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Pilotless tractor of Roskosmos

Developers: NGO of automatic equipment of a name of the academician N.A. Semikhatov
Date of the premiere of the system: July, 2019
Branches: Agriculture and fishery,  Transport
Technology: Robotics


2019: Presentation

At  the International industrial Innoprom-2019 exhibition the presentation of the pilotless tractor developed by the Scientific and Production Association (SPA) of automatic equipment (on July 8-11) took place (enters into Roskosmos).

In the tractor there is no cabin, a wheel and pedals. During the movement it is autonomous, but it can not only independently move, but also define the location. The route is calculated the special controller with artificial intelligence which obtains and processes information from the satellite.

Roskosmos provided the pilotless tractor
Roskosmos provided the pilotless tractor

The tractor also has "eyes" — special cameras using which he can notice obstacles in a way and change a trajectory. Joint work of systems, including technologies of correction of a satellite signal, provides accuracy to 10 cm.

According to developers, electronic "brain" independently makes decisions and is capable to study in the course of work, accumulating knowledge. The artificial intelligence of the machine provides the safe movement on a trajectory with optimal speeds.

Our management system is universal, and with certain completions it can be installed practically on any combine or the tractor, to thereby make it pilotless and effective  — the CEO of NGO of automatic equipment Andrey Misyura said.

According to him, during testing of the unmanned vehicle it is impossible to do without participation of the person so far. The program of the movement to the machine is set by the operator  — the specialist schematically makes a route and  monitors  correctness of task performance, he noted.[1]

Earlier in 2019 the head of Roskosmos  Dmitry Rogozin  announced  emergence of the pilotless medical tram for Russian regions. According to him, it was talked of the tram with Wi-Fi and medical elements which will allow Russians, for example, on the way to work to undergo the minimum health service.