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Evotor - the Russian developer of solutions for automation of trade in a segment of small business. The company creates the equipment for outlets, software and cloud services.

The device one of the first is entered in the new register of the cash registers of FTS on a new order. Except the full-fledged cash desk with the fiscal drive corresponding to changes No. 54-FZ, the smart terminal is able to control a remaining balance of goods, to analyze sales, to provide discounts and to charge bonuses, to transfer information on revenue and the sold goods, allows to control work of outlets far off through a personal account. Through USB ports it is possible to connect the necessary periphery: the pinpad for acceptance of cards, a strongbox and so forth. Important feature of Evotor – an opportunity to expand functionality of online cash desk thanks to app store. The entrepreneur himself selects what functions are necessary for his business and buys the suitable software, without overpaying for unnecessary functionality.



Cooperation with IMHO in advertizing technologies

On May 12, 2020 the Evotor IT company reported that together with IMHO agreed about cooperation in advertizing technologies. Partnership with Evotor will allow to target the advertizing campaigns of clients of IMHO on the basis of the users given about behavior offline before self-isolation. Read more here.

GPMD uses data Evotor in video advertizing

On February 25, 2020 GPMD (Gazprom-Media Digital) announced the beginning of use of the depersonalized data of online cash desks of Evotor IT company for video advertizing targeting. Read more here.

2017: Lev Hasis headed the updated structure of Board of Directors

On January 31 on regular meeting of shareholders of Evotor company the new structure of Board of Directors is approved. Lev Hasis is unanimously elected the chairman of the board.

The approved structure of Board of Directors:

  • Lev Hasis, chairman of the board of directors Evotor, the first deputy president of Sberbank
  • Alexey Makarov, shareholder and founder, president of ATOL Group
  • Irina Makarova, shareholder and founder of ATOL Group
  • Teymur Shternlib, senior vice president of Sberbank
  • Anatoly Popov, senior vice president, head of the Corporate Business block of Sberbank
  • Igor Mikhaylov, investor and entrepreneur, shareholder of Run Capital
  • Andrey Muravyov, investor and entrepreneur, co-owner and founder of Parus Capital fund, shareholder of Run Capital


Evotor started "App Store for small business"

At the beginning of October, 2016 the company opened in the beta app store of Evotor Store for automation of outlets about which creation spoke at launch of the company. A marketplace Evotor is a cloud site like Apple Store or Google Play, but with applications for business. It is possible to install them on the terminal created by the company (online cash desk which works according to the new law on the cash registers, the cash register equipment).

Creation of the company

Sberbank, Romanenko Andrey and ATOL group announced in June, 2016 creation of Evotor company which will provide a management system and automation of trade in a segment of small business. It was expected that the proposed solution will create a new market niche and will become the industry standard in the sphere and also will add a digital ecosystem of Sberbank for corporate clients. The company intends to occupy in the new market a share for less than 30% in the long term, reported CNews in Evotor. 40% of start-up company belong to Sberbank, on 30% — to Andrey Romanenko as the natural person and Atholl, Interfax-AFI tells[1].

Target segment of business of the company — owners of the small trade and service enterprises (shops, beauty shops, cafe, bookstores and so forth). Potential market size at the time of creation of the company, by estimates Evotor, makes about 1.8 million points, from them more than a half is a product retail, about 18% — nonfood retail, 16% — the service industry, 10% — a public catering.

The product, which Evotor promised to offer the market, represents the "smart" and flexibly customized automation system of "turnkey" outlet from several components. The solution includes: the smart terminal and the software based on Android and also terminals for acceptance of bank cards, the scanner of barcodes, the module UTM for the Unified State Automated Information System, etc. The device meets all existing and discussed statutory requirements to the cash registers, including automatic sending data to the Unified State Automated Information System and observance of a new order of use of the cash register equipment within 54-FZ, claimed in the company. Within 3-4 years Evotor is going to install not less than 500 thousand smart terminals across all Russia, further increasing the park of such devices.

The second component of the solution — cloud services which include a personal account of the entrepreneur and a marketplace. SaaS is considered as the main business model of a product. In app store of Evotor Store proprietary and third-party applications closing requirements of outlet for automation at the cost, available to small business, will be offered. As envisioned by the company, applications will give the chance to manage goods flows and remaining balance, to build and manage programs of loyalty, to develop the system of online armoring and orders, to keep a personnel time recording, to build relationship with tax authorities and many other things.

In 2016 Evotor will provide own SDK (engl. software developer kit) — a partner software platform that will open for developers of specialized services access to tens and hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, corporate clients of Sberbank.

Use of cloud solutions and transformation in online — the future of retail business — Andrey Romanenko, the CEO and the shareholder of Evotor company is convinced. — Processing of Big Data, accounting of behavioral models and personal profiles of the buyer, management of a commodity remaining balance online from mobile devices — all this any more not simply competitive advantage, and more likely the urgent need. However despite rapid development of IT and penetration of cloud solutions into all spheres of business, segments of small and micro business have deficiency and the need for modern and available services. It is important that within the Evotor project we build the open platform which any bank or financial institution interested in work with small business can join.