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Performance Indicators

2015: Revenue of $2.2 billion

The cumulative loss of Twitter for the almost 10 years' activity exceeded $2 billion, follows from the annual report published by the company in form 10-K.

Revenue of Twitter in 2015 made $2.2 billion. It is 1.6 times more, than in 2014. The company reported that in 2015 they had already 130 thousand advertisers that is 90% more, than the previous year.

Despite growth of number of advertisers, analysts doubt capability of the company to get profit. Twitter is faced by a set of tasks on which accomplishment it will depend, including increase in the user base with what at service explicit problems are observed.

Internet audience

2018: In top-20 Internet giant by the Internet audience size

The Internet companies by the audience size



Testing of function of voice tweets

On June 18, 2020 it became known that Twitter tests function of voice tweets. The company reported that voice function will allow users to tweet, using the voice. One voice tweet is expected 140 seconds.

Function will be available to limited number of users of Apple, and then, within several weeks, is unrolled for the bigger number of owners of devices on iOS.

Twitter stated that users will be able to create a voice tweet, using the added wavelength icon on the screen.

Social networks, including Twitter, are under pressure because of problems with abuses in the field of harassments and misinformation for a long time. The company states that it will consider all voice tweets according to rules and will take actions for protection, including marking of tweets.

Twitter adds labels to content containing manipulative or synthetic texts. Also the network adds labels with warning of need of check of the facts. First of all it concerns a coronavirus and elections in the USA[1].

Deleted with twitter tens of thousands of pages

Twitter opened 32,242 accounts connected according to Twitter with the cybertransactions financed by the states. The pages used in three separate campaigns, behind which presumably there are China, Russia and Turkey[2][3] were among the accounts sent to archive [4].

In the cybertransaction which is carried out by the Chinese government two sets of accounts – on 23,750 and 150,000 pages were used (these pages represented accounts amplifiers for distribution of information vboros). They participated according to Twitter in different coordinate and manipulative activity. Publications on these pages became mainly in Chinese and were devoted to geopolitical news. Besides, on pages data on political dynamics were published in Hong Kong.

1,152 pages connected with the news website, presumably used Government of the Russian Federation for political propaganda were also sent to archive. Pages were blocked by administration of Twitter for numerous abuses of regulations of use, including for a krossposting and content distribution in not authentic, coordinate way in political goals.

Besides, 7,340 counterfeit and cracked accounts distributing information profitable of the Justice and Development Party ruling in Turkey were sent to her leader, the president Recep Erdogan to archive and also.

All pages connected with above-mentioned campaigns and content were forever deleted from social network, and data on them are transferred for the analysis to the Australian institute of strategic policy and Internet observatory of Stanford University.

Trump signed the decree regulating work of social networks

The American president Donald Trump signed the decree on regulation of work of social networks in May, 2020. The Reuters agency with reference to the White House reported about it. It is supposed that the new law which Trump already promised to adopt will regulate work of social networks in the country.

The dispute between the president and social media arose after Twitter identified on May 26 some posts of Trump as the containing lies, namely unreasonable expressions about vote by e-mail. In these messages the leader of the USA allegedly "in a false manner claims that mail bulletins lead to falsification of vote and obtaining bulletins by the voters who do not have the right to vote". Administration of Twitter placed a precautionary icon under these posts. It means that to readers the message is better to check independently contents. In response to it the head of the White House specified, social networks do not allow to sound to voices of conservatives, and made a promise "strictly to regulate or close them".

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Permitted employees to remain Twitter forever at remote work

On May 12, 2020 permitted employees to remain Twitter forever at remote work, i.e. even after the authorities lift the quarantine limits connected with spread of a coronavirus of COVID-19, the CEO of the company Jack Dorsey said.

The last several months showed that we are able to allow employees to work from any place in the world. If our workers are in a situation which allows them to work from the house, and they want to continue in such mode, we will help it to be performed  — he reported.

Allowed employees to work Twitter from the house after a pandemic

Those workers, whose duties assume presence at office (for example, the staff of technical support of the equipment), will not be able to work from the house.

Add to Twitter that offices will be opened not earlier than September, 2020, till this time there will also be no business trips and corporate actions which assume physical presence of employees.

Passed to remote work of Twitter in March, 2020. At the beginning of that month the company began to recommend to employees to work in a remote format for reduction of risk of infection with a coronavirus. Similar recommendations were issued also by other technology giants, including Google and Microsoft.

By May 12, 2020 Twitter locates more than 35 offices worldwide, including in Paris, New York and Toronto.  In the statement of the company it is noted that it passed with one of the first to the "work from the house" model, and now she intends to continue to put safety of people and society on the first place. 

We were in the unique family way allowing quickly to react and permit people to work from the house, considering the emphasis on decentralization and support of opportunities of employees placed by us  to work from where it is necessary. The last several months proved that we can force it to work  — the vice president of Twitter Jennifer Christie noted.[5] 

Shutdown of Twitter via SMS service

On April 28, 2020 it became known that from security reasons the Twitter company decided to disconnect forever the Twitter via SMS service existing since the beginning of start of social network and allowing to publish tweets through Sms.

We want to help to ensure safety of your account. We faced vulnerabilities in the publication through the SMS therefore we disconnected Twitter via SMS, except for several countries, - it is reported on the page of support of Twitter.

The source reminded that in September, 2019 the administration of social network temporarily disconnected a possibility of the publication of tweets through text messages in connection with several incidents of security. Unknown used vulnerabilities in Twitter via SMS and published a number of untrue reports on behalf of celebrities, including the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey. Now the decision to turn off service forever was made.

Users will still be able to become authorized in social network and to manage the accounts through "important Sms". The administration of social network recommends to pass with that who used Twitter via SMS to the web version of Twitter or to download mobile application that "enjoy all opportunities of Twitter". [6] does not refuse two-factor authentication and verification of passwords using SMS social network yet[7].

The court fined Twitter 4 million rubles for failure to transfer servers to Russia

On February 13, 2020 the magistrate's court in Moscow imposed a penalty for failure of social network to transfer to the Russian Federation servers with data of the Russian users on Twitter.

Recognize foreign legal entity Twitter Inc. (it is registered in California, the USA) guilty of commission of administrative crime and to order to pay a fine in the amount of 4 million rubles — the judge Aleksandra Mikhaleva (the quote by RIA Novosti) announced the solution.

The magistrate's court in Moscow imposed a penalty for failure of social network to transfer servers to the Russian Federation on Twitter

Should pay by twitter a penalty within 60 days. The company is found guilty according to Part 8 of Article 13.11 of the Code of Administrative Offences ("Violation of the law of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data").

The maximum penalty for failure to store personal data of Russians in the territory of Russia was raised in 2019. Earlier for non-execution of requirements about localization of databases of Russians of punishment it was not provided

Earlier the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov warned that these companies had time till January 31 for responding to the request for localization of these Russian users. Department noted that nearly all 100% of operators fulfill this requirement for localization.

The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications said that in fight against foreign IT-kompaniyami-narushitelyami of the Russian laws large penalties can be more effective than blocking.

Blocking can be bypassed, and the penalty if the company works (in Russia), should be paid... The penalty can be collected outside the Russian Federation — the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Alexey Volin in an interview of TASS said at the end of January, 2020.

Roskomnadzor demanded to transfer servers to Russia from Facebook and Twitter in 2016. Since then department repeatedly prolonged terms that the companies could fulfill the requirements of the Russian legislation.[8]

Roskomnadzor initiated an administrative case against Facebook and Twitter

On January 31, 2020 Kommersant reported that Roskomnadzor initiated an administrative case against Facebook and Twitter for the fact that the companies did not localize data of the Russian users in servers in the territory of Russia. The previous year both companies were already fined by 3 thousand rubles, but then it was talked of failure to provide information. Read more here.

The billionaire will present $9 million to subscribers of Twitter

At the beginning of January, 2020 the Japanese billionaire announced Yusak Maedzava readiness to present 1000 subscribers of Twitter 1 million yens or $9000 to learn whether basic income is capable to make people happier. Researches show that it is quite possible. Read more here.


Vulnerability allowed to compare 17 million phone numbers with accounts on Twitter

On December 25, 2019 it became known that the researcher of security Ibrahim Balic detected vulnerability in the application of Twitter for Android which operation allowed it to compare 17 million phone numbers with accounts on Twitter.

Operation is performed through function of loading of contacts in the application. When loading by the user of the phone number a system sends user data. According to Balich, function of loading of contacts does not permit to load the list of numbers in a consecutive order in order to avoid abuse into Twitter.

The researcher generated about two billion phone numbers, randomized them and loaded into Twitter through the Android-application (vulnerability does not extend to the web version of function of loading). According to Balich, he a progressive tense compared records of users from Israel, Turkey, Iran, Greece, Armenia, France and Germany, but stopped work after Twitter blocked its attempts on December 20, 2019.

As reported a resource of TechCrunch, having compared mobile numbers, in one case the specialist managed to identify the high-ranking Israeli politician.

The company still officially did not recognize existence of a bug in the application and whether recent correction of vulnerability in Android version Twitter is unknown, connected with this problem[9].

Data of users of Twitter appeared in open access

On November 24, 2019 it became known that American the security researcher Vinny Troia detected the available database, containing more than 4 TB information - in total 1.2 billion records including data from profiles of hundreds of millions of users social networks Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and Github. In more detail here.

The average price of the paid publication grows

Average price of the paid publication

Twitter prohibited political advertizing on the platform

The founder of social network Twitter Jack Dorsey announced that since November 22, 2019 the tsotsialny network stops all political advertizing on the platform. RIA Novosti reports about it.

It is noted that the innovation will become effective since November 22. The company expects that during the three-week period all current advertisers will be notified on the made decision.

Dorsey noted that the corresponding regulations will be applied in all countries of use of Twitter. He also added that it reflects a position the company that the scope of political statements should be earned, but not be bought.

The average salary — $170 thousand.

In September, 2019 the recruiting Glassdoor portal published the rating of the American companies with the greatest salaries.  On Twitter the annual average salary of employees made $170 thousand Read more here.

The Russian blogger was given 5 years of prison for the message on Twitter

On September 3, 2019 Vladislav Sinitsa  was sentenced to 5 years of prison for the message on Twitter on which allowed illegal acts concerning children of security officers. The Russian blogger was found UK, guilty on the Paragraph "and" of Part 2 of Article 282 ("The excitation of hatred or hostility concerning a group of persons made publicly"). Read more here.

Transferred to twitter data of users without their consent

On August 7, 2019 it became known of problems in the application of social network of Twitter because of which some settings worked not properly because of what data of users were transferred without their permission.

According to Twitter if the user browsed or clicked advertizing in mobile application or used it since May, 2018, then the company shared its data with "reliable partners" on analytics and advertizing even if the user did not agree on it. Data included the country code, information on an advertisement and on interaction with it.

Within the process used by the company for placement of more relevant advertizing on Twitter and other services since September, 2018, the social network showed to the user advertizing on the basis of the drawn conclusions about the used devices without his permission. On assurances of the company, data did not contain such information as passwords, data of e-mail and so forth.

Problems were fixed on August 5, 2019 and also the administration of the beginning investigation for determination of number of the affected users[10].

Twitter was fined 3 thousand rubles on a dispute on transfer of servers to Russia

The magistrate's court in Moscow fined in April social network of Twitter microblogs 3 thousand rubles on administrative violation, namely for the fact that she did not provide the information on transfer to Russia of servers with personal data of the Russian users.

The same case is in production of court concerning Facebook. The decision on it is not made yet.

Roskomnadzor made the protocol on Twitter

Management of Roskomnadzor across Central Federal District made the protocol on administrative offense according to Article 19.7 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offences concerning Twitter company. According to department, the company did not provide the necessary information on localization of bases of personal data of the Russian users in the territory of Russia. Twitter threatens a penalty in the amount of 3000 up to 5000 rub[11].

The document is sent to the magistrate for decision about the administrative responsibility.

On December 17, 2018 Roskomnadzor sent to Twitter the notification on need of a compliance with law of the Russian Federation in the field of user data. Later Twitter sent to service the answer about performance of the law on localization of bases of personal data of the Russian users in the territory of the Russian Federation, however the answer did not satisfy department. In January, 2019 Roskomnadzor announced that it begins administrative production concerning Twitter as replies of the company "did not contain a reality neither about the actual performance of the legislation at the moment, nor about completion dates of these regulations in the future".


Malefactors hid a malicious code in Internet memes on Twitter accounts

On December 20, 2018 the company Trend Micro announced the conducted research which purpose was an example of use of a steganography — record of the hidden code in different sections of harmless files — for a bypass antiviruses and the systems of protection PC. Malefactors used for activation malware two images with internet- memes, specially loaded century social network Twitter.

On October 25 and 26, 2018 unknown malefactors published on the account in Twitter of the image created in 2017 with the character of the movie "Matrix" Morfeus in which command/print was coded. As specialists of Trend Micro found out, the malware designated as TROJAN.MSIL.BERBOMTHUM.AA looks for images in the specified account by certain parameters (<img src=\`(.*?):thumb\` width=\`.*?\` height=\`.*?\`/>), then downloads them on the struck system and uses the commands ciphered in files to collect information on the computer and to direct it to the server address coded using Pastebin service. At the same time, in a case with the published memes, hackers most likely used not this address of the server, but time "stub".

The most interesting from the point of view of researchers of the company turned out the fact that for activation of the malware malefactors selected quite legal service which hundreds of millions people worldwide daily use. And the only way to eliminate threat is a shutdown of the account in Twitter (as of December 13, 2018 the administration of social network already blocked this account), for which without information from Trend Micro just there would be no occasion.

In addition to command/print which takes the screenshot the detected malware also supports the following commands:

  • / processos — collects data on the list of the started processes;
  • / clip — collects data on clipboard contents;
  • / username — obtains information on a user name of the infected PC;
  • / docs — receives a name list of the files which are to in advance specified address, for example, on a desktop.

Trend Micro noted that during the research ways of hit of the malware on computers of the victims were not considered, but they are obviously not connected with the "compromised" account on Twitter. It is also interesting what software was detected multi-layer system of protection of Trend Micro XGen even prior to studying of this software, but specialists of the company consider that without comprehensive and versatile protection computers of users and a normal anti-virus software can be defenseless in the face of the malware which uses quite legal channels for activation of the functions and that is even more important, uses a command set, absolutely harmless in terms of a system.

Twitter blocks the users writing with Cyrillics as "Russian trolls"

The Twitter social network in large quantities blocks accounts and deletes from message conversations if their authors use Cyrillics. The new algorithm of Twitter directed to suppression of activity of Russian-speaking trolls bears responsibility for it. The algorithm accepts the innocent messages written even not in Russian, but using Cyrillics, for provocative publications on political subjects[12].

Twitter was required two days to comment on a situation at the request of the The Verge edition. Eventually the company reported that it knows about a problem and works on its solution, however still intends to take measures for protection of the rules and fight against spam and automation.

As blocking are carried out

The first users from Bulgaria began to complain of mass blocking — it is one of the countries where the Cyrillic letter is used. According to users, to blocking of an account or removal of the message provides mentioning in the Cyrillic publication @YouTube or any other popular service. Even if the initial tweet is not removed, then the comments on it written by Cyrillics disappear from a conversation.

The algorithm does not filter accounts by date of creation in any way — it can block any account created since 2009. Many of the banned accounts exist several years and have thousands of subscribers.

As a rule, the users blocked thus can prove quickly enough to social network the innocence and resume work of an account. However Twitter continues to hide their messages from conversations, showing instead of them a text "the tweet is unavailable". Besides, they cannot send the notice to other users. If the victim of similar of "shadow blocking" addresses in a support service, it is answered that everything be all right, the account is not blocked.

On Twitter function of exchange of the ciphered messages can appear

In the Android-application of Twitter the hidden function of "a confidential chat" which will allow users to send the messages ciphered using technology of end-to-end enciphering is detected. Function of exchange of the ciphered messages was for the first time detected in the Twitter APK file by the researcher Jane Manchun Wong. APK files often contain a function code which the companies test before start.

Blocking of advertizing of Kaspersky Lab

In April, 2018 Kaspersky Labs prohibited to place advertizing on Twitter. The administration of social network said that the producer of the antivirus software works on a business model which does not conform to standards of acceptable advertizing.

At the end of January of this year Twitter unexpectedly announced us advertizing prohibition in our official accounts where we announce the new materials published in our blogs (for example, Securelist and Kaspersky Daily) and also we inform users on new cyberthreats. We were told that the company uses the business model contradicting practicians of Twitter Ads, – the head of the anti-virus company Evgeny Kaspersky in the open letter directed to the management of Twitter wrote.

He noted that he does not understand how the formulation of Twitter belongs to Kaspersky Lab as the company did not violate "any hand-written and unwritten rules" and conducts "the most normal business model for the IT industry".

Twitter refused to publish advertizing of Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky reported that Kaspersky Lab sent the official appeal to Twitter, however more than in two months the microblogging service sent the answer "with the same text".

Blocking of advertizing happened shortly after Washington brought Kaspersky Labs charges of communications with intelligence agencies and that the software made by the company could be used by the Russian intelligence. The Russian company denies charges.

Earlier Twitter prohibited to place advertizing messages to accounts of RT TV channel and the Sputnik edition. Twitter explained that the decision was made on the basis of outputs of the American prospecting community. There considered that both Russian agencies tried to influence the American presidential elections in 2016.[13]

Hundreds of employees of Twitter browse personal correspondence of users. Video

The Twitter social network pays the employees that those browsed all private messages of users which are available on servers of the company analyzed them and made "a virtual profile" of the user which can be sold to advertisers. In it software developers and other staff of Twitter were recognized. Their recognitions were written on the hidden camera by participants of the Project Veritas organization which is engaged in investigations of cases of corruption, fraud and human rights violation[14].

On a film expressions of four employees working now on Twitter are imprinted: Conrado of Miranda (Conrado Miranda), Clay Haynes, Pranay Singh and Mihai Alexander of Florea (Mihai Alexandru Florea).


The average salary - $161,860

The average salary of staff of Twitter at the end of 2017 was $161,860.

Twitter increased the maximum size of messages to 280 characters

According to the official press release, the management of Twitter made up the mind to this step to give to users more freedom for expression of the thoughts. Before people needed to be the most laconic to keep within 140 characters. Now microbloggers will be able to become more liberated. It will not be necessary to worry that the couple of words will not get into the message, tearing off it on the most interesting place, and it is necessary to cut down the text by reductions and other cunnings.

According to the statistics Twitter, at regulation in 140 characters of the maximum length reaches about 9% of tweets while at regulation in 280 characters — only 1%. According to the company, long tweets are also composed and published quicker, than short as the user thinks of formulations less. Data were obtained during the global preliminary testing of new regulation started at the end of September [15].

Results of testing showed that users in general not especially actively use additional characters. Only 5% of tweets exceeded an old maximum in 140 signs, and only 2% of phrases were longer than 190 signs. The company notes that it is even good because time which subscribers spend on reading of tweets will not increase considerably.

The limit was entered into 140 characters at the beginning of existence of Twitter by analogy with Sms. Messengers and similar to them at that time were not widely adopted the application yet, and SMS remained the main means of mobile text communication. The limit of the SMS made 160 signs, but Twitter cut off it up to 140, having reserved 20 characters under a user name. When it became clear that this space for expression of a thought is enough not for all users, the social network thought of its increase. In 2015 the idea to enter a limit into 10 thousand signs, as in Facebook was discussed.

Logical vulnerability in Twitter

On May 4, 2017 it became known of detection of logical vulnerability in Twitter social network. The detected bug allowed to publish messages on behalf of any user, without access to the account of the victim.

Vulnerability was detected by Egor Zhizhin, the employee of Digital Security company. For its operation, the company stated, enough advanced skills[16].

Vulnerability is revealed on February 26, 2017. By February 28, 2017 the social network closed "hole". Twitter addressed to Zhizhin official gratitude together with "the large monetary reward", Digital Security reported.

The found vulnerability is connected with service. Service works as library which allows loading of files, for example, of the image or video. For operation of a bug it was required to come into and to select the Load the Media File function. In process the social network gave to the user an opportunity to tweet this file and to share it with users for choice.

An opportunity to tweet the file assumes among other things use of id of the owner of the image and id of the user of social network on which page the tweet will be published. For the successful publication of a tweet in someone else's account was to intercept a request for a tweet enough and to change these id and also a media key of the file in a request of POST.

Substitution of ID of the hacker on those which belong to the victim happened rather simply: it is possible to learn the necessary accounts using different services. The complexity is that the malefactor somehow should get a media key of the file which contains in library of the victim. Only the owner of the file can learn this key. Try a key from 18 digits impracticablly. Therefore, it was required to use other option – to share the file with the victim. After that the target account became the co-owner of the file which key is already known to the hacker.

The special danger of vulnerability of Digital Security was seen by accident probability as a result of the publication the malefactor of identical information in several accounts at the same time. Be it news editions or pages of public figures, such actions could provoke serious consequences.

48 million users of Twitter are bots

According to[17] of the University of Southern California and Indiana, about 48 million accounts in twitter can be bots. Drew the attention[18] to it].

Scientists counted that up to 15% of all English-speaking users of Twitter are a bot accounts. Generally they retweet other users or add tweets to "favorites". But some bots are much less harmless — they are designed to imitate behavior of people and to influence formation of social and political opinion.

Twitter transfers personal data of users to Russia

In April, 2017 it became known that the Twitter social network will begin to store the personal data of Russians which are available at its order in the territory of Russia as that is required by the law "About Personal Data". Transfer of information on the Russian servers is going to be performed to the middle of 2018. Now the company defines what data will move. Roskomnadzor which got the letter with the notification from the vice president of Twitter concerning public policy in Europe, Asia and in the Middle East Sinead McSweeney reported about it.

According to the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov, department is going to check how Twitter executes the law "About Personal Data", not earlier than the second half of the year 2018. In a similar situation there was a Facebook social network – it will not be checked too in 2017. Unlike Twitter, Facebook did not express yet readiness to transfer data to the Russian servers[19].

According to Zharov, both social networks conduct permanent negotiations with Roskomnadzor. In particular, the staff of Roskomnadzor met representatives of Twitter a month ago, with representatives of Facebook of a meeting passes annually. Department agrees to give them and to other companies concordant to execute rules, time for information movement.


500 million tweets a day

Twitter is about 320 million users, and in day, according to information of the social network, about 500 million tweets are published. Katee Perry remains the most popular user in the world — updates of her page are monitored by more than 84 million people.

In Russia the palm belongs to the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, on his page 4.74 million users are signed. He is followed by Ivan Urgant (4.68 million subscribers) and Pavel Volya (4.13 million). The most popular Russian athlete in social network is Maria Sharapova. Its page is monitored by 2.03 million subscribers.

The Twitter microblogging service since February, 2016 blocked 235 thousand accounts because of terrorism promotion. The company noted that they sharply condemn promotion of terrorism on social networks. In total since June, 2015 360 thousand accounts are blocked already, RNS tells. Also on Twitter noted that they developed a system which blocks new accounts of people whose profiles earlier the company already closed because of suspicions of distribution of extremist materials.

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Apple, Alphabet and Rupert Murdoch among applicants for purchase of Twitter

The price of the microblogging service and the Vine and MoPub applications belonging to Twitter in case of sale will be no more than $18 billion. At the same time the amount can be considered overestimated for the company which reports every quarter on negative financial performance.

Media among applicants for purchase call Alphabet, Apple and the media mogul Rupert Murdoch together with 21st Century Fox holding and News Corp.

The current difficulties of Twitter company consist in managerial confusion, bad indicators of growth and unresolved crisis of identity, Bloomberg writes. "The company aims to be what it could never become, namely — to be service which all use every day or more often" — Brian Wieser considers, the analyst of company Pivotal Research Group[20].

The lack of growth of the user base within six quarters in a row is considered the main reason of sale of the company. But Twitter still has high potential: there are tens of millions of subscribers at such stars of show business as Kim Kardashyan and also users who protest against the repressive modes still use service.

Twitter tries to change a situation, having signed the contract on forward translations of games of National Football League and is going to start stream broadcasting of other sports, political events and entertainments. Any company which will purchase Twitter will have to undertake this strategy.

Search of buyers of the popular microblogging service started against the background of deceleration of growth of number of users and sales of Twitter for several quarters. In September Twitter received offers from the companies which showed interest, such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Allen & Co. At that moment the head of the company Jack Dorsey opposed sale to the company while the cofounder and board member Ev Williams supported the transaction[21].

As a result on Twitter made the decision to look for other options, such as sales of non-core assets, reported Bloomberg with reference to own sources.

Analysts explain failure of Google, Apple, Walt Disney and other applicants from purchase of Twitter with the fact that investors of the companies spoke against such transaction, having considered it too expensive for an investment payback in the near future.

Earlier among potential buyers of Twitter also called Microsoft, however no detailed information on plans of this company in Network appeared.

The developer of the CRM system of the same name providing to customers cloud services on the SaaS model (software as service) remained the last large applicant for Twitter with realistic plans on its absorption.


Start of video service and group chats

The management of popular social network Twitter announced in January, 2015 expansion of functionality due to emergence of own video service. Now it is possible not only to publish video records in mobile applications, but also to write them on the camera. Earlier for the publication of video it was required to post content on other websites, to publish in social network only the link to material.

To opportunities of the microblog the feature for shooting of videos, their placements and processings will be added. The maximum amount of record is limited to a 30-second interval. For use of new opportunities to users of mobile devices on platforms Android iOS will also be to click enough a camera icon in mobile application. Besides, owners iPhone or iPad will have an opportunity of loading of files from archive of the device. Similar function will appear also on Android devices, but there will be it a bit later. The news feed will display the short preview with the description of the video, and its viewing will be performed by one click. Level of privacy of video files will be at the standard level, comparable with other tweets in network.

Expanded Twitter and possibilities of communication in a chat. Now the private conversation can be organized not only with one person, but also between group of participants. A similar opportunity, according to developers, will allow to increase convenience of discussion of some subjects. The maximum allowed number of participants of a conversation can reach 20 people.

Purchase for $100 million a startup of Periscope

In March, 2015 Twitter purchased Periscope startup gaining popularity allowing in real time of a message for $100 million to watch and comment on broadcasts of users from any place in the world. In Russia the strimingovy platform became known mainly thanks to celebrities for which Periscope appeared method to be closer to admirers. Around Periscope also the base of fans who look for the most extraordinary broadcastings was formed afterwards and share pictures and links in social networks.


Nearly a half of users of Twitter did not leave in social network of any message

As showed researches of Twopcharts company (spring of 2014), 44 percent of users who were registered in social network, never wrote any message. Another 30 percent created no more than 10 tweets.

According to Twitter, monthly about a quarter of billions of people use its services, and any visitor, even the one who came once is considered, and did not use this service any more.

Active, it is possible to call only 13 percent of users of this platform. They placed more than 100 messages. At the same time from half a billion accounts, owners whom created at least one message only of 25 percent did it in the last month. Twitter refuses to comment on it as researches were conducted by a third party.

The most part of users, are registered to monitor news and akkauna of the famous people. Twitter, is interested not in a monologue, and in a discussion between users as it increases the involvement of users into a discussion and consequently the time spent of people for the portal increases. Namely it is an argument at negotiations with advertisers.

Russia in the three of the countries, a thicket another asking Twitter about removal of content

The Twitter microblogging service published in February, 2015 the report on transparency (Transparency Report) for the second half of the year 2014 which showed growth of official requests for removal of content worldwide.

The three of the countries, is more often another addressing Twitter with requirements to delete this or that content in the second half of 2014, Turkey (477 requests), Russia (91 requests) and Germany (43 requests) headed. Total number of such requests grew from 433 (January-June) to 796 (July-December).

The Turkish requests were most often connected with the stated violations of the personal rights of citizens and officials. The company in certain cases took legal action in attempts to defend content, however it worked well only in five percent of cases.

The Russian delete queries of content were in range from advertizing of narcotic substances before announcement of peaceful meetings.

Also for the second half of 2014 Twitter received from Russian authorities of 108 requests of different data on accounts, any of which eventually was not satisfied.

Germany most often appealed to Twitter to block content of discriminatory character, 37 percent of complaints were satisfied. All granted requests for blocking of content and removal of accounts are available with explanations on Chilling Effects.

Partnership with IBM

On October 31, 2014 Twitter and IBM companies announced the conclusion of the partnership agreement which purpose - transformation of processes of acceptance of business solutions and rendering in it the help to business community.

Cooperation of two companies will help to integrate information of Twitter with cloud means of analytics, technology platforms for customer acquisition and consulting services of IBM.

Partners are going to focus on three directions:

  • Data integration of Twitter and analytical services IBM in a cloud environment. IBM will offer data analysis of Twitter as a part of some cloud services, including IBM Watson Analytics also the cloud service of data processing helping developers to embed services of data in applications. Entrepreneurs and developers will have an opportunity to integrate data of Twitter in software on the platform IBM Watson Developer Cloud and IBM Bluemix.

  • Creation of new opportunities of processing of Big Data for the enterprises. IBM and Twitter will offer a set of corporate applications with the purpose to help to improve processes of acceptances of business solutions in different spheres of economy. The first joint solution will integrate data of Twitter with the solutions IBM ExperienceOne that will allow sales managers and marketing to understand moods and behavioural characteristics better to service buyers or customers.

  • Specialized consulting services. Consultants of IBM Global Business Services will get data access of Twitter that will allow to increase quality of providing consulting services. Moreover, IBM and Twitter will cooperate in the development area of unique solutions for spheres of banking services, consumer products, retail, tourism and transport. Cooperation will rely on professional capabilities of tens of thousands of consultants of IBM Global Business Services and application developers, including employees of the only integrated practice of Strategy and Analytics and IBM Interactive Experience in the industry – the largest digital-agency in the world.

"Twitter gives a unique opportunity in a new way to look at the world – at the same time as the platform for interaction between millions of clients and business professionals and as a synthesizer of the main trends, – Ginny Rometti, the chairman of the board of directors, the president and the CEO of IBM noted. – The partnership with Twitter relying on a cloud analytical platform of IBM will help clients to transform process of acceptance of business solutions using a perfect new class of data. It is one of the newest examples of how IBM tries to rethink the concept "work".

By means of development of new technological solutions of IBM and Twitter, the organization will have an opportunity to structure the available data streams for improvement of processes of acceptance of business solutions. For example, integration of social data with corporate information will help to accelerate product development, predicting trends in the long term, or to predict demand growth using up-to-date data.


Revenue of $664.9 million (+110%), loss of $645.3 million

Revenue of Twitter in 2013 grew by 110% to $664.9 million in comparison with $316.9 million in 2012, at the same time the loss increased by 8.1 times - from $79.4 million to $645.3 million.

Analysts are confused by the fact that the growth rate of monthly audience of Twitter slows down. In the IV quarter the number of users grew by 3.8% in comparison with the III quarter (up to 241 million people). For reference, in the first three quarters 2013 growth was 10%, 7% and 6% respectively. At the same time the number of viewings Tweets Timeline (home pages) fell from 159 million in the III quarter up to 148 million in the IV quarter.

Analysts are afraid that the monthly audience of Twitter already overcame the maximum value, but Kostolo does not agree with such opinion. The problem is that service does not manage to force new users to remain in it.

The IPO at the New York Stock Exchange

Actions of the Twitter microblogging service within their primary placement (IPO) the first minutes of biddings at the New York Stock Exchange rose in price on November 8, 2013 for 85% in relation to the original price in 26 dollars, the price of one action grew to 47.10 dollars. During the trading session the peak share price reached 50.09 dollars. At the time of closing of the first day of biddings the share value of the company was 44.90 dollars for the paper (+72.6%). In the second day of biddings the share price fell by 3% up to 43.55 dollars. In December, 2013 the share price of Twitter reached 74 dollars.

Thousand false readers on Twitter cost 11 dollars

The website Marketing Land reported in July, 2013 booming market of false readers for accounts of Twitter on which prices promptly fall — one thousand can be purchased for only 11 dollars. For comparison, one hundred false communications in LinkedIn will cost you 15 dollars. The Barracuda Labs company analyzed more than one thousand accounts which owners purchased to themselves false readers. It became clear that on average at each such account it is more than 50 thousand readers, and at 16 of them — over one million subscribers.

Having processed 100 thousand false accounts, Barracuda learned that their middle age — about seven months, and only the very few are more senior than three. False accounts even publish own tweets (on average at everyone — on 77 messages) and have the readers (on average — on 32). They are created quite often by complete copying of information from real-life accounts, only to a user name attribute some additional character like underlining.

According to Barracuda, the existing automated means of check of legitimacy of accounts of Twitter will not recognize accounts with readers forgeries. Recently the New York Times reported that false readers on Twitter are present at a large number even at Pepsi company and the rapper of 50 Cent.

The U.S. President Barack Obama is the leader in number of false readers on Twitter

In 2013 the indisputable leader in number of readers in network of microblocks Twitter U.S. President Barack Obama was an owner and the largest number of counterfeit subscribers, or as they are called, "followers". Like those more than a half. Read more here.

In Library of Congress of the USA half a billion entries from Twitter are daily added

In April, 2010 the Library of Congress of the USA signed the agreement according to which the Twitter company undertook to transfer it to storage all records published in microblogs of service from the moment of its start in 2006. The first stage of this project already comes to an end. About 170 billion records from Twitter are now stored in library, and daily this collection rises by 500 million.Ошибка цитирования Неправильный вызов: ожидался нечисловой ключ

On the next stage it is necessary to decide how to provide to researchers access to this huge information archive. Permited Twitter non-commercial use of provided data, but the technology for studying of such big arrays of information lags behind technologies of their creation and distribution so far, note in library.

The archive for the four first contains years about 21 billion records which in an uncompressed type and taking into account the service information occupy about 20 Tbyte. New records come to library in the form of files with archives in each hour. The Gnip company — the partner of Twitter, providing commercial access to archives of microblogs is engaged in it. Two copies of complete archive in summary form now occupy 133.2 Tbyte. For reliability they are stored on tapes in two different places.


  500 million tweets a day, Russia on the 14th place

The volume of the records published every day in mikrobloggovy service Twitter reached 500 million in October, 2012. Within the Internet Advertising Bureau Engage conference the chief executive officer of Twitter Dick Costolo reported about it. It means that every second on Twitter about 8 thousand records are placed, adds V3 edition which published data.

Last time in the company officially announced achievement of 400 million tweets a day - in June, 2012. According to Dick Kostolo, in October, 2012 the Twitter base supports 140 million active users.

The user base of the Twitter microblogging service in June, 2012 exceeded a half of one billion accounts from which more than 140 million belong to residents of the USA - the state, native for the project. Such data are reported in the report of Semiocast research company.

According to analysts, in Russia - about 8 million users of Twitter. On this indicator Russia takes the 14th position, conceding to Venezuela (the 13th position), Colombia (the 12th position) and Turkey (the 11th line).

It is remarkable that a considerable part among the Russian users was registered after January 1, 2012 (more than a third of all accounts). Other users were registered during the period until the end of last year.

It is less than users of Twitter, than in Russia: in South Korea (the place following at once Russia), the Netherlands, Argentina, France, Germany and Italy.

27.4% of accounts of Twitter from total number in 517 million accounts are the share of the USA. In June, 2012 the American users wrote 25.8% of all public "tweets" in a month. On this indicator of the USA dominate, however growth rates are abroad higher, reported in Semiocast.

Did not get to the twenty of most active "tweets" of the cities of Moscow on number. In total for June users of service around the world published 10.6 billion records. The most active audience is located in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. On the second place - Tokyo, on the third - London. Residents of São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, showed the fourth result, New York - the fifth.

Introduction of censorship upon the demand of some countries

The management of the Twitter microblogging service declared in January, 2012 determination to obey to requirements of the authorities of the countries where owing to historical, cultural or other reasons there are reasonable restrictions for promotion of certain ideas. This solution is caused by the aspiration of Twitter to expand the presence at national segments of the Internet.

Earlier the social network supported absolute freedom of speech. And flat refusal to enter partial censorship justified itself the fact that technically the operator can delete the doubtful text message only globally, but not in one single segment of the Internet.

"Since today we found capability not to allow to get acquainted with content to users in this or that country, saving access to contents for users in the rest of the world", the statement says.

At the same time Twitter promised to try to notify authors that their text message was blocked and withdrawn. Details of such incidents are decided to be stored in the database.

Troyan for mobile devices uses Twitter

Joji Hamada, the expert of Symantec, on the official blog of the company placed information on the growing attractiveness of the Twitter platform in the opinion of malefactors. At least, she managed to prove the efficiency on the example of distribution of a notorious polymorphic trojan of Android.Opfake for mobile devices based on the platform of the same name.

As you know, productive placement of the malware on the Internet which consequence growth of number of loadings is requires certain efforts and costs of time from cyber-criminals. First of all, official app stores, shops of the third-party companies and even dummy shops are of interest. Other option assumes use of specialized websites for a hosting of the malware or its distribution under the guise of original applications. For attraction of traffic to such resources it is usually accepted place references at forums or apply SEO optimization to bring them in a top of search results.

It seems that now the arsenal of tools available to malefactors was filled up also by social network, especially popular among mobile users. Android.Opfake is not located in official shop Android Market – a conductor to the malware are separate tweets which can appear in search results on some popular key word (software, mobile devices, pornography, etc.). They usually contain short hyperlinks and the message mainly in Russian with impregnations of English-language terms. To rather trustful user to visit the site of malefactors as installation of the malware begins. The dirty trick is in what before click-through impracticablly unambiguously to tell the tweet is infected or not.

Examples of lists of messages, some of them contain a malicious code

Source: Symantec, 2012 

It is simpler to recognize some infected messages as they are often sent and have no followers. However meet also such which are sent less often and have followers, i.e. on all signs are indistinguishable from ordinary tweets. The majority of names of accounts of the infected messages are very peculiar, but besides it is not obligatory.

Several harmful accounts

On March 21, 2012 Twitter was six years old

On this occasion the company published a number of statistical data about growth of audience of Twitter. So the number of active users of service is about 140 million. They send about 340 million tweets daily. In March, 2011, users daily sent only 140 million tweets a day.


Loss of $25.8 million in the first quarter

During the period from January to April 30, 2011 revenue of Twitter reached $23.8 million, at the same time the company remained at a loss and for this period recorded dead losses in the amount of $25.8 million. For comparison, revenue of Facebook approximately for the same time by 26 times exceeded an indicator of Twitter, at the same time the company could turn about a third of this amount into profit. During the period from January to April, 2011 the company spent $13.1 million for research and development, $5.4 million - for sales and marketing. $12 million more made administrative costs. Besides, the point under the name "cost value" opposite to which the amount of $18.7 million is specified appears in the list of items of expenditure.

The Gawker edition called Twitter "the biggest bubble in the history of a high tech or mass media".

Rumors about possible sale to the company in Facebook or Google

In February, 2011 it became known that owners of the Twitter microblog can sell it in the near future, among probable buyers - Facebook and Google, reported The Wall Street Journal with reference to own sources. Negotiations about it are conducted for several months, at the moment potential buyers estimate Twitter at 8-10 bln. dollars. Also it became known of purchase of a part of actions of the microblog by Andreessen Horowitz investment fund. The last invested more than 80 mln. dollars in Twitter. What percent from a total quantity of actions of the microblog they represent, in Andreessen Horowitz do not disclose.

155 million tweets a day

In April, 2011 - the number published daily in microblogs of records in a year grew by 41%. Everything, as of the beginning of April, 2011, users publish on average 155 million tweets a day against 55 million the previous year. The quantity of inputs in the account in Twitter from mobile devices in the first quarter grew by 50%. This indicator for inputs on Twitter in general from all devices increased by 52%.

The indicator in 177 million tweets which was recorded on March 11, 2011 is record.

Start of Twitter is available in Russian

April, 2011 - Twitter is available in Russian. Except the interface, also the system of the recommendation of microblogs was Russified – now it is possible to look for interesting, using subjects in Russian: innovations, fashion sport, news, policy, etc. The administration of Twitter published also the list of the most popular Russian-language blogs, entered it a tweet tape of the president Russia Dmitry Medvedev, journalist Vladimir Solovyov, the figure skater Evgeny Plushenko of TV hosts Ivan Urgant and Tina Kandelaki. Along with Russians the localized version of Twitter was received by also Turkish users. Thus, the microblogging service became available in eight languages.

The first disclosure of data of the user upon the demand of court

May, 2011 - The administration of Twitter declassified personal data of one of the users upon the demand of court. The resident of Great Britain Ahmed Khan was accused of defilement of honor and dignity of the colleagues from local council of one of the British regions. The administration of Twitter was forced to provide its personal data and e-mail at the request of the Californian court where a claim against Khan was submitted. According to him, service violates the rights of all the users, indulging similar judicial requirements:

"It violates not only my civil rights, but also the rights of everyone who ever sent me the message through Twitter. I had only fourteen days to employ the lawyer and to try to defend oneself in court which is in ten thousand kilometers from my house and all expenses I undertook".

In March, 2011 the similar precedent took place - the American court obliged to provide to Twitter the IP addresses of participants of the infamous project of WikiLeaks.

Usmanov and Milner become large investors of Twitter

At the beginning of August, 2011 Twitter confirmed earlier going unofficial information on the fact that the Russian investment company DST Global belonging to Yury Milner and Alisher Usmanov became one of his main investors.

"We made a lot of things for a short time. Today before us opportunities for expansion of a scope of Twitter thanks to the new round of investments headed by DST Global venture fund, with the assistance of some of our existing investors are open", reported in the official blog of Twitter.

Twitter does not disclose transaction details, but it is known that the day before the service agreed to sell about 25 million shares at the price a little more than $16 apiece that makes about 5% of capital stock. Due to their sale the company was going to raise about $400 million additional money, CNN with reference to the consulting agency VC Experts which got access to documents of the company reports. These digits allow to say that the market value of Twitter is about $8 billion today.

According to AllThingsD, the actual volume of a round which heads DST is $800 million from which $400 million are going to be directed to share repurchase of securities at the staff of service and other investors.

"Twitter is one of the few companies which really changed the world. Amazing growth of Twitter is the certificate of that how important it becomes for a large number of people every day and why we could not miss chance to be the most part of its future", - the AllThingsD edition quotes Yury Milner.

In the blog of Twitter some statistical information which allows to gain an impression about rates of its growth is also given. So, users of service leave more than 200 million "tweets" daily in comparison with 65 million "tweets" now a year ago. At the same time the staff of the company grew from 250 to more than 600 employees. According to CrunchBase, to a final round service already attracted $360 million investments.


Attraction of $200 million at assessment of the company in $3.7 billion

In 2010 revenues of Twitter from advertizing were 45 million dollars. In addition, for 2010 Twitter was succeeded to receive 360 million dollars of a venture capital.

In the middle of December, 2010 Twitter within the next round of financing managed to attract 200 million dollars that estimated service at 3 billion 700 million dollars. The Kleiner Perkins Claufield & Byers venture fund became the leading investor.

For 2010 users of Twitter sent more than 25 billion tweets, and in the service more than 100 million new users were registered. In 2010 the number of employees of Twitter grew from 130 to 350.

Evan Williams gives a post to the CEO Dick Kastolo

In October, 2010 Evan Williams, one of founders of the popular Twitter microblogging service, left a post of the chief executive in this company. According to Williams, he suggested to take a position to the CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo, at that moment to the operating officer. Williams is going to continue to work in the company and intends to focus on product development strategy of Twitter.

Dick Kastolo was one of founders and the chief executive of Feedburner service. He sold this service of Google company in 2007 for $100 million. After that Kastolo held a post in Google and left it in July, 2009, having joined a command of Twitter.

"There is a set of problems with which it is necessary to deal in case of such rapid growth of the organization, as at us. Big growth in itself is not success. For us success consists in implementation of our potential as the profitable company which can save the culture and orientation to users, positively influencing the world around. So task not simple. I understood that I become widespread the greatest, managing work on products. My passion is creation of new things, and I am very optimistic concerning our plans" — Evan Williams in the official blog of Twitter wrote.
"That is why I decided to suggest the operating officer Dick Kastolo to become the CEO of Twitter. Since today, I will completely be focused on the strategy of creation of products. Within the first year of work on Twitter Dick proved to be the wonderful leader in development and implementation of our efforts on increase in revenues of the company" — the former chief executive of Twitter noted.

165 million users, start of the first advertizing

In October, 2010 on Twitter about 300 people whereas in 2008 the staff of the company made only 20 employees worked. The number of the registered users of service exceeded 165 million people, against 3 million in the 2008th. Now they publish in the microblogs about 90 million records daily whereas before Williams's appointment this indicator equaled 1.25 million records a day[22].

Twitter began to place for the first time advertizing in April, 2010. From now on the administration of service was engaged in implementation of new types of declarations and focused on monetization of the website. In particular, there were Promoted Tweets ("the advanced tweets") there is a platform of contextual advertizing which appears in an upper part of the page if the user executed search in one of a key word and also the Promoted Accounts platforms ("the advanced accounts") and Promoted Trends ("the promoted trends").

2009: The first user with one million subscribers

Gradually service gained popularity in the world, going out also of the United States. In 2009 on Twitter the first user with one million subscribers appears — the American actor Asheton Kutcher became him. In a year for Twitter there was one more important event which caused growth of popularity of service. In January, 2010 the astronaut Timothy John Krimer sent the first tweet from space.

2008: Jack Dorsey transfers the guide of the company to Evan Williams

In 2008 Jack Dorsey resigned the head of Twitter and transferred them to Evan Williams. He became a chairman of the board of directors. In parallel with this Dorsey worked also on other own projects, for example, service of mobile payments Square. He, by the way, offered the first methods of monetization of Twitter for which it initially also did not intend.

2007: Emergence#хэштегов

In 2007 there was a milestone event for all fans of social platforms. Then on Twitter for the first time appeared#хэштег, allowing to group and find posts on similar subject.

2006: Start of Twitter social network

The plain idea of Jack Dorsey stood at the origins of creation of Twitter: the founder of the network integrating people worldwide thought only of the platform ten years ago for small group of people who could contact instantly, exchanging two-three of phrases. Such short posts carried the initial name "statuses"[23].

However the idea of exchange something like Sms between several people arose at Dorsey at the beginning of the 2000th. Afterwards about it the founder wrote on the page to Flickr. According to him after on May 31, 2000 it was registered on LiveJournal ("LiveJournal"), to it the thought came to make similar, but more live service. Then Dorsey thought up the crude name for service —

Sketches of service for short messaging

Dorsey kept the intentions in secret within six years, studying parts of work of future platform. Until in 2006 he got to the Odeo command and finally did not implement so long nourished idea together with Biz Stone and Evan Williams. On March 21, 2006 Jack Dorsey (@jack) wrote the first message to Twitter.

By the way, notorious restriction of characters (140 on one message) was made also not up. Dorsey did the service with a careful eye to popular Sms in which there was also a limit of signs. About expediency of the similar concept which founders of Twitter never changed in all ten years disputes are still conducted. For some it is the limiting factor, others consider that the limit allows to formulate more accurately a thought and not to litter the film "dlinnoposta".


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