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Driverless electric trucks appeared on public roads

Customers: DB Schenker Ukraine (Schenker)

Logistics and distribution

Contractors: Einride

Project date: 2019/05

On May 15, 2019 the logistics provider DB Schenker and the Swedish startup Einride began, according to the companies, the first-ever regular cargo transportation with the help pilotless electric vehicles on public roads.

The developed trucks on electric draft under the name T-Pod weigh 26 tons at a full load, are deprived of a driver's cabin and are capable to go independently along the preset route thanks to numerous sensors and cameras. At the time of project implementation in Sweden machines move slowly — speed is only 5 km/h, as at the pedestrian.

UAVs transport goods between a warehouse and the terminal on the public road in the industrial zone to Yyonchyopinge in the central part of Sweden. Their work is controlled far off by the operator who at the same time can manage to 10 pilotless cars.

The CEO of Einride Robert Falc in a conversation with Reuters agency told that the company conducts negotiations on cooperation with large suppliers to increase production of electric cars and to expand the list of the companies involved in their use. He also noted that he does not exclude in the future a search capability of partners among large producers of trucks.

The former head of Asian representative office of Daimler Trucks (division on release of freight vehicles) Marc Llistosella is among investors of Einride.

the polucheniye of permission to use of pilotless electric cars on public roads is an important milestone and it is a step to commercialization of autonomous technologies on roads — Falk told.

On public roads pilotless electrotrucks appeared
On public roads pilotless electrotrucks appeared

According to his words, to the middle of May, 2019 of Einride the financing round also expects support of investors. According to the results of the previous round of start attracted about $10 million.

Affirms that the self-propelled electric Einride trucks are capable to cut down expenses on cargo transportation on 60% in comparison with normal diesel trucks.[1]