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The audience of TAdviser increased by 49% to 795 thousand people a month

26.12.19, 15:16, Msk

The size of audience of TAdviser continues to grow quickly.


Growth of audience by 49% up to 795 thousand people a month

During the period from November 18 to December 18, 2019 audience of, according to Yandex. Metrics, reached 795 thousand people that is 49% higher than the previous record. The number of unique readers of the edition for 2019 made 5.75 million people (+52%).

On December 24 the record of daily audience - 46 thousand people was also set.

Growth of number of readers first of all is connected with growth of the knowledge base of TAdviser which in 12 months increased by 10% and by the end of 2019 reached 229 thousand encyclopedic articles about IT solutions, the companies and IT projects. Many of them hold the first places in issue of searchers Google and "Yandex".

The quality of materials is demonstrated by finding of TAdviser on the 2nd place on quoting level among industry media. The leading business publications of Russia regularly refer to our materials (see media about TAdviser).

The number of the registered subscribers exceeded a mark of 19.5 thousand people.

The number of viewings pages of the edition in 2019 reached a record and made 14.2 million (+43%).

Comparison of audience with other editions of similar subject

For implicit overestimate of the audience other websites often provide statistics on number of visits, but not unique readers. In 2019 this indicator at TAdviser was 8.5 million (+44%). Comparison of the websites of similar subject on number of visits in October, 2019, according to SimilarWeb is included below.

Audience of the websites covering the topics of corporate informatization, IT-Business, telecom market, information security and also one business media for comparison

Audience geography

In 12 months 2019 of 88% of audience of TAdviser was in the territory of Russia. 5.4% of number of readers are the share of a share of Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

The most part of audience is the share of the Central, Volga and Northwest federal districts.

Age of audience

By data for 2019, 61% of audience of TAdviser are in age of the greatest business activity from 25 to 44 years.

Rich business audience: commercial interests

"Yandex", analyzing audience of the TAdviser portal, defines the commercial interests of visitors, through so-called affinit the index – the relation of a share of visitors with the set interest on this website in an average share of visitors with the same interest on all websites of the Internet.

According to Yandex. Metrics, the TAdviser portal strongly exceeds other websites in involvement of people who are interested:

  • the systems Smart homes (+377% to the average level),
  • investments (+334%),
  • finance in general (+202%),
  • legal support of business (+271%)
  • the credits for business (+260%)
  • deposits for business (+186%)
  • business opening (+267%)
  • business in general (+125%)
  • mobile communication (+156%) and Internet (+181%),
  • financial services for business (+149%),
  • residential real estate of a premium class (+144%),
  • commercial real estate (+138%),
  • electronics (+131%),
  • bank deposits (+118%).

According to the statistics for 2019 the website of TAdviser belongs to editions of business subject.

Popular subjects of the portal

In number of the most popular articles of TAdviser in 2019, according to Yandex. A metrics, entered (in decreasing order of number of readings with breakdown by subject):


Data protection

Market analytics




Large IT systems and developments

Main digits

  • Monthly audience: 795 thousand people
  • Daily audience on weekdays: 30-40 thousand people
  • Number of viewings pages in a month: 1.4-1.7 million
  • Number of the registered users/subscribers: 19.5 thousand people
  • Number of encyclopedic articles on the portal: 229 thousand
  • Years in the market: 15 (since 2005)

The English-language version of the edition develops on the portal.

The command of TAdviser also manages the website Zdrav.Expert - the medical technical-portal about information technologies in the field of health care and new developments in the field of medical equipment.

In more detail about TAdviser

Podcasts and video on YouTube channel

In January, 2020 the number of viewings on YouTube channel of TAdviser exceeded 75 thousand. Same month TAdviser started release of own podcasts.

Advertizing on TAdviser

Main article: Advertizing on TAdviser

Annually TAdviser places advertizing of hundreds of partners. Key advertisers of the edition are suppliers of information technologies and banks. In addition to traditional formats of banner and native advertizing we implemented several special projects among which it is possible to select:

Contacts for communication:

Conferences and TAdviser SummIT

Main article: Conferences of TAdviser

In 2019 the department of actions of TAdviser successfully held 13 industry conferences and two large forums TAdviser SummIT with audience more than 700 people everyone.

Contacts for communication: