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The Afishi and Rambler consolidated company is the Russian Internet company and publishing house.

Rambler Group
For January, 2017




+ Rambler&Co


For April, 2019 Rambler Group is 100% "daughter" "Рамблер&Ко Media" which for 80% belongs to ANN Holdings LLC of Alexander Mamut and for 20% - Cyprian Tekso Holdings Limited.

Tekso Holdings also owns 100% "Rambler the Internet holding" which includes Company of Poster.

On April 1, 2019 PJSC Trust Bank received as proof of a share in four legal entities of the Rambler group, follows from data of a system SPARK-Interfax[1].

"It is about renewal on Trust bank of pledges on the credits which were transferred to Trust bank from FC Otkritie bank earlier, - the representative of the beneficiary of Rambler Group Alexander Mamut explained to Interfax.

The Trust bank received as proof of a share in Рамблер&Ко Media LLC, in Rambler Group LLC, Rambler Internet Holding LLC and also in Company Poster LLC.

The Otkrytiye bank in November, 2018 announced completion of transfer to Trust bank (on its base the fund of non-core assets is created) assets of 438 billion rubles. The debt of group of Mamut was among the transferred assets, the RBC newspaper wrote earlier.

The Otkrytiye bank before sanitation in 2017 was controlled "Otkrytiye by Holding", one of beneficiaries of which was A. Mamut.

Earlier it was reported that Rambler Group conducts negotiations on refinancing of the credits of Trust bank with Sberbank. Such comment provided Sberbank in February, 2019, having denied at the same time information on plans of acquisition of Rambler Group.

The head of Trust bank Alexander Sokolov then reported that progress in a question of refinancing of a debt of group of Mamut is. At the same time he emphasized that directly the borrower deals with this issue, and Trust does not participate. According to him, it is about a debt "for billions of rubles".


For July, 2015:

Online editions

  • (left holding in December, 2015)
  • is the magazine about consumer electronics
  • is the game portal (left holding in December, 2015)
  • is the Russian-speaking website about travel
  • (Secret of firm)

Internet services

  • is an online service on selection of new cars,
  • "Begun" - service of contextual advertizing
  • is the website of comparison of goods
  • rating qualifier of Rambler Top 100
  • system of exchange of fast messages of Rambler-ICQ
  • interactive advertizing Index 20 group
  • advertizing seller of +SOL

Printing editions

  • Afisha magazine,
  • Afisha-MIR magazine,
  • Afisha-Eda magazine,
  • Series of guides of Poster,

  • "Afishi studio" (creation of media for clients),
  • "Picnic of Poster", etc.

Performance Indicators


Rambler & Co does not open complete financial statements of holding, but indicators under RAS of the legal persons entering into holding are published in SPARK-Interfax base. Follows from these data that almost all companies of holding are unprofitable – except for and

So, revenue of Rambler Internet holding LLC in 2015 made 1.6 billion rubles a loss – 49 million rubles 85% of revenue of Ltd company arrive from advertizing on the platforms. Besides, at Rambler the share of the largest buyer in structure of revenue – 43% is quite high. One of former employees of holding says that the speech most likely goes about "Yandex" whose search and the system of contextual advertizing stand on projects of Rambler since 2011[2].

At Sup media Ltd (manages Livejournal blog hosting) revenue in 2015 made 563 million rubles, a loss – 802 million rubles.

At JSC Begun (manages the system of contextual advertizing of the same name) revenue in 2015 made 269.8 million rubles, a loss – 71.2 million rubles.

Afisha LLC has 432.3 million rubles and 213.6 million rub respectively.

The advertizing agency RA Indeks 20 LLC has 576.9 million rubles and 126.9 million rubles.

In structure of holding there is also Rambler DS LLC with revenue in 2015 in 707.9 million rubles and a loss of 47.1 million rubles and Rambler BS LLC with revenue in 127.5 million rubles and a loss of 14.9 million rubles.


2019: Rambler of visors at Match of TV the right to broadcast nuclear submarine matches in Russia

On April 11, 2019 it became known that Rambler acquired the rights to broadcasting in Russia of the nuclear submarine. It was confirmed by the CEO of Okko (enters into Rambler) Ivan Grodetsky and the director of communications of the nuclear submarine Ash Lord. The nuclear submarine was broadcast before by Match of TV. Read more here.

2018: Updating of personnel structure

Within the consolidation Rambler&Co, movie theaters Cinema Park and "Formula of Cinema" and also the publishing Alphabet Atticus group in uniform structure of Rambler Group in March, 2018 there was an updating in the personnel structure of the company.

In particular, since March 1:

  • Marina Rossinskaya is appointed by the director of business development Rambler&Co with direct subordination to Dmitry Sergeyev who was holding this position earlier, and nowadays passed to a position of the operating officer of Rambler Group.
  • On media Rambler&Co Andrey Tsyper is appointed the chief executive.
  • The position of the managing director of the portal was held by Leonid Chyorny.
  • Ekaterina Tekunova is appointed the director of the products Rambler&Co.


Rambler&Co is a part of Rambler Group

On December 13, 2017 Rambler&Co, movie theaters "Cinema Park" and "Formula of Cinema" and also publishing group "Alphabet Atticus" announced consolidation in group Rambler Group under uniform management. The cross-media ecosystem covering at once "all screens" will be as a result created: mobile, computer, Smart TV and screen.

As a result since 2018 under management of Rambler Group send such assets as Rambler & Co Internet holding (more than 35 media projects enter, including the portal, online editions,,,, to Cinema Park and Formula of Cinema movie theater chain, the publishing Alphabet Atticus group and Okko's online movie theater.

Revenue of Рамблер.ру grew by 10%

"Рамблер.ру" summed up the results of 2017 which result was a growth of EBITDA by 56% in comparison with indicators of 2016. Portal revenue at the end of 2017 grew by 10% in comparison with results of 2016. Revenue from 2015 for 2017 in general increased by 45% in comparison with results of 2014.

The total audience of the Rambler portal at the end of 2017 grew by 17% in relation to results of 2016 and made 49 million unique users a month. The share of visits added 6% for the same period, and the total number of viewings pages increased by 18% according to Yandex. Metrics.

After restart of mobile version of the Rambler portal the share of mobile audience year-on-year grew by 78%. Time spent by users on the website increased by 14% — from 6.34 to 7.21 minutes. Visit depth on the portal added 42% in a year that speaks about the increased interest of users in Рамблер.ру, they spend on the portal more time and more actively read content on different pages. In turn, rejuvenation of audience of the portal and the Рамблер.ру projects is demonstrated by growth of number of users aged up to 44 years for 37%.

The company also noted the increased indicators of the transformed thematic media verticals. According to data of Mediascope Web Index for December, 2017 in relation to December, 2016:

  • Updating of mobile versions of media verticals gave growth of mobile audience by 91%;
  • Rambler/C»«ÓÔ took the second place on a week scope of audience on the Russian Internet among all sports resources;
  • Rambler / Women's in only two months after start took the second place on week audience among female content projects;
  • Rambler/cars in two months came to the third place on a week scope among automobile content projects of Runet;
  • Rambler/finance in two months came to the second place on monthly audience among the websites of Runet about economy and finance;
  • The number of watchings video on all media sections of Rambler grew by 66%;
  • The volume of reposts of articles and news in social network grew by 60%. Readers of Rambler became more active to share on social networks news and articles from our media verticals;
  • Search traffic on media sections of the portal rose by 43%, at the same time 47% of audience return to us weekly.

Reduction of the staff of "A secret of firm" from 15 to 5 people

On September 25, 2017 it became known that the Sekret Firmy edition (enters in Rambler&Co) cut down the staff. About it the Chief Editor of a resource Nikolay Kononov at himself on Facebook wrote.

Canons, having congratulated readers of the edition on its 15 anniversary, announced considerable shifts - in particular, dissolution of visual department and the departure from the job of the Chief Editor in October. After it this position will be held by his present deputies Darya Cherkudinova and Oleg Khokhlov. At the same time Kononov noted that the reason of reductions "purely economic".

Besides, Kononov announced the future redesign of "A secret of firm" and that the resource will refuse the publication of news.

At the same time, as counted Vedomosti, the staff of the edition will be cut down to five people instead of present 15. According to newspaper sources, it occurred because the budget of "A secret of firm" was cut off four times.

According to MediaScope, on average in a month the website of "A secret of firm" from desktop PCs and notebooks is read by 510,000 people, for comparison: "Poster" is read to 4 million people, the news agency RNS - 1.3 million (statistics for August, 2017). In 2016 the monthly audience of "A secret of firm" was more than 690,000 people[3].

Mamut redeemed Potanin's share and 100% became the owner of the company

On January 16, 2017 Alexander Mamut's fund A&NN Investments reported that it became the only owner of Rambler & Co media holding. Earlier the fund owned 50% of Rambler & Co, a half more of the company belonged to the businessman Vladimir Potanin. Terms of transaction of the party did not open.

Earlier the sources of Vedomosti close to both parties of the transaction said that Mamut will pay Potanina to $295 million – the amount, about which both businessmen agreed in 2013 when they merged the media assets[4]. Then Potanin enclosed in Rambler & Co the Internet portal Rambler and ID Poster, Mamut – Sup company (Livejournal blog hosting, etc.). Potanin's assets earned more and were more expensive, but each of partners received parity shares, and Mamut became the managing partner. In exchange for it Potanin acquired the right in 2.5 years if desired to sell the share to Mamut at the fixed price – $295 million. The term of the option expired in December, 2016.

It is known that in the 2007th ProfMedia paid $260 million for 49% of Rambler, and in 2014 all united company was estimated approximately at $274 million.

The best exit for Mamut was to find the buyer for Rambler&Ño. He could expect at this time unless the state which through under control funds could purchase holding for the sake of its still large audience.

The transaction between Mamut and Potanin was initially recorded in dollars, and in connection with depreciation of the ruble the cost of the option of Mamut rose in price almost twice – from 9.7 billion rubles (this digit was specified in white papers of ProfMedia – a media asset of Potanin) to 18.1 billion rubles. Sources of Vedomosti told earlier that Mamut several times tried to agree with Potanin to reduce payment for Rambler & Co or to postpone option maturity, but could not.

"Bringing a share of ownership of Rambler & Co to 100% for us – a part of implementation of long-term strategy, are quoted in the message of A&NN Investments of a word of the director of fund Marina Grenberg. The sector "Internet and media" – one of the key directions of investments for A&NN fund. We see high potential as in growth of this sector in Russia in general, and in perspectives of development of Rambler & Co group – thanks to access to extensive audience and also the technology and product examination which increased for the last three years".

Rambler & Co will take the 3rd place by the audience size in Runet, promised during creation of Rambler & Co Mamut. In 2013 this holding was the fifth, for January, 2017 – the fourth after Group, "Yandex" and Google, follows from data of Mediascope.


Key company assets are pledged to Otkrytiye bank in which A. Mamut one of owners

100% of shares of Rambler Internet holding LLC are pledged to Otkrytiye bank till March 31, 2020, follows from data of the Unified State Registry of Legal Entities (USRLE). It was made as providing obligations under the loan agreement signed in July, 2016. The owner of Rambler Alexander Mamut was one of beneficiaries of bank at this time.

Rambler Internet holding LLC – one of the main legal persons of Rambler & Co holding who until the end of 2016 on a parity basis was owned by Alexander Mamut and Vladimir Potanin (since January, 2017 100% of the company are in Mamut's ownership). A considerable part of revenue of holding is the share of this Ltd company, it manages the portal and other[2].

Follows from data of the USRLE that for the first time the Otkrytiye bank approved a credit line of Rambler Internet holding LLC in September, 2014 (then the credit agreement lasted – in April, 2015) – shortly after Mamut began to manage holding. "Opening" – not foreign bank for Mamut, he is his minority shareholder (owns 6.7% of bank through Otkrytiye holding company).

However record about existence of a credit line to Rambler appeared in the USRLE only in August, 2016. The person close to shareholders of Rambler & Co says that the company was credited in Otkrytiye bank earlier, but this year the scheme of pledge was changed. It is connected including with restructuring of holding for the sake of reduction of structure of property in compliance with the new Russian legislation (it requires that media were under control of the Russian companies), the interlocutor of Vedomosti explains, without disclosing details.

The representative of Rambler & Co Sofya Ivanova confirmed that the company has a credit from Opening, but did not disclose its size. Money, according to her, is attracted to replenishment of current assets. One of former employees of holding says that the company attracted a credit line from bank for several billion rubles two years ago. The bank representative refused comments.

According to RAEX rating agency, in the III quarter 2016 of Rambler Internet holding LLC converted currency loans into ruble. The person close to holding, it confirms.

RAEX notes the high level of a debt load of Rambler Internet holding LLC, lack of an opportunity to take an additional loan on the security.

Hackers declared data access of nearly 1 million users of Rambler

The website Leakedsource specializing in information security announced[5] obtaining base with nearly 1 million these users of which were kidnapped as a result of the hacker attack on February 17, 2012[6].

Leakedsource is represented by the searcher on the cracked accounts. According to a resource, each of 98,167,935 records of base contains the login or the e-mail address, the password, number in ICQ and other internal data. This Leakedsource base was directed by the user of who provided base of the service cracked also in 2012 earlier.

Leakedsource claims that base this: its data were checked using the journalist of Maria Nefedova. To three of her friends, whose data were in the received base, sent the first part of their passwords, and they finished them with an absolute accuracy, having entered the remained 4-6 characters.

Passwords of users of were stored in open access, LeakedSourse claims. Entered the five of the most popular "asdasd which is found more than 700 thousand times, "asdasd123" and "12345", the found more than 400 thousand times and also "000000" and "666666".

In Rambler & Co company said that date leak will not represent problems for users, Vedomosti writes. "There is no problem here: this base emerged in 2014, after its analysis we revealed that 4 million active users are compromised — to all of them passwords, certainly, were changed" — the edition quotes the representative of Rambler & Co Sofya Ivanova. According to her, some percent of passwords all the same can approach as users use passwords of "123456" type which are cracked with search according to the dictionary. She also did not exclude option that after forced change of the password the user could enter old again.

Reset Rambler.real estate

In August, 2016 it became known what Rambler&Co reboots the Rambler Real Estate project, dismissed the head and dismissed a command.

Evgenia Vladimirova was dismissed from a position of the head of Real estate. Instead of it the project was headed by the creator of an automobile classified of Oleg Golubtsov. At the same time Golubtsov continued to direct, combining two positions. He intends to do new Real estate "from scratch" with the command in St. Petersburg. It is supposed that the project will become a classical classified — as Cian or Avito. This plan is not new — Rambler&Co read it on February 3, 2015.

At the same time only in the middle of June, 2016 the new web version of Real estate was restarted. Mobile application was also prepared for release, but not released, tells a source. It was done by the former developers of Cyan who came to Real estate in the fall of 2015. Now the project team is dismissed. Developers, about thirty people, were transferred to other projects of holding. At least one IOS-DEVELOPER leaves in The fate of other command, including produktolog while it is unknown[7].

The holding already restarted Real estate in February, 2015. Right after restart, at the end of February, the commercial director of a vertical "Finance and the real estate" Alexander Fomenkov left (Rambler told about it only in the last day of summer). In half a year after restart Rambler&Co purchased SaaS platform for agents of the real estate of Agenton. Now it was integrated with Real estate. Sergey Smirnov, the head of Agenton at the time of sale, left the project in February, 2016. Actually the Agentona and Nedvizhimosti commands integrated in this moment, and legally all employees passed into the new Rambler-Nedvizhimost LLC created in June, 2016 later. According to the USRLE, the CEO of this legal person is Raphael Abramyan, the chief executive of holding since July, 2015. However actually the Rambler Real Estate project manager submits to the management of the portal — now it is Marina Rossinskaya (since the same July, 2015) — and it in turn — directly to Dmitry Sergeyev, the chief executive on development Rambler&Co.

The acquaintance of the previous chief executive of holding Dmitry Malov says that he an initiator of purchase of Agenton was including it. However purchase took place in July, but by August Malov left a position, and it was replaced by Abramyan. Possibly, with replacement of the leadership of holding also the development plan for Real estate exchanged.

Source "Roy!" claims that Dmitry Sergeyev put pressure upon the management of Real estate. In particular he roughly talked to Evgenia Vladimirova and also did not select to the project of money for marketing. Sergeyev insisted on that marketing services were purchased his own sister who works in the small agency Tactio. Earlier, when Sergeyev directed Championship, it was known that it used Tactio services.

Golubtsov is a native of "old Rambler" (yet not holding), then the creator of, an automobile classified which not the second and even not the third in the market. Rambler&Co purchased this project in January, 2016. However Oleg Golubtsov managed automobile services of Rambler since July, 2015. According to SimilarWeb, by 20 times loses on traffic of, more than by 10 times — "Авто.ру" and even almost twice which also is a part Rambler&Co. Whether Golubtsov has an opportunity to make a classical classified on the real estate when in the market were already fixed by Avito, Cian and other players? The answer will appear not soon.

2015: The websites and leave holding

In December, 2015 it became known that the Rambler&Co holding and the game edition Kanobu will separate joint assets and will stop being partners, Vedomosti with reference to the sources writes. The founder of Kanobu of Gajah Makhtiyev confirmed information: "This process began, it will come to the end at the beginning of the next year".

Makhtiyev told that it will have media part of the project — the websites and — and the rights to the trademark. The holding will receive a service part of the company — the game and portals. Makhtiyev specifies that subprojects will remain on former domains.

Earlier the edition looked for the investor, but it is not going to do now, Makhtiyev says Now Makhtiyev will be the only owner of the edition.


Decrease in audience in a year for 15%

Attendance of the Rambler&Ño resources falls. The monthly audience of all websites of holding, according to TNS Web Index, since April, 2013th in April 2014 decreased by 15%, from 38.8 million to 33.6 million people.

At this time Rambler&Ño earns ten times less "Yandex" and occupies, according to TNS, the fifth place in Russia among Internet holdings on attendance of the resources. And at the beginning of the 2000th Rambler was the leading search engine of Runet and advanced "Yandex" by the size of audience and income.

At this time "Rambler news" generate traffic on pages of partner media, conceding only to Yandex.News and Google News. Considerable success was promised also by other idea of a command of Moliboga — to integrate the website with the system of contextual advertizing "Begun" and other services of Rambler in the platform of e-commerce.

31.6% - on the audience of the homepage of the portal in April, 2014 in comparison with April of the 2013th fell so many. "Rambler mail" (-21.4%) and LiveJournal (-16.1%) were other leaders of falling

From March, 2013 to March of the 2014th, judging by TNS Web Index, attendance of and (thanks to growth of interest of readers in events in Ukraine) and also the website grew (The Olympic Games helped). And here the popularity of the portal increased thanks to start of new projects. For example, in October, 2013 three new media Posters projects started: "Poster air" (culture news), "Poster city" (news of city life) and "Poster wave" (music). The purpose was in that, the director of Poster of products Ilya Krasilshchik says that to add to normal audience of visiting the site for the sake of the schedule of cinema and theaters and reviews of performances and movies also those who are interested in news. By March, 2014 three media projects gathered almost 900-thousand army of the unique users (visiting only these partitions into, i.e. a quarter of all traffic of

Change of the name on Rambler&Co

On April 15, 2014 the Afisha-Rambler-Sup company of Alexander Mamut and Vladimir Potanin replaced the name on Rambler&Co, it is specified in the letter which was received by the staff[8].

The name was selected at tender in which employees of the company participated.

In total more than 200 versions of the name of the new company were offered. Rambler&Co offered three employees independently of each other, it is specified in the letter. Also the corporate website of the united company was started.

Mamut himself headed the company

In April, 2014 Alexander Mamut dismissed the head "Afisha-Rambler-SUP" (later Rambler&Co) Petra Zakharova and announced that he will become the CEO of the company.

Frequent change of top managers in controlled companies — favorite method of Alexander Mamut. For example, for a year of ownership of Euroset it changed four commands. But now, it seems, it will be forced to do all work.

Sources of the Federation Council from "club of the former directors" consider that Mamut's arrival to a position of the CEO is useful to the company. But they are convinced that the oligarch will waste a lot of time for the next reorganization of a command. Means, new product development will be frozen again, and a part of advertisers will run up.

"Will quickly bore Mamut to deal with the current issues. I think that by the fall he instead of himself will appoint someone" — Igor Ashmanov predicted.

Rambler&Co de facto already made the choice — to be not service company, but media, the former CEO of Kommersant Publishing House Demyan Kudryavtsev said. The twist of fate is that the main traffic Rambler&Ño is still brought by services: the aggregator and a blogging platform of LiveJournal, large audience at Mail. But to develop as the service company Rambler&Ño will not be able any more even if will want — too risky and late. Developer specialists which in the company now almost did not remain, and huge investments in technology with not clear result are necessary. On a media field of perspective too not the most iridescent, first of all in respect of advertizing revenues: high political risks of independent internet mass-media frighten off advertisers.

Problem Rambler&Ño, Kudryavtsev, in the long-term history of bad management and frequent change of approaches and commands considers. Alexander Mamut, according to Kudryavtsev, correctly made, having undertaken functions of the manager, but, perhaps, it already too late. However, Olga Turishcheva points to amazing survivability of Rambler. The company endured repeated shifts of development, owners and directors, it was tried be "dissolved" at first in Poster, then in SUP, but it still keeps among the largest players of the Internet market.

If the uncertainty period in holding drags on, Mamut risks not only to earn reputation of the inefficient manager, but also to suffer financial damage.

New strategy of Zakharov: video and mobile content

At the beginning of 2014, told sources of "A secret of firm", it became clear that financial performance of holding for 2013 will be worse, than in the 2012th. Managers waited for explanations on what way the company — as the supplier of content will develop from Zakharov or after all will remain the developer of Internet services (mails, a blog hosting and so forth).

On April 14, 2014 the CEO Rambler&Co Pyotr Zakharov provided the new strategy of Internet holding at a management meeting with the managing shareholder Alexander Mamut, ITAR-TASS told the source familiar with presentation content and one of managers of the company confirmed.

Public representation of strategy was planned for Tuesday, but the company postponed an action. The official reason - "a squall of applications for participation from advertisers, partners, bloggers and journalists", the representative Rambler&Co Sofia Ivanova explained.

New strategy is focused on development of video content and distribution of advertizing in the native advertizing model, ITAR-TASS reported the source close to top management of media holding. This information was confirmed by the source familiar with materials of the company. The scheme native advertizing provides placement of information materials on Internet resources marked "as advertizing".

Also development of mobile content is provided in strategy, tells one of sources, with a reference point in the future on mobile television, and creation of own media center with an opportunity to organize record of video programs.

Within three years the company expects to receive about 20% of revenue of video content, tells the source familiar with Zakharov's presentation. According to him, within a task of building of revenue from video content the media holding conducts negotiations with a number of video services, including Tvigle, on use of their technologies for creation of own Rambler&Co video platform[9].

When the presentation of strategy of Zakharov took place, she disappointed all. Employees said that for a year of work Zakharov could think up something more seriously than beautiful pictures and the new Rambler&Ño logo. A part of managers submitted withdrawal letters. "I was tired of all this confusion" — one of the left project managers told the Federation Council. The situation in the company was heated.

The representative Rambler&Co Sofya Ivanova assures that in a year which passed after merge of Afishi-Ramblera and SUP Media, a lot of things were succeeded to make the companies. Ivanova considers the most significant results consolidation before of the separated services of commerce, marketing, the personnel in uniform structures, start of three Posters projects, restart of LiveJournal, updating of and expansion of service for sale of cinema and concert tickets "Rambler cash desk" (was "button" on, became the separate aggregator). However down to credit the new management Rambler&Co these achievements cannot put nevertheless. According to Ilya Krasilshchik, media projects of Poster were conceived even before consolidation. The Rambler-kassa service was started in 2011 by the Moliboga command, and need of restart of LJ was discussed long before merge.

Timchenko's dismissal from a post of the editor-in-chief of

In March, 2014 Alexander Mamut dismissed Galina Timchenko, the Chief Editor of the popular portal famous for the free-thinking from a position. Alexey Goreslavsky, before the Deputy CEO of "Afisha-Rambler-SUP" for external communications was appointed to its place. After Timchenko the company was left by 68 employees of The quantity of the news published on as the representative Rambler&Co Sofya Ivanova told, was reduced because of change of editorial structure by 2.5 times, and the marketing activity of the edition in social networks in April strongly decreased. As a result the monthly audience of, according to monitoring of TNS Web Index, was reduced from 10.9 million in March to 7.3 million people in April, 2014.


Molibog and Kruglova leave. Zakharov is the new CEO

In May, 2013 the management of Rambler-Afisha-SUP consolidated company announced structure of holding.

The owner of SUP Media Alexander Mamut became the chairman of the board of directors of the company. Along with it and the CEO of the company Pyotr Zakharov in it top managers of ProfMedia holding (it included Afisha-Rambler company earlier), in particular, its president Olga Paskina are provided.

Pyotr Zakharov was responsible for promotion of products of Apple in the region of EMEA before and worked in London. There they also got acquainted with Mamut.

Media company assets were selected in separate structure. Yulia Minder appointed the deputy CEO of the united company for media resources began to supervise it. At the same time Minder will resign of the CEO of

In the letter of the CEO it was emphasized that it is only about creation of structure which will manage business of a media part of the company (editions "Afisha", Lenta. ru, Gazeta. ru, "Чемпионат.com"). Merges of media assets are not planned, the editorial policy and business of each of editions will develop independently of each other.

Also other deputies of Zakharov — on organizational and financial, business and other concerns were called. In particular, it was announced Alexey Goreslavsky's appointment to the deputy director's position on external communications.

The Deputy CEO for products of the united company (Rambler, Kanobu,, Quto, Redigo, Letidor) was appointed later. Before appointment of the deputy for products Pyotr Zakharov will personally supervise this direction.

In the letter of the CEO it is also announced resignation of Nikolay Moliboga holding a position of the CEO of Afisha-Rambler company. According to Moliboga, his leaving is connected with the fact that in the new company for it there was no position which is objectively arranging all parties". After Nikolay Molibog leaving was announced by the chief executive of the company Ekaterina Kruglova.

Key posts in the Afishi-Ramblera projects were held by people from SUP Media, and product development was headed by other native of Apple — Steyngrimur Muri Arnason. But growth of number of users at the beginning of 2013 caused by restart of the portal needed to be supported by marketing efforts. However all actions were frozen, and attendance of the websites fell again.

"Zakharov is the clever, erudite manager — one of the former top managers of the company says. — But he got used to work in the large company where everything was adjusted, and believed that all by itself will become. And what resources on what money, he was not interested".

The problem was also that because of consolidation of two companies all usual business processes were broken: from a design of business trips and purchase of stationery before agreement signature with suppliers of content.

The audience of all holding steadily decreased, but several projects continued to gain popularity, despite organizational chaos.

Consolidation with SUP Media of Vladimir Potanin, a new gender - Pyotr Zakharov

On March 28, 2013 the A&NN investment group of Alexander Mamut and Interros holding of Vladimir Potanin made the decision on consolidation of assets SUP Media and Afishi and Ramblera Consolidated company in uniform holding. As a result of the transaction Mamut received the status of the managing shareholder and a post of the chairman of the board of directors of holding. The former top manager of Apple Pyotr Zakharov became the CEO of the updated structure.

By management estimates, the audience of the new company will make more than 35 million unique users. On this indicator it will become the third in a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet.

"Consolidation will lead to creation of the new company - the third largest audience in a Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. The company will become one of the leading providers of online services and the main source of information on social and political, business, cultural and sports events in Runet – both on screens of computers, and on smartphones, both in text, and in video a format" — Alexander Mamut said.

Vladimir Potanin, in turn, noted:

"It is a unique combination of the leading Russian online brands in promptly growing Internet market. All will benefit from consolidation: shareholders, users, partners and in general hi-tech business in Russia".
"At first Mamut had euphoria from blogs. But then it turned out that they are restricted by other social networks" — German Klimenko, the founder of LiveInternet says.

If at the end of the 2000th the LiveJournal web service was included into the five of the most popular resources of Runet, then by the time of the consolidation LJ, according to TNS, fell by the 12th place. The website often "fell" because of technical issues, and its design became outdated. Besides LiveJournal was chronically unprofitable (judging by accounting records of SUP media Ltd in SPARK-Interfax). The reasons of losses, according to German Klimenko, are the big state (in SUP Media about 600 people work) and the wrong model of monetization of LJ. So, the company offered bloggers, not persons interested to see in LJ media advertizing, special service — paid accounts: pay $20 and you will not see advertizing within a year. Many active bloggers created paid accounts and "were closed" from advertizing that caused outflow of advertisers. To correct a situation, the administration of SUP Media entered special currency — LJ tokens which could be purchased for normal money at the rate of 100 counters for $1. Bloggers had to receive counters from advertisers for placement at themselves advertizing and for paid reposts. But SUP Media made a mistake, having released too many counters — 30 million pieces. It was impossible to turn back into money them, and in a blogosphere "the black market" on trade in counters with discount of 30-50% was formed. Advertisers — to the detriment of revenues of SUP Media also used it.


Annual revenues of 4.2 billion rub excluding VAT, debts and losses

Rambler&Ño at the end of 2012 it is impossible to call a financial position safe.

Consolidated revenues of the companies of holding in 2012 were 4.2 billion rubles excluding VAT. The main generator of revenue — services:, the system of contextual advertizing "Begun" and LiveJournal, are the share of them to nearly 60% of turnover.

By data SPARK-Interfax, operational indicators Rambler&Co

  • Begun Ltd Revenue under RAS in 2012 — 502.9 million rubles. Net loss — 84.7 million rubles.

  • Afisha Company LLC Revenue — 797.3 million rubles. Net loss — 45.5 million rubles.

  • Rambler internet-holding LLC Revenue — 1.28 billion rubles. Net loss — 274.1 million rubles.

  • Price express LLC Revenue — 103 million rubles. Net loss — 33.7 million rubles.

  • Lenta. Ru LLC Revenue — 238.5 million rubles. Net profit — 16.8 million rubles.

  • Gazeta. Ru Ltd Revenue — 300.4 million rubles. Net profit — 30 thousand rubles.

  • SUP media Ltd Revenue — 782.1 million rubles. Net profit — 51.6 million rubles.

But all main operating companies are burdened unreasonable with debts or are unprofitable. For example, the saved-up uncovered loss of SUP media Ltd in 2012 made 1.04 billion rubles, and the volume of a long-term debt — 1.55 billion rubles, these are twice more revenues of SUP media in the 2012th (hereinafter financial performance is given on accounting reports under RAS from SPARK-Interfax). SUP media is chronically unprofitable and makes ends meet only thanks to the credits.

Operating activities and Posters, and Rambler, according to sources, are quite profitable. But all operating profit of both companies leaves on interest payment on loans which were "hung up" on both companies by its owner ProfMedia. As a result minus. Media assets —,, — make small profit, but rather small revenue — 200-300 million rubles everyone.

Rate on aggregation of news from media, the sharp growth of traffic

What information resources need to be developed, managers from Poster defined only to the middle of 2012. Nikolay Molibog decided to turn the portal into the unique aggregator of news and reviews from media, they would be provided to the user is personalized, depending on his interests. Interests become clear using the analysis of the sites which the user visited before coming on Other counter is that larger aggregators — Yandex.News and Google News — select news from media in the automatic mode, and on Rambler the plots which are automatically selected by the special program from 3 thousand partner media also are filtered manually, own edition. Therefore the selection turns out better. A part of projects, for example "Rambler card", were closed. As explains a source from a command Moliboga, "development of cartographic services was a race in which it was necessary to invest annually tens of millions of dollars".

At the end of 2012 restart of the homepage of took place. And at once there was a considerable surge in attendance: the monthly audience cavorted from 8.05 million unique visitors in December, 2012 to 12.07 million in January the 2013th, and attendance "Rambler news" for the same period grew by 54%. But management of Afishi-Ramblera did not manage to finish new initiatives: according to a source, "the rocket was brought down on take-off".


Failure from own search engine and transition to search of Yandex

In January, 2011 it became known that the Afishi and Rambler Consolidated company will replace the search with partner, several people close to this company and its partners told. Negotiations go since fall of 2010 with "Yandex" and Google, it was confirmed by managers[10], close to them,[10].

By then the search engine of Rambler took only the fifth place among projects of the company on monthly audience — after the homepage of the portal, "Rambler news", and "Rambler mail".

"Poster only the magazine on the Internet, and search is a server factory. People from Poster as soon as understood that they will annually spend many millions of dollars for servers and at the same time will abuse their all the time for a small market share, right there closed search" — Igor Ashmanov, the CEO "Ashmanov and partners" said.

The representative of "Yandex" said that the companies are interesting large platforms with good traffic. But, most likely, on the portal search from Google will be set, told a source in the partner company of Rambler: recently the company approved this partnership. The agreement is not signed yet, he says and confirms a source, close to Google. The CEO of the united company Nikolay Molibog claimed that the decision on search is not made yet. He confirmed the fact of negotiations with "Yandex" and Google.

The official familiar with the course of discussion of the transaction emphasized: in 2008 it was talked of sale of the Russian asset ("Begun") which would give to foreigners advantage in the Russian market of Internet advertizing, now assets are not on sale. who refused cooperation with "Yandex" had no problems with installation of search of Google. The high-ranking official said then that the authorities do not interfere with negotiations of and Google. But the people close to both parties of that transaction told that shareholders of got approval in the Kremlin.

According to Liveinternet, since the beginning of 2008 by January, 2011 the share of Rambler fell from 11 to 1.5%. For Rambler partnership with Google will be comfortable: development of own search engine costly, and the result is unpredictable, the founder of Liveinternet German Klimenko says. Cooperation with "Yandex" is difficult because of "Begun" who about a year reseller of advertizing Google in Runet and the direct competitor of the Russian search engine. The person close to negotiators between Google and Rambler agreed with this opinion: the system of Google is more compatible to business of "Begun", and increase in a search share of the American search engine will influence also revenue growth of "Begun".

On June 23, 2011[10] became known[10]that Rambler set on the portal search from "Yandex" and the system of contextual advertizing "Yandex.Direct". Earlier the portal used the search which was monetized through advertisements of Begun company (51% belong to Rambler). Rambler will receive from this partnership the search, best in Runet, and new opportunities for business of "Begun" which became reseller of "Yandex", the representative of Rambler Vladislav Kreynin says.

Conditions of separation of income from advertizing of the party did not open. Two sources close to negotiators know that Rambler and "Begun" will receive about 60%. Representatives of "Yandex" and Rambler do not comment on it. Rambler search share decreases long ago, now it makes only 1.4%. The share of "Begun" fell too. Now, according to iContext, it makes 10%.

In the winter of Google and Rambler agreed about partnership and signed the provisional agreement, tells a source, close to negotiators, but "Yandex" offered the best terms. Google offered similar terms, the source, close to negotiators, objects. The representative of Google refused comments.

The CEO of Begun Alexey Romanenkov calculates that thanks to "Yandex" the number of search queries will grow by Rambler (so, and audience on which advertizing is broadcast). Old search from Rambler could not exist long. "Begun" anyway should share with any of searchers, the analyst of Troika Dialog Anna Lepetukhina notices.

"Yandex" received the partner with audience of 15 million people, at "Yandex" it makes 28.4 million (data of TNS for April). It will allow the company to recover partially positions after a gap from which changed the engine of "Yandex" for Google, the founder of service of statistics Liveinternet German Klimenko says.

In 2010 Rambler earned $8-9 million from contextual advertizing, these are about 2% of revenue of "Yandex", estimates Lepetukhin. At the same time a part of revenue should share with Rambler. So financial performance of "Yandex" though will grow, but is insignificant, Lepetukhina is sure. The transaction is more important in terms of image and expansion of a partner network of "Yandex", she summarizes.

Start of new design of Rambler

On June 1, 2011 almost in a year after consolidation with Poster and management changes the Internet portal Rambler starts new design[10] on June 6 the company started the first product in new design. The corporate style and a logo are developed by the art director Irina Voloshina (the author of design of all products "Posters") together with the New York designer Evgeny Timerman working with such brands as Virgin and Intel.

At the same time Rambler and Poster will start three new products: the Internet service and applications for mobile devices from "Poster world" focused on travelers (guides and recommendations to visit sights), the automobile magazine "Мотор.ру" and service for sale of tickets at cinema "Rambler cash desk". Tickets at cinema are on sale on the partner websites, in the same place the user can read reviews, the representative of Rambler says. For the websites it is method to offer additional service and to monetize content, and for movie theaters — an opportunity to increase sales of tickets.

The strategy of the company — consolidation of media examination of Poster and (entered into Rambler) with technological capabilities of Rambler, Molibog told Vedomosti: media projects create preferences of users, and Rambler services help to make a choice and to purchase service or a product. In this strategy there is a logic, now in Runet there are no such large service and Rambler could find at last a niche, the analyst of Troika Dialog Anna Lepetukhina says. Create services based on the media products "Posters" — the good idea, she as at Poster big and very loyal audience which trusts it to recommendations considers.

Purchase from VimpelCom of the game portal

In December, 2011 the Rambler-Igry company purchased the game portal which audience on counter data of Rambler of TOP 100 in October, 2011 made more than 2 million people at VimpelCom.

The Absolute Games resource opened in 1998 is one of the oldest game websites in Russia and contains the biggest directory of games in Russian. Acquisition will allow Rambler to increase audience of hardcore players whose total number in Russia according to the CEO of Rambler-Igr is 7 million people.

According to him, taking into account the game network Kanobu Network purchased in June, 2011 more than 5 million from them will use the services belonging to the company now. "Rambler" assumes that by 2015 the audience of online games in Runet will reach 25 million people.


Molibog from Poster releases Turishcheva from the CEO's duty

On July 28 it became known that the CEO of Rambler Olga Turishcheva leaves this post. Turishcheva will be a part of Board of Directors of the company which integrated Rambler and Afisha company and on this position will supervise merge of these assets. Based on Rambler "the single digital platform" will be created.

The current CEO of Poster Nikolay Molibog headed the united company. Positions of the director of products and the chief executive of the new company were occupied by two deputy directors general of Poster — Dmitry Stepanov and Ekaterina Kruglova. Before Stepanov advised several months Rambler concerning strategy, told sources, earlier close to this company.

"The company merger is a part of strategy of ProfMedia on creation of the integrated digital platform reflecting the growing importance of the Internet in media are quoted in the message of a word of the president of ProfMedia Raphael Akopov. According to him, redistribution of advertizing budgets from printed media for benefit of online of platforms and convergence of distribution channels — the trends changing the industry face. The main role is played by content, a brand and scale, as will become strengths of the created company" — he summarizes.
"Turishcheva adjusted operational management — implemented planning for a year, normal business processes. And we were product children. Tried one information product if it was impossible, started another" — Nikolay Molibog who worked in the united company three years told.

Sale of the Bolshoy Gorod magazine in Dozhd holding

In September, 2010 the Bolshoy Gorod magazine was purchased by the Dozhd media holding belonging to Alexander Vinokurov and Natalya Sindeeva, the Rambler consolidated company has Poster.

ProfMedia integrates Rambler and Poster

In the summer of 2010 of ProfMedia decided to integrate Rambler with other asset — Afisha publishing house. Afisha in addition to the magazine of the same name had the popular information and entertaining website with monthly audience of 3.6 million people (for December, 2010).


Delisting with LSE

  • On December 31 Rambler carried out delisting from the London Stock Exchange (LSE). From the moment of the IPO in 2005 Rambler fell in price twice.

  • Capitalization of the company for November $2009-72 million.

  • Troika Dialog acquired shares of Rambler, having as a result received 3.03%. The transaction happened on December 23, 2009, some days before delisting of stocks of Rambler from the platform AIM of the London Stock Exchange (took place on December 31). In the last day of biddings, on December 30, the stock Rambler cost $5.66, and a packet of Three — $2.64 million. Before shares of Rambler were acquired by its largest shareholder — ProfMedia. In November — December, 2009 this holding brought the share in Rambler from 54% to 88%, having bought up about 24% approximately for $31 million ($6 for an action), it and provided a possibility of delisting.

Turishcheva new CEO

In 2009 the CEO was resigned by Mark Opzumer, he was replaced by the ex-marketing director of VimpelCom Olga Turishcheva. She was engaged in operational management which her predecessors neglected several years.

The first half a year Olga Turishcheva understood, than 400 employees of Rambler are engaged. She remembers how she caught employees and asked them on job responsibilities. Just as the tsar Ivan the Terrible in the movie "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes a Profession": "Will you whose be?"

"When I came to Rambler, the company was separated into certain principalities. As it functions in general, it was unclear. I was invited to develop strategy of Rambler, and it was necessary to be engaged in operational management" — Olga Turishcheva remembered.

It, for example, created in the company product committee on which the products preparing for start began to be discussed. Before the committee was not — decisions were made by a triumvirate of protagonists: financial director Nikita Sergienko, director of development and development of projects Arkady Moreynis and director of corporate development Vitaly Rudenko. Arkady Moreynis soon left Rambler. And the search engine whose monthly audience since January, 2009th in July 2010 decreased from 5.9 million to 5.2 million people became a stumbling block for the new director besides. It, in turn, negatively affected volumes of income from contextual advertizing.

Urgently investments were required. On accounts of the company there was a lot of money, but the last investments in technology were made in 2002, Turishcheva remembers. Several months she tried to obtain from ProfMedia that that selected several million dollars for new servers for search maintenance afloat. Olga Turishcheva considers the achievements that she managed to make the company of more transparent from the point of view of management, to optimize organizational structure and to cut down expenses.

In 2009 EBITDA of Rambler made 426 million rubles, it is almost twice more, than in the 2008th. And here revenue at Rambler fell: in 2009 it was 2.26 billion rubles against 2.54 billion rubles in the 2008th.

"I revaluated the capabilities, could not attract in the company of the Internet users capable to create new bright products" — Turishcheva recognizes.
  • As of July, 2009 the search engine Rambler processed about 12 million requests a day. For comparison, the amount of requests in the most popular searcher in the world of Google was 1.4 billion.

The 1st half-year: reduction of revenue in rubles for 17.5%

Rambler Media revenue in the 1st half-year 2009 made $30.8 million (1.02 billion rubles) against $51.7 million (1.236 billion rubles) for the first six months 2008. Reduction of revenue in dollars - 40.4%, in rubles — for 17.5%. The consolidated net loss Rambler of Media according to IFRS in the first half of the year 2009 grew by 4 times to $2.1 million (68 million rubles) against net loss of $0.5 million (11 million rubles) for the same period of 2008, says the company.

Most of all revenue from contextual advertizing — dropped by 45.3% to $12.7 million (for 24% in rubles up to 419 million rubles). The system of contextual advertizing "Begun" (Rambler has 51%) brought $8.9 million (296 million rubles) — 1.8 times less, than the previous year. The market of contextual advertizing in general grew in the first half of the year by 5% in rubles, counted Mindshare Interaction. In a year, according to Liveinternet, the share of search of Rambler fell from 11.4% to 4.2%, three years ago the share of Rambler made 20.3%.

Rambler revenue from media advertizing dropped too — by 36.1% to $13.1 million (for 12% in rubles up to 432 million). And the market, according to Mindshare, grew by 4% up to 2.5 billion rubles. According to TNS, from December to June the monthly audience of Rambler decreased by 6% up to 11.1 million, the audience of his competitors grew.

At the end of 2009 Rambler predicts decrease in revenue in ruble expression in comparison with 2008 for 15%.


Growth of revenue at the end of year to $110 million (+59%)

Revenue of Rambler grew at the end of 2008 by 59% and made $110 million. The indicator of EBITDA grew by 112% and made $16.1 million. The company for the first time got net profit from the current operating activities. The consolidated revenue from placement of contextual advertizing for the expired period grew by 89% and made $47 million. Revenue from banner advertizing, despite growth deceleration in the fourth quarter 2008, grew by 49% and made $49.5 million. A balance in cash for December 31, 2008 — $29 million, including $4 million in "Begun" before payment of a share to minority shareholders. Also considerable measures for cost reduction, including reduction of staff with 730 (for October 31, 2008) to 660 (for December 31, 2008) the employees were taken. In 2009 further cost reduction is planned. The company has no debts.

Putin did not permit Rambler to sell to "Begun" Google

Rambler tried to set itself search of Google and to sell to the American company service of contextual advertizing "Begun" — the transaction the Federal Antimonopoly Service did not approve: the structure of property of the buyer seemed to it opaque. The negative relation of the prime minister Vladimir Putin to placement on the Russian website of foreign search was an actual reason of prohibition, people, close to shareholders of Rambler, told; Putin's representative denied it.

"Rambler" remained at the — with "Begun" and own search engine. No other scenario of development in Rambler existed.

Start of the website "Авторамблер.ру"

In May, 2008 Rambler announced start of the new automobile website. Avtorambler is the directory of cars, officially deliverable at Russia, containing all brands, models and complete sets. The description of cars includes base characteristics - body type, engine capacity, etc. and also various options - from an upholstery of salon and the electric drive of mirrors to the ventilated seats with the built-in massager of a back.

The website also gives to users a search capability of declarations of sale of used cars on dozens of popular automobile Internet platforms.


Sale of Rambler TV and the first profit

The consolidated revenue of $69.1 million. Net profit - $5.7 million (2007 became the first profitable year for Rambler, however, mainly because of sale of Rambler TV for $23 million). Profitability on EBITDA - made 11.1%.

Mark Opzumer is appointed the head of the company, purchase of "Begun" for $40 million for resale of Google

In the spring of 2007 ProfMedia appointed in the company of the new CEO Mark Opzumer, the former vice president of the European office Yahoo!. To colleagues Opzumer every month coming to Moscow for several days from London was remembered by the love to cookies and a habit to hold meetings with managers in the hall, in full view of employees and visitors. Opzumer paid all the attention to preparation of the strategic transaction which had to change the future of Rambler. At the beginning of the 2007th the analysts of McKinsey employed by Opzumer recommended to it to purchase a controlling stake in Begun company, the system developer of contextual advertizing for searchers. The market of contextual advertizing grew and grows still, and the seller of "Begun" offered to Finam advantageous conditions.

Analysts also advised Rambler to refuse own search as its development becomes less profitable every year. For example, "Yandex" spends $100 million a year for improvement of search technologies now. And Opzumer thought up the scheme: to stop development of the searcher, on the homepage of Rambler to deliver partner search from Google, and "Begun" to sell to the same Google for $140 million. The company would get an additional profit, Google — ready audience and a considerable share in the market of contextual advertizing and processing of search queries.

Rambler purchased a controlling stake of "Begun" from Finam approximately for $40 million, but a graceful combination FAS which blocked sale of "Begun" of Google upset.


Loss at the end of year $3 million.

At the end of year Rambler suffered a loss in the amount of $3 million. Profitability on EBITDA — 5.3%.

Purchased ProfMedia 48.8% of Rambler of actions for $260 million

At the end of 2006 when the ProfMedia holding purchased 48.8% of Rambler of actions for $260 million and became the largest shareholder of the company. Other actions then were at investment funds and in free circulation at the London exchange. In the fall of 2006 the company solemnly celebrated decade of the searcher, her managers promised to improve service further. But left differently.

Purchase of

In January, 2006 Rambler acquired a controlling stake of the Price Express company owning

1996: Dmitry Kryukov and Sergey Lysakov founded the company

The Rambler company was founded in 1996 by Dmitry Kryukov and Sergey Lysakov.