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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Developers: Google
Last Release Date: July, 2018
Technology: IaaS is Infrastructure as service



Availability of Citrix Workspace for Google Cloud

On February 19, 2020 the company Citrix Systems announced availability of the solution Citrix Workspace for Google Cloud. With its help the companies will be able to provide to employees access to necessary and usual to applications G Suite and to ensure simple, comfortable and intellectual functioning, promoting growth of the involvement of employees and performance improvement of work. In more detail here.

Google increased payments for detection of vulnerabilities in Google Cloud Platform

The Google company increased[1] the total amount of remuneration for detection of vulnerabilities in a set of cloud services Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Now researchers of security can earn up to $313,337 within[2].

In 2018 the total amount of payments was $100,000 for detection of vulnerabilities in a cloud platform, but this year total amount is increased up to $313,337 and will be separated into six places. The amount of the biggest remuneration will be $133,337, the second and third place — $73,331, the fourth — $31,337, and for the last two offer $1,000 for everyone.

"As well as last year, researchers need to submit applications to have the right to earn a reward. Information on vulnerabilities in one report is not limited. Specialists can submit several applications, on one for each place", reported in the blog of Google.

According to Google, the company in 2019 paid to researchers more than $6.5 million within programs of remuneration for the detected vulnerabilities, and since launch of the first program in 2010 — more than $21 million.


Release of Netapp Cloud Volumes Service and Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud

On November 25, 2019 it became known that Netapp company together with Google Cloud announced an exit of Netapp Cloud Volumes Service, NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud that will help the organizations to focus on innovations in any hybrid environments. Read more here.

Installation in DPCs of Google Cloud of the North BullSequana S for a customer support of a DB of Oracle

On August 7, 2019 Atos reported that strengthens strategic partnership with Google and upgrades two existing data processing center Google Cloud in Frankfurt (Germany) and Ashberne (USA) for a customer support, using databases Oracle. The company will install high-end servers on objects BullSequana S that will allow customers to process effectively the workloads of Oracle and to take all advantage of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) platform. In more detail here.


The number of vacancies of specialists in Google Cloud grew by 1082% in three years

In December, 2018 the portal for job search of Indeed  published a research in which announced fast-growing demand for specialists in cloud computing.

So, by the end of 2018 the quantity of vacancies in which knowledge of Google Cloud is required flew up for 1082% in comparison with an indicator of three-year prescription. In a case with clouds of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure indicators of growth were 107.15% and 165.9% respectively.

In December, 2018 the portal for job search of Indeed published a research in which announced fast-growing demand for specialists in cloud computing

If to compare 2018 and 2017, then the quantity of the vacancies connected with Google Cloud on the website Indeed grew by 66.74%, and AWS and Microsoft Azure began to be mentioned for 5.51% and 16.25% are more often respectively.

According to experts, demand for the programmers having experience with cloud services promptly grows. And applicants who look for developers of traditional software, listing requirements to candidates, often begin with "cloud experience".

Interest in IT professional whose record of service includes good knowledge of cloud services is not surprising, considering the huge volume of this market — it will grow to $300 billion by 2021, predict in Gartner.

According to Indeed calculations, demand from employers for "cloud software engineers" who are engaged in infrastructure security, development or architecture, in a year increased almost by a third (31.24%).

The interest of applicants in such professions grows promptly too: in three years the number of the corresponding search queries jumped by 107.8%.

Even if people who look for work do not specialize in cloud computing, they are equally specified by some specialists. For example, at 8% of software developers and 6.7% of the senior developers skills of work with clouds are specified in descriptions to the summary. Search of vacancies by means of requests in which  AWS are included of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, in three years increased by 101%.[3]

Support of Nvidia Tesla P4. It is possible to start powerful graphic and AI-applications

In August, 2018 Google announced support of graphic Nvidia Tesla P4 accelerators in the cloud platform thanks to what clients of the company had an opportunity to start powerful graphic and AI-applications.

Nvidia notes that Tesla P4 is developed especially for increase in efficiency of the scalable servers used for workloads in the field of deep learning which allow to create "smart" adaptive AI services. New GPU is constructed on architecture of Nvidia Pascal and has 8 Gbytes of memory with capacity of 192 Gbps.

Graphic Nvidia Tesla P4 accelerator

According to the statement of Google, the Nvidia P4 accelerators which are for the test stage and having the same performance that solutions V100 on architecture of Volta, offer "good price relation and productivities for the applications working with remote displays and a logical output in machine learning in real time".

The applications working with a large number of graphic transactions are won much more at start in a cloud, than on GPU used in workstations — the manager on development of the products Google Cloud Ari Liberman says. — Now we support virtual workstations with Nvidia Grid on P4 and P100 accelerators, allowing you to turn any virtual machine with one graphic processor or more into the high-performance machine optimized for work with graphic acceleration. Now artists, architects and engineers can create fascinating 3D - scenes for the following movie blockbuster or to create computer photorealistic composition.

Added to Google that Tesla P4 is ideal when it is necessary to apply machine learning to visual search, the dialogue speech and processing of video content.[4]

The first implementation of blockchain technologies

In July, 2018 the official output of Google to the market of a blockchain took place. The company recognizes that it strongly lagged behind competitors regarding development of such technologies.

 Were added blockchain technology to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Digital Asset Holdings   the users developed by startups and BlockApps, thanks to what can get access to them as service. Besides, later in 2018 Google integrates blockchain platforms Hyperledger Fabric  and Ethereum with GCP.

Google came to a blockchain market in July, 2018

Thanks to cooperation about a blockchain projects Google will be able to offer the financial sector and other clients a cloud platform in which it will be possible to develop and start applications using blockchain technologies.

It will be possible to lower technical barriers to application development on the basis of technologies of the distributed registers (DLT), having connected our advanced DLT platform and a modeling language to Google Cloud … Independently we   could not contact  such wide audience from  absolutely different industries —  Blythe Masters, the CEO of Digital Asset company offering a solution blockchain for financial institutions said.

In Digital Asset hopes that cooperation with Google will help the company with promotion of the platform of a modeling language as services (PaaS). In turn the head of the platform of cloud financial services of Google Leonard Law noted that the added tools will be useful during creation of products not only to the financial services industry.

Many IT corporations, including Microsoft and IBM, are engaged in development of a blockchain and offer these technologies in service quality (model blockchain-as-a-service, BaaS). However Google missed an opportunity to appear in the forefront development of technology of the distributed register, the cofounder of the company Sergej Brin stated. speaking at the Blockchain Summit conference in July, 2018.[5]

Card of data centers and network

In January, 2018 Google submitted the card of the data centers based on which cloud infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform company works. Also the Internet giant announced construction of new submarine cables.

According to the statement of Google published on January 18, 2018 DPCs of the company are located in 13 such called regions: Mumbai (India), Taiwan, Tokyo (Japan), Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Oregon (USA), Iowa (USA), Northern Virginia (USA), South California (USA), London (Britain), Belgium, São Paulo (Brazil) and Frankfurt (Germany).

Map of regions of Google Cloud Platform

In the first quarter 2018 Google mastered Holland and Montreal (Canada), and is later same year — Los Angeles (USA), Finland and Hong Kong.

Regions are independent geographical areas which are divided into zones. The delay of network in data centers of one region does not exceed 5 ms. For deployment of failsafe applications with a possibility of quick access of Google to them recommends to clients to place systems in different zones regions to save itself from unforeseen failures in work.

By January 18, 2018 Google has 44 zones and more than 100 thousand miles of the stretched fiber optic cable worldwide. The company unrolled or is going to deploy 11 submarine cables. So, in 2019 it is going to create cables between Chile and Los Angeles (Curie), the USA, Ireland and Denmark (Havfrue) and the large communication centers in Hong Kong-Guam.

Google network

It is said in the statement that after project implementation of Curie Google will become the first large not telecommunication company which constructed a private intercontinental cable. Through the submarine cables stretched around the world (not only Google) there pass more than 90% of global Internet traffic.

The network and infrastructure of Google are used by many large companies among which — PayPal.[6]


Reduction of prices up to 36%

In November, 2017 Google reduced the price of use of the cloud services entering the Cloud Platform set again. The competition in the market of cloud computing amplifies, and providers often quickly react to reduction of the prices by competitors therefore the actions similar to Google, it is worth expecting from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

According to the statement of Google of November 20, 2017, the cost of services of lease of computing environments in a public cloud (IaaS) within a Google service of Compute Engine is reduced for value up to 36%.

Google reduces the prices of cloud services of lease of infrastructure by 36%

For example, use of the Compute Engine virtual machine with the outdated graphic processors Nvidia Tesla K80  began to cost clients 45 cents per hour whereas hour access to more powerful systems   is installed $1.46 on Nvidia Tesla P100 accelerators.

Per second payment works and also additional discounts at long access to service are implemented.

According to TechCrunch, the updated pricing to Google Cloud Platform is aimed at involvement of the developers wishing to start the workloads connected with machine learning in a cloud. However, there is a mass of other applications (for example, physical and molecular modeling) which creators can benefit by access to hundreds of cores of GPU, notes the edition.

The graphic processor Nvidia Tesla P100   contains 3594 cores that does it by one of the most productive in the world. By November, 2017 this accelerator is supported in Google Cloud Platform in a beta format.

The developers using Google Cloud Platform can connect up to four P100 processors and eight K80 for each virtual machine.

It is supposed that Amazon will announce reduction of prices of the cloud services at own AWS re conference: Invent 2017 which will pass from November 27 to December 1 in Las Vegas (USA).[7]

Development together with Cisco of a hybrid cloud solution

The companies Cisco and Google 27 oktyabyar announced 2017 start of joint development hybrid cloud solution which is designed to increase investment soundness of customers on cloud and local environments. The purpose of partnership of the companies — a cloud solution which allows to develop applications and services, to manage them and to ensure their safety both in local environments, and on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) platform. The solution is characterized by cloud speeds and scale and also protection of a corporate class.

As envisioned by developers, the solution will provide transition to cloud computing without binding to any one vendor. Developers will be able to create applications for local or cloud execution, using the same tools, the environment of execution and working conditions.

The joint hybrid solution Cisco and Google Cloud will allow developers to use management of Kubernetes, the directory of GCP services, means of network interaction and security of Cisco, means of authentication and monitoring of service network Istio. Secure access to cloud program interfaces (API), developers of cloud applicaions — access to corporate API and local resources is provided to developers of corporate applications.

The joint solution will be available to a certain circle of customers in the first half of 2018, the general availability is planned the same year.

As partnership support the community of Cisco DevNet developers offers developers corporate and IoT-solutions an instrumental complex for work with open-source as technologies, creation of hybrid cloud solutions and further application development for IoT. For fast creation and applications testing the Cisco DevNet Sandbox technology which provides free access to program and hardware development environments is offered to developers. To start work with Kubernetes and containers developers can use Contiv Sandbox and also study DevNet rates on development of native cloud applicaions and boundary calculations. Besides, the developers using Google Cloud have access to extensive information, numerous tools and documentation of Kubernetes, the innovation project in the field of management of containers.

SAP HANA in a cloud of Google

On March 13, 2017 SAP and Google announced the beginning of strategic partnership which purpose - to provide access to SAP products to Google Cloud Platform.

According to the statement of the management of the companies, SAP HANA will become available on GCP for the companies worldwide. Clients will have an opportunity of start of analytical services and important applications in cloud infrastructure. GCP will provide automatic preparation of the certified SAP HANA databases with corporate security, high availability, scalability and reserve data recovery at accident.

Infographics, (2017)

For developers and clients it is going to use Google Cloud Launcher Marketplace – shop of partner business applications. SAP HANA, express edition in the version for developers will become the first product available in it. It will be provided together with the full-fledged environment for development in which it is possible to create and test the application before deployment in a cloud.

The strategic objective of the companies – to expand possibilities of GCP by means of the technologies developed jointly. It will help to create necessary functions for access control to data, security managements and risks.

The SAP Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology based on SAP Cloud Platform is integrated with Google Suite and GCP. Clients can connect SAP service to Google Suite and GCP and open for the users access to any application from any device at any time.


Google reduced the prices of use of Cloud Platform services

The Google company reduced the prices of use of Cloud Platform services. So, for example, Compute Engine virtual machines became at least 32% cheaper irrespective of the size, the region and a class, and use of Google Cloud Storage will cost 2.6 cents ($0.026) for 1 GB now.

In addition, the company provided the managed virtual machines which will allow developers to execute any binary operations on the virtual machine and to include quickly them in the application. At the same time App Engine will automatically operate virtual machines of the user.

Compute Engine supports now Windows the Server 2008 R2 platform (in the mode of limited access to functionality) and also Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (without restrictions). And using BigQuery it is possible to send interactive SQL queries for arrays of any size now. It is launched for read seconds, and service at the same time does not need to be configured and adjusted.

Thanks to stream data transmission of BigQuery developers will be able to process 100,000 records per second on the table now (and updates will be executed almost instantly). It means that it will be possible to analyze large information flows in real time.

Google opened access to the cloud to server applications of Windows

On December 8, 2014 Google made a number of the announcements concerning a software maintenance of the competitor of Microsoft in the cloud. Innovations are directed to involvement of corporate clients for whom the American corporations fight several years.[8]

First, the Microsoft License Mobility program began to extend to Google Cloud Platform thanks to what SQL Server users, SharePoint and Exchange will be able to move the applications from traditional infrastructure to cloud Google, without paying Microsoft company the cost of additional licenses. This opportunity also extends to owners of unlimited licenses.


Users can start SQL Server, SharePoint Server and Exchange Server in Google Cloud Platform

Besides, Google announced availability of Windows Server 2008 of R2 Datacenter Edition to users of the Google Cloud platform within the beta on Google Compute Engine. The operating system supports up to 64 physical central processors, "hot" replacement of modules of memory and chips and also has no restrictions for rights to use of virtual images.

Google also works on support of Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in the cloud platform, the manager on products of the American corporation Martin Buhr reported, without calling an expected implementation time.

"We know that our clients execute a number of key workloads in the environment of Windows, and they want fast deployment, high performance and expansion of opportunities of data centers in a cloud — noted the Drill.

Google called the cloud platform "the best place for accomplishment of the workloads connected with Windows". At the same time the company emphasizes that it is not going to promote promotion of the competing product Azure by means of the solutions.

According to analysts of Synergy Research Group for the second quarter 2014, the share of Google in the world market of cloud services is measured less than 5% that falls short of indicators of Amazon, Microsoft and IBM.

Opening to users of Google Cloud Compute of free access to the Chrome RDP program for remote control the computer based on Windows by means of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol technology became one more innovation announced by Google on December 8. Before it was necessary to pay $10 for each license.

2013: Google Cloud Platform

Using the products which are a part of Google Cloud Platform users can develop a number of solutions:

  • Solutions for work in a cloud environment, such as mobile applications, applications for social interaction, business process management, creation of the websites – using products Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL.
  • Solutions for the organization of cloud storages of data, such as high-performance backup systems and recovery, active archiving, global interaction and sharing of data and also primary SAN/NAS systems – based on infrastructure of Google Cloud Storage.
  • Solutions for large-scale calculations, such as systems for normal and batch processing of data and also high-performance computing – using the product Google Compute Engine.
  • Solutions for work with "Big Data", for example, interactive tools, means of identification of trends and dashboards for a business intelligence – using Google services of BigQuery and Google Prediction API.

As technology partners independent software developers, solution providers according to the SaaS model (the software as service), developers of platforms, tools for management and development, means of data analysis, the systems of a business intelligence and ETL and also the companies specializing in area of storage systems participate in the Google Cloud Platform program. The necessary supplementing technologies provided by these companies are already integrated with the platform for cloud computing of Google Cloud Platform to provide clients with new powerful solutions on its basis.

Within the agreement which is obliged to sign Google and its client the company guarantees smooth operation of the platform with coefficient of availability of 99.95%. In case of non-compliance with this value, she undertakes to compensate a part of payment for subsequent periods of use of the platform. For example, if the actual coefficient of availability makes less than 95%, to the client 50% of payment for a current period will be compensated.