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Information technologies in MTS

Article is devoted to questions of creation, development and operation of information systems in MTS.




Growth of the IT state up to 3 thousand human

For 2018 the number of IT specialists in MTS increased to 3.1 thousand people, told TAdviser in MTS in July, 2019. The company specified that this indicator includes only IT specialists in the staff of MTS and its subsidiary company "MTS IT" and does not consider staff of NVision Group company which MTS purchased in 2015.

In the annual report of MTS it is said that in 2018 the company employed more than 1 thousand new IT specialists, which work on development acting and start of new products.

MTS told TAdviser that employed, mainly, developers of different level, DevOps-engineers. Also the strengthened enrollment in divisions of Big Data and AI continues. The most demanded programming languages in the company are.NET, Java,.NET Core, C ++, Python.

MTS passes to the product focused product development model<i> (a photo -</i>
MTS passes to the product focused product development model (a photo -

Along with expansion of the staff of MTS transforms IT departments: their work is rebuilt on the product focused model. To the companies there is a creation of a set of the product commands which are responsible for management of digital products and business lines. Agile-commands of the new directions with flexible organizational structure, the separate budget, the maximum autonomy and efficiency of decision making, freedom of action in investments and time to market (time-to-market) form. The purpose of MTS — in three years to reduce time of an output of products for the market by 10 times.

In 2018 the first 9 product directions and 25 product commands were created. MTS creates IT platforms for basic services — the uniform product directory and the platform of monetization, a digital container for applications, a single platform of sales and omnichannel interaction.

All these changes come within strategy implementation of transformation of MTS from the traditional telecommunication operator providing basic level of services in the service company giving to clients an opportunity of use of the digital ecosystem including a wide range of products for clients in mass and in corporate segments. A basis for development of new digital services and convergent products are the innovative technologies: modern high-speed data networks, including 5G, analytics of Big Data and artificial intelligence.

Purchase of DPC Avantage

On September 14, 2018 it became known that the MTS mobile operator purchased Avantage for 8.9 billion rubles of DPC. The data center belongs to Avantage LLC — redeemed 100% of this structure of MTS from group of private investors. The amount of a net debt was included in the price of the transaction.

The DPC Avantage is located in the city of Lytkarino in the Moscow region. Ultimate power of data center reaches 20 MW, the area is 6.4 thousand sq.m. In 16 halls of DPC there is an opportunity to place 2240 racks with the equipment. The fault tolerance of the center is certified according to the Uptime Institute Tier III Design standard. MTS is going to involve Avantage in the CloudMTC project and also for rendering services in the scheme colocation.

According to the vice president of MTS for the equipment and IT Andrey Ushatsky, acquisition should increase significantly computing powers of the operator and expand technology base for rendering services to business. Ushatsky notes the general tendency of the Russian business to pass from construction of own cloud capacities , server to use. Against the background of it MTS aims to increase the presence in the cloud market by purchase and construction of DPCs.

Avantage became the tenth data center of MTS. In addition the operator has three centers in Moscow, two in Nizhny Novgorod, on one in Samara, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok and Krasnodar.

2016: MTS will invest hundreds of millions in artificial intelligence and chat-bots

The Mobile TeleSystems operator (MTS) opened the direction of developments which is responsible for development of products based on the artificial intelligence (AI) and integration of AI technologies into the services[1] existing and developed by the company[2].

The source of CNews familiar with plans of MTS says that the company will invest in developments in the field of artificial intelligence hundreds of millions rubles annually.

The first solutions on which the division works it is development of platforms for creation of chat-bots, virtual assistants and development of service of telemedicine using AI. MTS already has a chat-bot which the company started in Telegram.

Sandler Arkady became the head. Sandler has a wide experience in works in the Internet sphere. He was the founder of Simpo companies (created applications on the basis of web technologies) and Keystaff Solutions (developed software for automation of work of HR departments). After in 2006 the last was absorbed by the recruiting resource HeadHunter, Sandler held a post of the development director of Headhunter Group.

MTS plans that all in new division of artificial intelligence about 80 people will work. The company looks for system architects, developers and other specialists.

2013: MTS saved 1.4 billion rubles due to unification of IT systems

In 2010-2012 MTS saved on operating costs 1.4 billion rubles for the realization account of strategy for unification of IT systems, standardization of solutions and centralization of purchases within group, the operator reported on March 25, 2013.

The main projects directed to increase in business efficiency of group include the three-year purchase contract of unlimited number of licenses for business applications ERP Oracle, management systems for finance and customer relations, budgetings, an inventory control and also joint purchase of servers HP in partnership with foreign operators Vodafone and Verizon, representatives of operator explained.

MTS told TAdviser that, for example, the reached agreements under the contract with HP allowed group more than to reduce purchase costs and service of the server hardware by a third. The specific amounts of economy under this contract in the company do not open.

Further economy of MTS due to unification of IT systems will also be calculated by hundreds of millions of rubles annually. So, on March 25, 2013 the company announced implementation of the new intellectual hardware and software system Medio SCP for management of calculations of subscribers which developer is the division Sitronics -"Sitronics telecommunication solutions". Investments into the project made 600 million rubles, and their operator expects to pay back in two years.

As told TAdviser in MTS, the previous management system for subscriber calculations was based on the solution Comverse RTB of Comverse Technology company. According to the estimates of MTS, support of a new solution will cost it on 300 million rubles a year cheaper in comparison with costs for support of previous.

"We will be able to lower operating costs due to economy on technical support - a complex of works on maintenance of operability of a system in the round-the-clock mode, works on the solution of the operational issues connected with the continuity of functioning of the platform at planned works on a software update and so on", - the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov told TAdviser.

Earlier in March, 2013 in MTS also told TAdviser that expect to save in seven years about $60 million due to migration of the largest IT systems from the Oracle SPARC servers on servers with architecture h86. This project in 2012 started, and his company expects to complete in 2014.

2011: The "boundless" agreement with Oracle on acquisition of licenses

In April, 2011 it became known that MTS will spend about $70 million for the licenses of Oracle allowing to use its business applications in unlimited scales. IT - "subsidiary" of Sitronics, as well as MTS under control of AFK "Sistema"[3] will implement and service them [3].

MTS, Sitronics-IT and Oracle signed the three-year purchase contract and implementation in all companies of group of MTS of unlimited number of licenses for software products of Oracle. Sitronics-IT will accompany and service the purchased programs of Oracle, she specified.

The vice president of Sitronics Irina Lanina calls the scale of the transaction and the maintenance of a product portfolio unprecedented for the Russian IT market. Contract amount — $60-80 million, the manager close to one of the parties knows. More than $70 million, the source on the other hand specifies.

According to Kuzmenko, MTS buys licenses almost for all families of business programs of Oracle — an enterprise management system (ERP), customer relations (CRM), business performance, etc. The contract for unlimited number of licenses will allow MTS not to depend on price policy of Oracle, she says. Thanks to the agreement of MTS will save about 20% of the budget of IT purchases, the source, close to it, hopes.

The contract with MTS — one of the largest for all history of the Russian Oracle also concedes only to the contract with Svyazinvest state holding.

The IT passport of projects in MTS

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Описание проектаSitronics Information Technologies, Philosophy. ITOracle E-Business Suite (OEBS)EAM, ERP2018
Описание проектаNational Certification Center (NCC)Projects of external audit of IT and security (in tch PCI DSS and SUIB)Cybersecurity - Antiviruses, cybersecurity - the Antispam, cybersecurity - Authentication, the Firewall, cybersecurity - Information loss preventions, cybersecurity - Backup and data storage, cybersecurity - Means of enciphering2018
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Описание проектаCTI (СиТиАй) Communications. Technology. Innovations.Projects of the IP telephonyIP telephony2017
Описание проектаMaxima TelecomServices of telephony and communication, MT FREE, SCS projects and wireless network infrastructure2016
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Описание проектаIrdeto Access B.V. (Irdeto)Irdeto Cloaked CACybersecurity - Authentication2016
Описание проектаCisco SystemsCisco Quantum SONNetwork Health Monitoring - Monitoring of network or management of health performance of IT Infrastructure2015
Описание проектаDialogNaukaHPE ArcSight ESM (Security Information and Event Management, SIEM)Firewall, cybersecurity - Information loss preventions, cybersecurity - Information management and events in a security system (SIEM)2015
Описание проектаEVOLA, NVision GroupSAP SuccessFactors HCMHRM, SaaS - Software as service, Systems of distance learning2015
Описание проектаSvyazcomSvyazcom.Equipment Identity Register (Svyazcom.EIR)Billing systems2015
Описание проектаFORS group2015
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataOracle Database 12cPaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service, DBMS2015
Описание проектаNVision GroupProjects of creation of complex IT infrastructure, DPC Projects of creation and upgradeIT outsourcing, Server platforms, DPC, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC2014
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Описание проектаDashboard of Sistems (Dashboard Systems)Dashboard of Sistems: BoardMapsOffice applications, EDMS2014
Описание проектаSoftlineTrend Micro ScanMail SuiteCybersecurity - Antiviruses, cybersecurity - the Antispam, the Firewall2014
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Описание проектаSoftlineCitrix NetScalerCloud Computing, Virtualization2013
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Описание проектаNVision Czech Republic (earlier Sitronics Telecommunication solutions)FORIS BSS/OSSOSS/BSS, Billing systems2013
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Описание проектаSAP CISSAP ERPERP2013
Описание проектаNVision GroupHPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)PLM - Product lifecycle management, Development tools of applications2013
Описание проектаTechnoservRed Hat Virtualization (RHV)Virtualization2013
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Описание проектаComarch2011
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Описание проектаDialogNaukaKaspersky AntispamCybersecurity - Antispam2010
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Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataCall center - Construction projects and upgrades of call centers and contact centersCall centers2010
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Описание проектаDialogNaukaCertification center2009
Описание проектаSitronics Information TechnologiesIBM WebSphereSaaS - Software as service, Corporate portals, SOA2009
Описание проектаSitronics Information TechnologiesOracle Siebel CRMCRM, CRM - Loyalty systems2008
Описание проектаAplana AplanaControl system of federal marketing programs2008
Описание проектаVMware RussiaVMware vSphereVirtualization, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC2004
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