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Promsvyazbank of PSB


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+ Promsvyazbank (PSB)

Promsvyazbank is the Russian private bank entering into number 15 of the largest credit institutions of Central and Eastern Europe in top-500 world banks. High scores of three largest world rating agencies are assigned to bank.


Enter into Promsvyazbank Banking group:

  • JSC Promsvyazbank (parent credit institution),
  • JSC JSB Volgoprombank,
  • JSC Yarsotsbank,
  • JSC GB Nizhny Novgorod.

Promsvyazbank is the universal bank providing a full range of banking services to physical persons and legal entities.

Abroad the branch and additional office of bank work at Cyprus, representations in Ukraine, in China and India.


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Roskosmosbank purchase

At the end of August, 2020 it became known of Roskosmosbank sale ("subsidiary" of Roskosmos) to Promsvyazbank (PSB). The last published on website of state procurements results of collecting of applications for participation in the tender for carrying out due dilligence for 50 million rubles of credit institution. Read more here.

The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Bastrykin disclosed details of legal investigation of brothers Ananyev of plunder more than 87 billion rubles

The chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) Alexander Bastrykin in the interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta published on July 24, 2020 told about the course investigation of criminal case concerning brothers Alexey and Dmitry Ananyevykh. Read more here.

Promsvyazbank reduced requirements to brothers Ananyev from 16.5 billion to 19.6 million rubles

On April 16, 2020 it became known that Promsvyazbank reduced requirements to brothers Ananyev from 16.5 billion to 19.6 million rubles. The credit institution submitted the corresponding petition to Arbitration court of Moscow.

According to Interfax with reference to a card file of court, Promsvyazbank specified requirements for the action for invalidity of the purchase and sale agreement of actions of the December 14, 2017 signed with Promsvyaz Capital company and also about collecting 16.5 billion rubles.

Promsvyazbank lowered requirements to Ananyev' structure from 16.5 billion rubles to 19.6 million rubles.

Court session was appointed to April 14, 2020, but it was postponed in connection with suspension of work of the courts in the conditions of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier case was adjourned according to the petition of Promsvyaz Capital which was motivated with the fact that conditions of the settlement agreement signed by bank with other defendants should be executed till March 31, 2020. In this case the size of the claim can be changed, declared then in the company.

The representative of PSB confirmed the begun process of execution world, but emphasized that defendants are not obliged, and has the right to redeem till March 31 of the bond at the expense of which the debt will be paid off. It left the petition for listening transfer at the discretion of the court. Its position bank representatives supported Opening and the Russian Central Bank which also participate in process.

The representative of the foreign company also reported that they file a complaint to the chairman of the Supreme Court (SC) of the Russian Federation about the approval of the settlement agreement.

The judge, having heard performances of the parties, postponed listening. At the same time she noted that case is adjourned not because of submission of the complaint, and for implementation of the settlement agreement.

Case was adjourned also according to the petition of the foreign company that was motivated with stay in Russian Armed Forces of the complaint to the approval of the settlement agreement on case. However refused to Russian Armed Forces at the end of January reconsideration of the case.[1]


Evidence on criminal case against brothers Ananyev is published

On October 31, 2019 Kommersant of steel is issued details of criminal prosecution of the former owners of Promsvyazbank (PSB) Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh who are in absentia arrested by Basmanny Court for the international search are known. According to the investigators, using the Cyprian bank branch, brothers in five days under dummy transactions stole 66.3 billion rubles, $575 million and €24.4 million, and in one day legalized 39 billion rubles and $169 million Read more here.

Appointment as the director of directorate of private equity of Natalya Kapinos

On September 23, 2019 it became known that in PSB Natalya Kapinos will be responsible for the business direction on service of bonus private clients. Among its main objectives on a post of the director of directorate of private equity of PSB — development of regional network private-banking PSB, quality improvement of service of VIP clients, optimization of a product line and also formation of investment strategies for clients. Read more here.

Rise of purchases of gold up to 8 tons

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Promsvyazbank updates a logo

Logo Promsvyazbank till June, 2019

Promsvyazbank carried out rebranding, having updated a logo and the name in communications on an abbreviation of PSB or PSB Bank. The frame on a new bank logo will purchase more acute angles, the white bracket will become violet, and the abbreviation in Latin in the center will be replaced with the large letters Cyrillics of PSB placed near a frame. According to information, the updated logo will be used in all communications since June 19. The official bank name will not exchange.

The claim to "Technoserv of AS" on 530.2 million rubles.

On March 29, 2019 it became known that the Technoserv integrator risks to leave several billion rubles and to become officially the bankrupt. It follows from comparison of information on several arbitration judicial proceedings initiated by a number of financial institutions for the last 2.5 months. Read more here.

The bank of bad debts of the Central Bank promised to pursue Ananyev abroad

The Bank of Non-core Assets (BNCA) intends to pursue in foreign vessels of ex-owners of Promsvyazbank of brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh and beneficiaries of O1 Group - Boris Mintz's family. In February with reference to the head of Trust bank (on its base BNA is created) Alexander Sokolov according to the results of a press conference announced it [2]. Read more here.


Submission of the record claim to  brothers by Ananyev

On December 21, 2018 brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyev and the ex-management knew of submission by Promsvyazbank of the record claim to the being main owners. The bank claims that its money paid debts of brothers Ananyev.

According to Vedomosti with reference to the statement of claim, Promsvyazbank estimated a share of each of brothers Ananyev and Promsvyaz Capital B company. V., which is among defendants and through which brothers controlled bank, in damage caused to it in 88 billion rubles.

Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevy

From everyone the bank asks within 282.2 billion rubles (responsibility of all defendants solidary)  is more, than the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance spent for recapitalization of Promsvyazbank which the regulator in December, 2017 took away on sanitation through Fund of consolidation of the banking sector

Defendants in the claim appear, in addition to brothers Ananyev:

  • former deputy chairman of board of Promsvyazbank Andrey Zhupanov;
  • deputy chairman of board Alexey Iodko who was responsible for HR;
  • deputy chairman of board Vladimir Mamakin (financial block);
  • the deputy chairman of board Tatyana Voloshkina (was responsible for work with VIP clients);
  • curator of the block of small and medium business Vladimir Shatalov;
  • head of the corporate block Evgeny Kozerenko;
  • head of the block of financial markets Dmitry Ivanov;
  • Alexander Afanasyev heading department of project financing;
  • Ivan Pidluzhny, a position is not specified;
  • Sergey Muravyov, a position is not specified.

Promsvyazbank  intends to claim from them the damages caused to bank. From a number of transactions they made 194.2 billion rubles, the temporary administration of the Central Bank set. Besides, financial aid was provided to bank and it wants to exact for it 88 billion rubles.

In case not less than six large episodes among which there are security purchases at the price, many times excellent from market, and repayment of debts of brothers Ananyev on money of bank are specified.[3]

The DIA became the owner of 99.9% of stocks of Promsvyazbank

The volume of an additional issue which will be redeemed by DIA will be 113.4 billion rubles. After that Promsvyazbank will turn into maintaining Rosimushchestvo, thus, having become national bank. The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) became the owner of 99.9% of stocks of Promsvyazbank.

"Share of participation of the person controlling the issuer in authorized capital of the issuer and if an issuer is the joint-stock company — also a share to belonging person controlling the issuer, ordinary shares of such issuer: 99.9999999980% of participation in authorized capital; 99.9999999985% of ordinary shares" — follow from the message on the portal of disclosure of legal information.

The State Duma offered the transmission scheme of Promsvyazbank in state property

The government at the expense of the Central Bank will return up to 150 billion rubles spent for sanitation of banks to the budget. At the same time it will allow to carry out recapitalization of Promsvyazbank without approvals, follows from the zakonoproproyekt[4]

The Deposit Insurance Agency will redeem shares of Promsvyazbank for the amount to 150 billion rub, having paid with their federal loan bonds (FLB) provided earlier within the program of recapitalization of banks. After that the agency will transfer bank to Rosimushchestvo. It is said in amendments k to the laws "About Deposit Insurance of Natural Persons" and "About the Central Bank of Russian Federation", prepared by the State Duma Financial Market Committee and accepted in the second reading on February 15.

The Central Bank lowered the capital of Promsvyazbank to 1 ruble

The Central Bank of Russia reduced on January 12 the authorized capital of Promsvyazbank to 1 ruble. It is said in the order of the regulator. The capital is reduced because of negative  value of value of own means of Promsvyazbank. After write-off of the capital by temporary administration of bank  on behalf of Fund of consolidation of the banking sector Promsvyazbank  will be capitalized, and FKBS will become its shareholder.

According to data of the Bank of Russia, as of  December 1, 2017 the size of own means of Promsvyazbank was 161.36 billion rubles, authorized capital — 11.13 billion rubles.

2017: The Central Bank announced introduction of the interim administration in Promsvyazbank

The credit institution will be sanified according to the new scheme — through Fund of consolidation of the banking sector. Earlier sources of RBC reported about it on December 15. The Central Bank made the decision on introduction of the interim administration of Promsvyazbank which entered the list systemically of significant credit institutions, having assigned functions of temporary administration on bank management to Fund of consolidation of the banking sector. It is said in the statement published on the regulator website.

Earlier, on December 14, it was announced by three sources of RBC in credit institution. "The chairman of the board of bank and co-owner Dmitry Ananyev reported that according to the results of a meeting with the staff of the Central Bank the decision on the procedure of sanitation of bank through FKBS was made" — one of interlocutors of RBC noted.

Before on the same day a source of Vedomosti and also two interlocutors of the edition connected with Promsvyazbank told that the regulator demanded from credit institution to additionally accrue about 100 billion rubles of reserves. At the same time in Promsvyazbank these data disproved later, having said that they did not receive from the Bank of Russia of the similar instruction. "It is about results of check of the Central Bank which came to the end in May of this year" — emphasized in bank. Later the source of RBC, close to financial institution, explained that the speech in this case went about "recommendation" to Promsvyazbank from the regulator. ​ "The official instruction was not" — he specified.

Structure of property for 2016:

  • PromSvyazKapital - 72.93%
  • Commerzbank AG - 15.32%
  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) - 11.75%

In authorized capital of bank of 72.93% the "Promsvyaz Capital of B.V." company possesses, 15.32% - Commerzbank Auslandsbanken Holding AG (Commerzbank AG subsidiary company), 11.75% – to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

2015: A record loss - 16.4 billion rub

Promsvyazbank received a record loss according to IFRS at the end of 2015 — 16.4 billion rubles against profit in 2.3 billion rubles for 2014. In the capital of bank there would be a hole if not injections of shareholders — brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyevykh. The head of the Finance block of Promsvyazbank Vladimir Mamakin explained it with the fact that the bank in 2015 created big reserves on losses on loans — 47.3 billion rubles that there is twice more corresponding indicator for previous year. It is the maximum size of reserves for all history of work of bank. Mamakin explained need of such large-scale reservation "with difficult operating environment and reasonable the risk policy[5]".

Promsvyazbank created reserves on the credit of the Transaero airline which failed last year which owed bank of 7.8 billion rubles. This credit was provided with the airplanes which are owned by Transaero. The complete covering of a loan reserves required 5.5 billion rubles, Mamakin told. In a conversation with RBC he added that the riskoviki of bank watch closely a financial status of other large borrowers and so far it does not cause concerns. In the press release of bank it is told that contributions of majority shareholders to the basic capital of bank allowed to compensate losses almost twice, to augment the capital and to improve indicators of its sufficiency. According to IFRS also the Tinkoff retail bank also reported, having shown profit in 1.9 billion rubles.

2013: Systemically significant bank

Orders of 1/30/2013 No. OD-102, No. OD-103 and No. OD-104 the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina transferred Gazprombank, Promsvyazbank and Raiffeisenbank from under supervision of General Directorate of the Central Bank across Central Federal District directly to central office of the Central Bank — under observation of the director of the department of supervision of systemically significant banks Mikhail Kovrigin. These banks became the first whom the regulator recognized systemically significant and took on a specific mode of supervision.

This department in structure of the Central Bank was created still on October 1, 2013 for establishment of special supervision of the largest players. However the list of such systemically important banks is still not ready: according to instruction No. 3174-U "About determination of the list of systemically significant credit institutions", the Central Bank had to begin preparation of this list only after the introduction of the document in force, i.e. since February 2 of the current year. It is supposed that it will include banks which assets are 0.17% and more from total assets of the Russian banking sector. Besides, the volume of attraction of deposits of natural persons and transactions in interbank market at them should be also 0.17% of a cumulative indicator on the market. Experts consider that under such supervision about 20 banks can get.


Audit on compliance of PSI DSS

In December, 2011 Promsvyazbank announced successful passing of certification audit on compliance to the international standard of security of bank cards of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). High requirements of the PCI DSS standard extend to processings of payment cards of international payment systems of MasterCard and Visa. As emphasized in bank, development of services and security of transactions for holders of payment cards — one of priority activities of Promsvyazbank.

For 2011 in bank the new technologies directed to increasing the level of security of payment cards were implemented. So, in August, 2011 the bank began issue of the micro chip cards (chip) providing the maximum level of protection against fraudulent transactions and counterfeits including, from the skimming gaining increasing "popularity", says Promsvyazbank.

Also for increase in level of protection of operations with cards in an Internet environment in MasterCard and Visa payment systems in Promsvyazbank the 3D-Secure technology providing the additional level of reliability of bank cards at online shopping was certified.

Purchase of 51% of stocks of Kassa 24 company

In March, 2011 Promsvyazbank announced acquisition of 51% of stocks of Kassa 24 company, transaction amount is not reported. The bank intends to develop the bill present systems technology developed by the company allowing consumers to pay bills for housing and communal services (housing and public utilities) on the basis of the electronic receipt without data entry, and to service providers – to control process of collecting of payments online.

Kassa 24 is the small company, - the president of the Qiwi group Andrey Romanenko notes. - Most likely, Promsvyazbank purchased it for the sake of the technology developed by it not to buy software products of third-party producers". Software cost from Kassa 24 can reach $2 million, Romanenko considers. The analyst of Finam Tatyana Menkova also estimates the company at $1-2 million.

"On the market rumors about intention of Promsvyazbank to seriously develop retail products went long ago. Now the bank itself gave confirmation to it, - the development director of BCC Revaz Bukhradze reminds. - Retail products provide good diversification of business due to receiving commission income which looks especially stable in the conditions of crisis".

2009: 75 thousand clients of the enterprises and 950 thousand - natural persons

As of 1/1/2010 clients of bank of steel more than 75,000 Russian enterprises and over 950,000 Russians. The network of bank in the territory of Russia contains 234 offices, including 48 branches.

Assets of bank of 463.2 billion rubles and own means (capital) of 45 billion rubles as of 1/1/2010 (according to preliminary data under RAS).

For the beginning of 2010 the bank had the following long-term ratings of the international rating agencies: "Ba2" Moody’s Investors Service, "B" of Standard & Poor's, "B+" of Fitch Ratings and also individual credit rating of "AA+" of National Rating Agency.

2006: Commerzbank is a shareholder

In November, 2006 the Commerzbank AG subsidiary company - Commerzbank Auslandsbanken Holding AG became a shareholder.