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ABB Wizard Easy Programming

Developers: ABB Group
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/06/25
Technology: Robotics

2020: Presentation of Wizard Easy Programming

On June 25, 2020 the ABB Group company submitted the Wizard Easy Programming program.

The Wizard Easy Programming program from ABB allows the beginning specialists in robotics to set, program and use robots without special training, making them more available to solving of tasks on process automation.

Wizard Easy Programming is a method graphic programming which allows users to create quickly application robotic programs for one-armed collaborative robot YuMi from ABB company, without having special training.

This simple is constructed by software on the concept of Blockly, a method of visual coding open source which represents a programming language or the code as the interconnected blocks. Using this simplified approach, the program allows users to program and use the YuMi robot with one manipulator without preliminary knowledge of any programming language. The user can just drag a mouse these functions on the FlexPendant panel, at once see result and configure operations of the robot for several seconds.

Thanks to Wizard opportunities simplicity of programming does use of the YuMi robot with one manipulator simple, more than ever. The software includes the basic robotic functions, such as "move", "take" also "vacuum", covering a broad spectrum of standard tasks for the robot. There are also error handling functions allowing the beginning programmers to sort and eliminate errors, for example, of collision. Simplifying usually difficult programming connected with error handling Easy Programming Wizard can help any user to develop highly effective programs for robots.

Flexible and simple collaborative robots in use give the chance to take advantages of robotics to small enterprises worldwide. Providing to those who for the first time work with the robot opportunities to try automation, allows to reduce time of training of new users due to simplification of programming of the one-armed YuMi kobot using our Wizard tool. It will help to reduce the costs and time necessary for implementation of automation on the most different production lines for which the special resource for programming or automation can not be enough,

– Andi Cheung, the global manager on collaborative robotics of ABB noted

Unlike other types of the software, Easy Programming Wizard in real time it will be transformed to the RAPID programming language from ABB company that gives to Wizard Easy Programming advantage of support of advanced functionality of the robot. Difficult programming of the robot, such as tasks on assembly, can be executed by pilot robotics, and then is converted into Wizard Easy Programming for the beginning specialists for use.

Wizard Easy Programming is available since March, 2020 in the form of the pre-installed application on the FlexPendant device to all YuMi robots with one manipulator. The software for simple programming of Wizard is distributed for free, also existing users of YuMi in the form of a free superstructure will be able to receive the software, having set it on FlexPendant through RobotStudio.