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Sentryo is the French software developer for protection of industrial management systems. The company proposes solutions which provide to the enterprises in power, industrial, oil and gas sectors continuity, fault tolerance and safety of production operations.

Main product of Sentryo is the ICS CyberVision service. It represents to engineers complete awareness on operation of all equipment connected to industrial networks. The solution reveals in these networks of vulnerability and helps to make the correct decisions for preserving of functioning of systems. ICS CyberVision uses the algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning outputting the broad picture about a status of an industrial facility in real time and also analyzing alarm signals and controlling security of infrastructure.


2019: Cisco purchased Sentryo

On June 6, 2019 Cisco announced Sentryo acquisition. Financial and other terms of agreement of the company did not begin to open. It is going to close the transaction no later than October 26, 2019.

Thanks to consolidation of a network architecture Cisco managed on the basis of business intentions (Intent-Based Networking, IBN), with Sentryo opportunities clients will be able to get advantages of Internet of Things, to manage networks and enterprise-wide devices, to provide cooperation between IT and operations departments and it is better to protect the assets and data — the itse-president on corporate development of Cisco Rob Salvagno noted.


Cisco purchased software developer for protection of production
Cisco purchased software developer for protection of production

Prior to a company merger were partners. So, the solution Sentryo Edge Sensor and industrial network equipment of Cisco had integration within the Cisco IOx operating system.

Before Cisco sale the Sentryo company attracted in total 12 million euros investments.[1]