018 the company belonged to brothers Ananyev – to Alexey and Dmitry. At the beginning of the same year their key asset - Promsvyazbank failed, and brothers Ananyev divided assets. Alexey got 100% of Technoserv. In June, 2018 he sold 40% of VTB, and in December the State Bank makes the decision on discharge of the businessman from management of the organization. The reason – gross errors in management because of what the company appeared in a pre-bankruptcy status.

In 2017 Technoserv had a reputation of the largest Russian IT structure. Its revenue exceeded 50 billion rubles.

Criminal case and the declaration in the international search

In September, 2019 the Investigative Committee brought criminal case against Alexey Ananyev. Impute to the businessman waste in especially large size, he is put on the international wanted list, reported RBC with reference to the sources familiar with investigation[4].

The application was submitted to law enforcement agencies in 2018. According to Promsvyazbank, within case several episodes of unlawful activity of the former owners of bank Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevykh, including plunder of credit folders, commission of 24 transactions of purchase and sale of securities a day before input of temporary administration are investigated. Promsvyazbank is recognized in criminal case by the victim and works in constructive interaction with law enforcement agencies.

The bank added that the Arbitration court of Moscow already set illegality of these transactions in this connection determinations about a seizure of property of the former beneficiaries of bank were taken out.

Transfer to the wife of 5 thousand pictures, 4 apartments and stocks of Cyprus companies to hide property from creditors

At the end of October, 2019 Meshchansky district court of Moscow nullified the marriage agreement of the former co-owner of Promsvyazbank Alexey Ananyev and his spouse Darya.

Alexey Ananyev
Alexey Ananyev

As   the representative of Promsvyazbank reported RBC, Ananyev gave to the wife the following property to hide it from creditors:

  • "the world's largest collection of pictures of socialist realism" which contains 5299 copies;
  • 50% in the Technoserv group and 50% in authorized capital of the Netherlands Technoserv B.V.;
  • three apartments in house No. 137 on Leninsky Avenue in Moscow;
  • the apartment on Bolshaya Spasskaya Street in Moscow;
  • Alexey Ananyev's real estate in Austria and Portugal;
  • 1000 stocks of Cyprus company Bloumer;
  • 11,000 stocks of Cyprus company Skibren.

The marriage agreement signed between spouses Ananyev after 29 years of joint life and in only two months prior to introduction to bank of temporary administration did not pursue any other lawful aim, except as concealment of property from Alexey Ananyev's creditors — said to Vedomosti in Promsvyazbank.

Ananyev's protection believes that Promsvyazbank could not submit the action for invalidity of the marriage agreement as the organization is not the current creditor for the businessman. 

The claims made to PSB to the former owners by the end of October, 2019 are not satisfied with arbitration court. Also the lawyer disproves transfer under the marriage agreement of shares in Group of Technoserv and Technoserv B.V. and promises to dispute court's decision.

The court's decision published without a motivation part left questions at both parties. Despite recognition of the marriage agreement invalid, cession of property back in a joint property it was refused.

According to the lawyer of Forward Legal  Darya Shlyapnikova, the property transferred under the marriage agreement will return to the common joint property of spouses.[5] 

Evidence on criminal case is published

On October 31, 2019 Kommersant of steel is issued details of criminal prosecution of the former owners of Promsvyazbank (PSB) Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh who are in absentia arrested by Basmanny Court for the international search are known. According to the investigators, using the Cyprian bank branch, brothers in five days under dummy transactions stole 66.3 billion rubles, $575 million and €24.4 million, and in one day legalized 39 billion rubles and $169 million Read more here.

Detection of pictures and documents of brothers Ananyev in a warehouse situated near Moscow

On November 7, 2019 Forbes reported that the staff of Investigative Committee found more than 200 pictures and finance documents of ex-owners of Promsvyazbank Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh in the territory of a warehouse in the city district of Domodedovo, reported in the press service of bank. What specifically finance documents were found, the press service did not specify. Pictures were exported from the museum "Institute of the Russian Realistic Art" (IRRA) founded by Alexey Ananyev contrary to prohibition of Arbitration court who seized assets of brothers because of losses in 282 billion rubles caused to Promsvyazbank.

Investigators detected cloths of classics of socialist realism — Georgy Nissky, Isaak Brodsky, Alexander Deyneki and others whose estimated value exceeds hundreds of millions rubles. Among pictures also Alexey Ananyev's portrait appeared oil. Pictures are transported to special premises for storage.

Alexey Ananyev

The first announced that Alexey Ananyev's pictures were to telegram-канал Mash.

The warehouse where objects of art were stored, locates at the address the village of Konstantinovo, 81 in the city district of Domodedovo, specifies the source familiar with a situation. This warehouse is located near the Smolensk temple. By phone specified on the website of the Smolensk temple specified that the warehouse has no relation to church - it is the separate organization in the building of the former plant of toys.

Week representatives of law enforcement agencies carry out some actions, it is a lot of journalists, but the temple works,
told the prior of the temple archpriest Alexander Kazachenko

In SPARK to the address of a warehouse more than ten operating companies among which there is Vasco LLC are specified. Its CEO and the co-owner Andrey Vasilchenko told that his company is engaged in real estate administration, but concerning Ananyev's pictures refused to answer other questions.

On May 30 the Arbitration court of Moscow arrested assets in the claim for damage to Promsvyazbank in 282 billion rubles. Among assets there were shares in the companies, business — jets, cars, money on accounts and also collection of paintings from IRRI. After this solution in the museum reported that the arrested pictures do not belong to it, also does not belong to businessmen and the museum building — manage the museum and a collection group of managers. At the same time the administration of the museum provided access to court ushers to all pictures which were in the museum.

In December, 2017 the Bank of Russia sanified Promsvyazbank because of the shortage of reserves and the low-quality capital. The Central Bank then demanded to additionally accrue about 200 billion rubles, but shareholders of this money did not find. For the second day after the declaration of sanitation the Central Bank stated that credit folders in bank were stolen, and the regulator had to address to law enforcement agencies. Dmitry Ananyev the resident of Cyprus also lives in Limassol, the representative said in court it.

In addition to arbitral proceedings, brothers Ananyev pass defendants and on criminal case. They are accused of assignment and waste of 66 billion rubles and $575 million as a part of organized group, causing property damage by deception and confidence abuse and also of money laundering. Brothers are put on the international wanted list.

Ananyev's collection (about 5.3 thousand pictures) — the world's largest collection of painting in style of socialist realism, specified Promsvyazbank in court. In two months prior to introduction of the interim administration in Promsvyazbank Alexey Ananyev signed the marriage agreement with the spouse Darya after 29 years of defects. According to the marriage agreement, pictures and also several apartments and shares in offshore companies, departed in Darya Ananyeva's property. Promsvyazbank suspected of it attempt of concealment of property from Alexey Ananyev's creditors. The bank filed a lawsuit, and at the end of October, 2019 the marriage agreement was nullified[6].


The former prosecutor of the USA began investigation of "global fraud"  of brothers Ananyev

At the beginning of February, 2020 it became known of investigation which there began the The Law Offices of Bud Cummins law company of the former district attorney of the USA Bud Cummings, concerning "global fraud" of brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh with money of large investors of Promsvyazbank (PSB).

As Bud Cummings told Vedomosti, investigation is conducted since November, 2019. Its purpose is in finding out whether Ananyev made, and whether the American banks, misappropriation of millions of dollars attached to "now useless" to credit notes and whether the companies controlled by brothers could abuse a financial system of the USA promoted it.

Brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevy
Brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevy

According to Cummings, he represents the interests of PV Group Limited created by group of ex-clients of PSB who in 2017 purchased "worthless" credit notes. In total there were four releases of notes for $170 million and 60 million euros.

According to Cummings's office, brothers Ananyev fraudulently suggested clients of PSB to exchange the deposits for credit notes, and then disappeared, having taken away assets. The scheme of withdrawal of funds which was used by oligarchs included several companies in the different countries and also transactions which took place with mediation large American Banquo. It is supposed that money of creditors of PSB passed, in particular, through corresponding accounts of JP Morgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon and Citibank before settling in the Cyprian banks.

Money of creditors of PSB in dollars passed through corresponding accounts of bank in the USA before eventually settling in the Cyprian banks, says Cummings's firm. According to its data, except Ananyev in the scheme 40 directors of the different companies, related with businessmen, participated in 27 jurisdictions worldwide.[7]

the Supreme Court refused to brothers Ananyev review of the decision about arrest of 282 billion rubles

At the beginning of February, 2020 the Supreme Court of Russia refused to brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevym and 10 more former top managers  of Promsvyazbank review of the decision about arrest of money and property for the amount of 282.2 billion rubles.

Arguments of applicants of writs of appeal do not disprove outputs of courts and do not demonstrate existence of the bases for transfer of complaints to consideration in court session. At the same time applicants are not deprived of an opportunity to recover the rights by the address with the statement for canceling of already taken interim measures, reported in the determination published in a card file of arbitration cases.

The Supreme Court of Russia confirmed legality of interim measures in the form of a seizure of property of brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevykh
The Supreme Court of Russia confirmed legality of interim measures in the form of a seizure of property of brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevykh

According to Vedomosti, share of each of brothers Ananyev and Promsvyaz Capital B. V., through which they controlled bank, in the caused damage  Promsvyazbank estimated at 88 billion rubles. He asks exact from everyone within 282.2 billion rubles. This solidary requirement: if someone one of defendants pays, all others will have to already less. But paid has the right to impose recourse requirements to the others, the partner of TA Legal Consulting Ivan Tertychny explained to the edition.

Earlier the court of first instance and also superior courts rejected petitions of brothers Ananyev on canceling of a seizure of property which, according to businessmen, does not belong to them.

According to RIA Novosti with reference to lawyers, Dmitry Ananyev transferred the ownership to all the real estate to the wife Lyudmila Ananyeva and Velux Assets Limited company, and the rights to 18 objects which were earlier belonging to Alexey Ananyev from October to November, 2017 are transferred it to the spouse Darya. The supplementary agreement to the marriage agreement became the basis of transition of the property right.

Promsvyazbank says that only that property which belongs was arrested or belonged to defendants earlier and it was unfair aloof in anticipation of sanitation  of bank.[8]

Ranks and awards

Alexey Ananyev was among "25 best management Russian IT companies" (2003, 2006, 2008).


"I better completely will refuse the point of view, than I will quarrel with the brother". Forbes interview, October, 2006.


Interesting Facts

Alexey Ananyev serves in church and sings in church choir. Besides, he is one of the largest Russian orthodox patrons.


Since 2001 Alexey Ananyev was fond of collecting of painting of the Soviet masters. In its meeting about 6 thousand works of 352 artists (data of December, 2016). In 2011 it opened the museum to expose there these works – the Institute of the Russian Realistic Art (IRRA).

Responses of colleagues

According to Felix Glikman, the chief adviser to the president of JSC Gruppa Sistematika, Alexey Ananyev - "one of the brightest and ambiguous leaders of IT market".

Boris Scherbakov, the vice president of Oracle, the CEO of Oracle CIS, characterized the head Technoserv as follows: "Despite the enormous volume of other work, it does not change love to IT and strategically builds very correct company, investing and developing".


He is married, three children.

Alexey was brought into orthodox church by his wife Darya. He was christened in 1991 and attached to religion of the brother. Dmitry was christened in 1992. Brothers helped Pskov-Caves Monastery, enter into the board of trustees on support of the Central clinical hospital of the prelate Alexy, the Metropolitan of Moscow. Ananyev also participated in recovery of Valaam Monastery, Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

With the spouse Darya
With the spouse Darya