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The Zscaler company is founded in 2007 and quickly took the leading positions as the supplier of a cloud service on protection of Internet traffic for the companies of different scale, up to the giants entering the list of Fortune 500. Zscaler has more than 40 nodes of scanning of traffic worldwide. This cloud constantly extends that allows to protect traffic without visible delay and decline in production.

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As the vendor of the solution Security-as-a-Service with a global network of a covering, Zscaler daily should face a set of the Internet attacks. The NanoLog technology developed by the company which qualitative novelty consists in its capability repeatedly to reduce magazines without data loss, provides the reporting in real time at the level of transaction. Thanks to it, the Zscaler research group manages to detect and detail new threats at an early stage.

"Cloud" Zscaler scans more than 8 billion transactions a day and more than 10 million users in 180 countries of the world without installation of any additional hardware on client side provide protection. More than 3500 global corporations use Zscaler as it allows to simplify IT administration, to consolidate a number of point products and to use in work cloud applicaions, social networks and mobile devices without prejudice to corporate security.

Zscaler which entered the stock market in March, 2018 is a pioneer in the field of network security during an era of cloud computing; the Dell Technologies Capital fund headed the very first round of investments into this company in 2012.



Purchase of the cybersecurity developer of solutions for protection of applications in a cloud and data centers of Edgewise Networks

On May 28, 2020 Zscaler announced Edgewise Networks acquisition. Read more here.

Purchase of the cybersecurity company which prevents the wrong setup of applications in Cloudneet cloud

On April 9, 2020 Zscaler announced Cloudneeti purchase, but did not begin to set acquisition value. The companies expect to close the transaction until the end of April. Read more here.

Stock price dynamics

Ticker company on the exchange: NASDAQ:ZS