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"Cinimex" (before Sinimeks-Informatika) are the solutions on integration of banking applications developed on the basis of experience, knowledge of specifics of the financial sector and modern information technologies. The company specializes in design of architecture of integration solutions, development of custom solutions, implementation of own developments and testing of the profile software.


As of 2014 the company offered the following services:

  • Development and deployment of solutions on integration of business applications. This key activity of the company. In this sphere we have unique knowledge and the long-term practical experience of work confirmed with numerous successful projects.
  • Support and maintenance of integration solutions and application software
  • Development and deployment of solutions on business monitoring and system monitoring of bank information and technical infrastructure.
  • Solutions in the field of data integration. Consolidation of data and creation of information infrastructure – a uniform source of storage of up-to-date data.
  • Development, implementation and support of the custom software on the IBM i Power Systems platform (AS/400).
  • Consulting in the field of information technologies: development of architectural approaches and strategy, description of business requirements.
  • Creation and improvement of processes of quality assurance. Functional, regression, stress testing.
  • Outsourcing services.
  • Development of "turnkey" custom software solutions based on platforms: 1C: Enterprise, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Apache, etc.;
  • Integration of program infrastructure. Development of industrial integration solutions in the form of corporate service buses (Enterprise Service Bus);
  • Consolidation of the corporate reporting;
  • Integration of automated systems of banks and enterprises;
  • Software testing systems;
  • Process automation of portfolio management;
  • Integration of systems data sources for calculation operational, credit and market risks;
  • Router of payment documents;
  • Business process automation of currency exchange control.

History and performance indicators


Growth of revenue by 15%

Revenue of Cinimex company for 2018 grew by 15%. 83% were made by a share from income in work with the companies of the financial sector. Total amount reached 1,167,484,163 rub (against 1,015,203,620 rub the previous year). For the last few years the Russian developer and the system integrator of software solutions for the financial sector and other industries shows stable growth.

Last year in the company is mentioned by emergence of functional division "Cinimex Date the Lab" which main objectives — use of machine learning technologies on projects of customers, including foreign.

ISO 9001:2008

On April 10, 2015 the Cinimex company underwent certification audit on compliance of a quality management system to the international standard ISO 9001:2008. During audit the full compliance was set to requirements of the standard. Certificate of conformity N 176646-2015-AQ-MCW-FINAS is received. In 2018 the Cinimex company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

As certifying authority one of the international certified organizations DNV GL - the independent classification and certified society founded in 1864 and entering the five of authoritative international certified societies was selected.

Scope of the certificate is: "Providing complex consulting services in the field of accounting and enterprise management of the customer, with the subsequent automation on the basis of software products of 1C Company, diagnostics, development and deployment of model of activity, methodical recommendations and regulations of work of the enterprise, the help in the choice of the software product, its sale, personnel training, design, development, commissioning, and also further comprehensive support."

For development and deployment of SMK the Cinimex company took the methodical complex "Standard Quality System of the Franchisee" as a basis. Now regulations are finished and modified and reflect really operating processes taking into account requirements of new ISO 9001:2015.

2017: Growth of revenue by 40.8% (1,015,203,620 million rubles)

The Cinimex company completed 2017 with growth of revenue by 40.8% at the same time consolidated revenues were 1,015,203,620 rub (for comparison in 2016 consolidated revenues were 721,005,000 rub).

Growth of quantitative indices is mentioned also in number of staff. The production directorate is expanded. In 2017 its share in the total number of salaried employees increased by 3%. The new division in Orenburg is opened. The staff in general grew by 45.2%.

2016: Growth of revenue by 13% (721 million rubles)

Aggregate turnover of business of Cinimex reached 721 million rubles having increased by 13%, in comparison with the previous financial period, and number only of salaried employees of the company grew for the last five years more than by 2.5 times. In a ranking "TAdviser100: The largest IT companies in Russia" at the end of 2016 the Cinimex company took the 80th place.

In addition to activities, traditional for the company, such as development and deployment of integration solutions, systems for automation and increase in efficiency of business processes, risk management and decision making, appeared the new directions based on disruptive technologies ― Blockchain, Microservices, Data Science&Machine learning.

According to the course towards diversification and business development taken earlier in adjacent industry segments, last year the Department of automation of Cinimex company actively worked in the direction of increase in the customer base and expansion of examination in the development areas and implementing solutions based on software products of the largest domestic vendor of 1C.

In the company the Competence center on a blockchain which specialists within a year developed 5 prototypes of systems using technologies of the distributed registers was created.


Sales growth for 10% to 635 million rubles

At the end of 2015 the aggregate turnover of the company increased by 10.5% in comparison with the previous financial period and was ₽ 635,225,514.

Accession to Rossvift

At the beginning of 2015 "Cinimex" entered the Russian National Association SWIFT (ROSSVIFT) integrating about 600 largest banks and the SWIFT organizations users in the territory of the Russian Federation and became the second Russian IT company which received the status of the official member of Association. The company also was a part of the working group of ROSSVIFT on localization of the international standard ISO 20022 for interaction of the banks and corporations making payments and calculations in the Russian Federation (Russian CMPG).

Certification of 1C

Within development of a product line of the company of class Nost-To-Nost the software solution "H2H (H2H) Server" v.1.0 for implementation of direct exchange of electronic documents between the client and bank underwent official certification of 1C company.

Receiving examination of JBoss Middleware

Considering the growing interest of customers in solutions based on software products of open-source, the Cinimex company expanded examination in the direction of the most popular software of an interface layer JBoss Middleware of the known international solution provider with the open code – Red Hat companies. At the end of 2015 Cinimex confirmed the high expert level in a scope of technologies of vendor and received the official status of the Advanced-partner in the Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware direction.

The introduction in partner networks "1C: ERP Centers", "1C: Consulting" and certification on ISO 9001:2008

The Cinimex company entered in May, 2015 partner networks "1C: ERP Centers", "1C: Consulting" and underwent certification of a quality management system on ISO 9001:2008.

In the context of the growing interest in solutions based on domestic software the Cinimex company strengthens expert positions on the direction of creation and implementation of complete solutions based on products of 1C company. Specialists of Cinimex are well familiar with software products of vendor and have extensive experience of projects implementation on automation of banking systems on the 1C: Enterprise platform and to software implementation of vendor in the companies of other industries.

For the purpose of strengthening and development of further cooperation the Cinimex company entered a partner network "1C: ERP Centers" for promotion of ERP solutions based on software products of 1C company and confirmed the level of competence of the specialists in implementing solutions of vendor of financial institutions, corporations and the enterprises of small and medium business. Besides, the company received an official participant status of network "1C: Consulting".

Staff of Cinimex regularly undergoes training and certification in Competence Centers of 1C, constantly increasing skill level and maintaining relevance of the knowledge taking into account the last updates in product lines of vendor. Now the expert level of specialists of Cinimex is confirmed with more than 100 certificates of 1C Company on the statuses "Specialist", "Specialist consultant" and "Professional". Next certificate "1C: The expert in technology questions" was handed based on difficult examination to the senior software developer of Department of automation of the enterprises of Cinimex company to Ilya Savelyev recently.

The Cinimex company also underwent certification audit of a quality management system on compliance to requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. As certifying authority one of the most authoritative and large international certified organizations - DNV GL company (the accredited office DNV GL Business Assurance Finland OY AB) which successfully cooperates with 1C Company in the field of certification of a quality management system of the franchisee was selected.

During audit the following strengths of a quality management system of "Cinimex" were mentioned:

  • improvement of a management system for the company on the basis of the advanced methodologies (Adizes, ISO);
  • the developed system of goal setting in the directions and levels of the organization;
  • conducting independent examination of process of the involvement of personnel;
  • participation in the ratings of assessment of attractiveness of the employer;
  • purposeful work on team building and creation of the atmosphere of "psychological comfort";
  • regular work of the Assessment-center.

The scope of the certificate extends to providing complex consulting services in the field of accounting and enterprise management of the customer with the subsequent automation on the basis of software products of 1C Company, including a full range of services – from diagnostics and development before sale, implementation, setup, personnel training and further comprehensive support. Certification of a system of management of Cinimex company helps to reveal areas for improvement and business process optimization of the organization and provides the necessary trust level to the company in the internal and international markets.

2014: Revenue of 576 million rubles (+8.6%)

At the end of 2014 the aggregate turnover of Cinimex company increased by 8.6% in comparison with 2013 and was 576,800,976 rubles.

For a year the company continued active cooperation with old strategic partners of "Cinimex" - JSC Alfa-Bank, GPB (autonomous area), VTB Group, JSC UniCredit Bank and JSC Raiffeisenbank in the field of support and development of earlier implemented systems and program infrastructure of banks. Besides, specialists of "Cinimex" implemented a number of new sign projects for banks of the first twenty in the field of creation of payment infrastructure, management of currency exchange control and accounting of deferred tax liabilities, development of retail lending and affiliate programs and also direct electronic document management with corporate clients and the state participating departments SIEI. MTS Bank, CB Renessans Credit, Leto-Bank, Rosbank, GRAS Group and other financial institutions and the companies of various sectors of the economy joined number of new partners of "Cinimex".

As a result of work on development and updating of a portfolio of the Cinimex software products, specialists of the company released the updated lines of solutions "Universal integration platform "of Cinimex: UP" for integration of the different systems of the customer by the easiest and uniform way and for direct integration of corporate systems (ERP) with the systems of banks on Host-to-Host technology. Among new products – risk management solutions, for currency exchange control and the solution on automation of business activities of bank developed together with partners.

Within a year work on improvement of the user characteristics and expansion of functionality of software "The integration module with a repository "Cinimex was continued: The WORLD 2.0", the process of the reporting intended for automation in a repository according to the bargains concluded within the general agreement at unorganized biddings according to requirements of the regulator. The release of new release "Cinimex became results of the done work: The WORLD 2.0 the" v.38" including transition to the specification of electronic messages of NSD of version 3.4, the augmented list of tools for the reporting in a repository of NSD, such as repo, Currency swap, Conversion transaction, etc. and also ability to integrate on these tools with the systems of customers through web services. A release exit "by Cinimex is planned for June, 2015: The WORLD 2.0" v.39" from version 3.6 implemented by support of the message formats of NSD.

For the purpose of expansion of a line of the solutions for retail, corporate and investment banking proposed to banks the company joined the affiliate program of Misys InFusion as the first strategic partner in the product FusionRisk in Russia. Considering relevance for banks of risk management solutions, specialists of "Cinimex" concentrated the main attention on gain of examination in Misys FusionRisk product line.

During the previous reporting period the ratio of projects of the company in the field of creation system IT infrastructures and business projects BI also BPM made about 60/40%, now this ratio makes 50/50%.

In the context of a further course towards business diversification the company continued to develop actively the potential production in the regional markets. The staff of the isolated production divisions of "Cinimex" in Voronezh and Vladimir was increased by 35%.

In 2014 the structural reorganization of business of the company on Adizes's methodology directed to improvement of motivational policy, managerial schemes and increase in profitability of business in general came to the end. For increase in clearness and process performance of management in the accounting system of "Cinimex" the solution Adizes Executive Dashboard developed jointly by specialists 1C-Rarus and Adizes Institute on the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform was implemented. Besides, the company carried out upgrade of the corporate style and started the new version of the corporate website. The complex of the held reorganization events allowed "Cinimex" to build successfully a new management system for the company and also it is essential to increase efficiency and transparency of business processes.

2013: Obtaining license of FSB for development and distribution of cryptographic means

The Cinimex company obtained the license FSB for development and distribution of cryptographic (cryptographic) tools. The license was granted on the basis of results of the technology expertize which is carried out by authorized body — the Center for licensing, certification and protection of the state secret FSB Russia. In particular, licenses of FSB grant the right of Cinimex to implementation of such types of activity as: development, production of the cryptographic (cryptographic) tools protected using cryptographic (cryptographic) tools of information and telecommunication systems; maintenance of cryptographic (cryptographic) tools; distribution of the cryptographic systems.

2011: Growth of revenue by 40%

Business growth about 40%. In 2011 several large banks from among leaders of the Russian banking system and representatives of insurance business became clients of the company.


The Sinimeks-Informatika company is given the highest status of the business partner of IBM - "IBM Premier Business Partner".


"Sinimeks-Informatika" has all necessary resources for implementation of IT solutions of any degree of complexity. Main advantages of the company is an extensive experience as in the field of creation and implementation of software products of own development, and in use of products of IBM. Long and successful cooperation with the largest Russian and western companies serves as the best confirmation of professionalism of the Cinimex command and capability of the company to find the solution even for the most difficult tasks.


On the account of "Sinimeks-Informatika" more than 300 implementations of software products of own development. At the end of 2005 the Sinimeks-Informatika company was included into one hundred the best partners of IBM according to the annual rating of IBM Partner World ("IBM PartnerWorld - Top 100 Business Partners 2005").


"Sinimeks-Informatika" becomes the business partner of IBM on servers and workstations, including, on the eServer i5 servers.


"Cinimex" enters the Russian market with the original solution "Cinimex: Hotel", created on the 1C: Enterprise 7.7 platform. The software package for management of hotel was accepted with a bang by domestic consumers. The fact that hotels "Gazprom", "Berlin", "Grandee Victoria", "Mir" and many others use the product "Cinimex" can serve as the best confirmation of success of innovation.

Development of the difficult software to order becomes the main priority of the company. By this time many Russian companies estimated possibilities of information technologies as one of the most important factors of increase in business performance, and, therefore, professionalism and a creative development approach of specialists of the Cinimex command became more and more demanded.


Andrey Sykulev and Robert Mammayev create Sinimeks-Informatika home company. The western companies, during this period extremely concerned about "problem 2000" became the first customers. Within three next years specialists of "Cinimex" modified the software of tens of firms among which one of the large-scale automobile concerns Nissan is EU and the world leader in production of clerical products ModoVanGelder (Datacopy).


Andrey Sykulev and Robert Mammayev who afterwards based "Sinimeks-Informatika" begin cooperation with one of the companies which were engaged in offshore programming. By that moment future partners already had behind shoulders education in MIPT and work experience in research institutes of Academy of Sciences. Interaction with the western customers allowed to get experience, unique for domestic specialists, in the solution of uncommon technical tasks and also allowed to go in step with the last achievements to information technology fields.