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iPhone 11

The name of the base system (platform): Apple iPhone
Developers: Apple
Date of the premiere of the system: September 10, 2019
Technology: Tablet computers and smartphones



B of iPhone 11 detected the level of a radio emission hazardous to health

At the beginning of February, 2020 the independent laboratory RF Exposure Lab stated that iPhone 11 Pro emits the radio-frequency radiation which more than twice exceeds the limit set by the Federal commission on communication of the USA (FCC) for the radiation of radio frequencies. It can be hazardous to health.

According to the Californian laboratory RF Exposure Lab, iPhone 11 Pro shows a specific absorption coefficient of 3.8 W/kg. The limit set by regulating authority makes 1.6 W/kg. Were tested using some recommendations of FCC which assume that iPhone should be tested from distance in five millimeters, but other testing methodologies are not explained yet.

RF Exposure Lab stated that iPhone 11 Pro emits the radio-frequency radiation which more than twice exceeds a limit

The previous iPhone models also served as a subject of a similar research and became a subject of the class action. Nevertheless, FCC held repeated testing of the specified iPhones and proved that they correspond to a framework of legislatively set regulations.

All devices tested in own laboratory FCC, but not the contractor, were characterized by the specific absorption coefficient corresponding to the maximum allowed limit in 1.6 W/kg or smaller digits. This level is 50 times lower than a limit of radiation hazardous to health therefore even the exceeding of a threshold twice revealed by independent laboratory does not pose a threat for users.

Regulatory bodies of the USA conduct 15 years researches on this question and though recognize that in a number of independent researches exceeding of legislatively set regulations was shown, any of similar results was not reproduced repeatedly. WHO notes also that because of conditions of carrying out experiences in independent laboratories it is impossible to remove completely other causes of radiation that breaks purity of an experiment.[1]

Apple disconnected a high-speed analog of Bluetooth in Russia

In December, 2019 it became known that the Ultra WideBand (UWB) technology intended for high-speed communication between devices of Apple will not work in Russia as the authorities did not permit the American company to use the corresponding frequencies. Read more here.

iPhone 11 Pro collects data on location contrary to settings

On December 4, 2019 it became known that the smartphone from Apple is convicted of activity which its owners would not approve for anything. iPhone 11 Pro periodically tries to collect data on location of users even if in settings of applications and system services function of data collection is turned off.

According to politicians of confidentiality of Apple for location-based services iPhone, the device "periodically sends to Apple location-based data of the next access points of Wi-fi and base stations (where it is supported by the device) in the anonymous and ciphered form for expansion of socially filled up database of access points Wi-Fi and base stations".

In politicians of confidentiality Apple explains how users can disconnect the services using location-based data. Nevertheless, the journalist Brian Krebs found out that in iPhone 11 Pro and, perhaps, other iPhone 11 models some system services cannot be disconnected, without having turned off at the same time the main location-based service. According to Krebs, his opening indicates existence of vulnerability in privacy protection in iPhone Pro or IOS 13, or both there and there.

In November, 2019 month Krebs sent Apple of video, showing as phone continues to collect location-based data if applications and system services in settings are forbidden to request similar information, but the main location-based service is included.

As it is specified in politicians of confidentiality of Apple when the user turns off location-based services, to the left of the indicator of battery power the diagonal up arrow appears. However, judging by video by Krebs, the device all the same periodically requests data even if system services are disconnected, and the arrow is still displayed.

We do not see in it any real threats for security. It is supposed that the icon of location-based services appears in status bar when location-based services are included. The icon is displayed for the system services which do not have the switch in settings


Opening of iPhone 11 of Pro Max

At the end of September, 2019 the iFixit company which is engaged in the fact that it makes dismantling of popular devices for the purpose of assessment of their maintainability in the same way analyzed iPhone 11. Experts made opening of the flagman iPhone 11 model of Pro Max which cost in Russia begins with 100 thousand rubles.

In iFixit noted several interesting components in phone. First, it is the accumulator of the increased size which has the L-shaped form and the additional connector. Specialists did not understand why in the battery this connector is used. It is possible that it is intended for bilateral wireless charging of AirPods earphones and the Apple Watch smartwatch. Such function, most likely, is implemented at the hardware level, but the software maker to some reasons decided to turn off it in the operating system.

Experts made opening of the flagman iPhone 11 model of Pro Max

According to other version, the additional connector in the accumulator can be connected with other hardware components which manage work of a battery or trace its status.

The research showed that the accumulator capacity of iPhone 11 of Pro Max for 25% exceeds like that at the iPhone Xs Max model, and the power 3% higher also is 15.04 watt-hours (3969 mAh).

According to the The Verge edition which journalists tested iPhone 11 Pro Max the tube worked without recharge about 12−14 hours while iPhone XS Max maintained from 8 to 10 hours. It is possible that battery life was increased also due to use of the A13 Bionic processor.

The LTE modem of Qualcomm company is installed in iPhone 11 Pro Max in spite of the fact that Apple conducted with it judicial proceedings and, by hearsay, was going to use chips of Intel. Amount of RAM of the smartphone is 4 Gbytes.

In iFixit estimated maintainability of iPhone 11 of Pro Max at 6 points from 10. According to experts, in the new device replacement of the display and accumulator is facilitated. But construction of a back cover still requires almost complete dismantling of the device for replacement of some component parts.[2]

In what countries of iPhone 11 is the more expensive and most cheaper

In the middle of September, 2019 the PhoneArena edition published material in which compared iPhone 11 cost in the different countries. Having considered several markets, observers counted the prices in US dollars and defined where smartphones are the more expensive and most cheaper.

The most expensive device — iPhone 11 Pro Max from 512 Gbytes of an internal memory — is most unprofitable to buy in Russia. Here the device costs 131,990 rubles that about $2053 are equivalent. The price label in the USA — $1449, i.e. are $604 less, than in the Russian Federation. In the American market 512-gigabyte iPhone 11 Pro Max left the cheapest in the world. In Russia the price is $186 higher, than in Great Britain and for $181 exceeds the price for the gadget in Italy.

The prices of iPhone 11 from 64 Gbytes and iPhone 11 Pro Max from 512 Gbytes in other countries

It should be noted that pricing on iPhone is not connected with consumer capability in the country. The cost of phone is established calculated on the basis of the weak ruble exchange rate and its volatility in relation to dollar. Partly because of a currency factor the average selling cost of iPhone grows: in 2017 it equaled $652, and in the 2018th — $793.

If to tell about the most available model of the smartphone among those which Apple provided in the fall of 2019 then iPhone 11 from 64 Gbytes of the internal memory more expensive all will be to residents of Norway — 8490 kroner or $947. The bottom price received model in Japan ($692). However, the price in Japan is specified without 8% of a tax, i.e. so many device will cost only for visitors of the foreigners who used tax free. In Russia the official price on iPhone 11 from 64 Gbytes is 59,900 rubles ($933).

According to journalists of PhoneArena, as usual, some countries will wait for week more, than others to get access to new iPhones, and thanks to features of currency rate, a value added tax or import duties at the rest of the world of the price is much higher, than in the USA.[3]

The place in queue for iPhone 11 is sold for 500 thousand rubles

On September 11, 2019 on the large Russian websites on placement of declarations offers on sale of places in queue for purchase of new iPhones appeared.

Next day after the presentation of the iPhone 11 models on Avito 75 such declarations were recorded. For example, in one of them one of the first 10 places in queue for 200 thousand rubles is offered. The group of people is ready to get in a queue three days before start of sales (it is planned in Russia for September 20), at shop three persons will be on duty in turn.

iPhone 11

The top price for such service — 400 thousand rubles. And the cheapest offer is estimated at 95 thousand rubles.

Similar declarations appeared also on Spinning top. First the minimum price was 80 thousand rubles, and the maximum price for the place in queue reached 500 thousand rubles — the author of this declaration is ready to get in line in a week prior to sales.

Also on Avito more than 180 declarations of the preorder for acquisition of new were placed smartphones Apple. Cost begins with 45,750 rubles.

Some users offer smartphones at the price much above official. So, on the platform the declaration of sale of the smartphone for 200 thousand rubles is placed, it depends iPhone 11 Pro Max in the maximum complete set costs 130 thousand rubles.

Besides, in Avito reported that in day of the presentation of new products of Apple the number of search queries of a type of "IPhone" and IPhone on the website reached the maximum value: since the beginning of year growth was +35%. The peak of interest of Russians in products of Apple was reached on September 10: this day iPhone rose by three positions and took the 13th place in the rating of the most demanded goods at Russians. Interest in iPhone 11 grew twice in comparison with iPhone XS, TASS with reference to the press service of service reports.[4]


On September 10, 2019 the presentation of new smartphones from Apple took place. In assortment of the American producer the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 models Pro Max appeared.

iPhone 11 received the double main camera with a wide angle lens, the 6-core A13 Bionic processor (it in Apple is called the fastest in the market of mobile devices) and the improved front camera with function of slow-motion shot. The mode of night shooting (it joins at  weak lighting and  allows to take bright pictures with  natural flowers and  the low level of noise as on  the street, and   indoors) and the portraiture mode allowing to replace an image background is also provided.

According to developers, the Smart HDR technology of new generation uses advanced algorithms of machine learning, allowing to do a photo with  a realistic color rendition and the worked light and  dark areas on  the subject and   against the background of.

iPhone 11 the device will be available in black, white, yellow, blue, turquoise and red colors of the body.

 The iPhone 11 back panel is made of the formed whole glass  — the strongest ever used in the Apple phones. Degree of protection of the body against  water corresponds to IP68 index  — it means that the device maintains immersion on  depth to  2    meters lasting up to 30 minutes and   will not suffer if accidentally to spill on  it coffee or sparkling water, says the company.

All coloring of iPhone 11 — the cheapest among the new Apple smartphones provided on September 10, 2019.

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are supplied with the threefold camera, the OLED screen and the same A13 Bionic chips. The battery life of iPhone is 11 Pro 4 watch bigger, than at the iPhone XS model.  And iPhone Pro Max will be able to work for 5 hours longer in comparison with iPhone XS Max. In tubes the technology of fast charging is implemented.

OLED displays considerably improved. They are called now by Super Retina XDR. The contrast at the level of 2,000 000:1 is stated, brightness at the level of 1200 nit – and at the same time the energy efficiency increased by 15%.

Besides, Apple announced acceleration of system operation of face recognition of Face ID for 30%. It works at  bigger distance and  supports more foreshortenings.

 A13 Bionic uses machine learning technologies and  is equipped  with the Neural Engine system for  the analysis of photos and  videos  in real time. Accomplishment more than 1 trillion operations per second is declared.

Affirms that devices on Snapdragon 855 allegedly more slowly than percent for 40-45%. At this iPhone 11 is about 20% more productive, than iPhone XR with its A12 Bionic chip.

So the iPhone 11 Pro smartphones with threefold cameras look

Screen diagonal at Pro is 5.8 inches, and permission — 2436 x 1125 pixels, at Pro Max — 6.5 inches and  2688 x 1242 pixels respectively, at "normal" iPhone 11 — 6.1 inches.

The graphic accelerator in the processor is 20% faster than the solution of last generation and consumes 40% less energy. A flash memory at smartphones still 64, 128 or 512 Gbytes.

In smartphones function of space audio which imitates volume sounding found application, and  the Dolby Atmos technology does a sound of phone  more powerful and more expressive.

In new phones there was a Deep Fusion function using which it is possible to make several pictures and to integrate them in one image. Then parts of the picture will become more expressed. Record of 4K-video with a frame frequency up to 60 fps is possible. It is possible to shoot video at once from two cameras (front and one of back) at the same time. But for this purpose it is necessary to purchase the Filmic Pro application for $15.

Apple iPhone 11

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Huawei P10

Apple iPhone X


LDC, 6.1’’, 1792х828

Super LCD, 6,3’’, 2960х1440

LDC, 5.5’’, 2560х1440

OLED, 5.8’’, 2436х1135


A13 Bionic, 6 cores

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 или Samsung Exynos 9

Huawei Kirin 960, 8 cores

A11 Apple, 6 cores


12+12 and frontal TrueDepth

12+12 and 8 Megapixels

20 + 12 Megapixels and 8 Megapixels

12 Megapixel + additional sensor and 7 Megapixels


It is not known

6 Gbyte

3 Gbyte

3 Gbyte

Flash memory

64/128/256 Gbyte

64/128/256 Gbyte

64/128 Gbyte

64/256 Gbyte




Is, up to 128 Gbytes


Comparison of Apple iPhone 11 with competitors, data of TAdviser

Sales of iPhone 11 in Russia will begin on September 20, 2019, and the preorder starts on September 18. The prices will begin with  59,900 rubles, and the basic cost of iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will be 89,990 and  99,990 rubles respectively.[5]