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RBC of RosBusinessConsulting


Rosbiznekonsalting is the Russian media holding.

Berezkin Grigory Viktorovich - 65%
Other shares are traded at the Moscow Exchange (June, 2017).


Revenue and Net Profit millions Thousand rub




+ RBC (RosBusinessConsulting)

RBC (RosBusinessConsulting) is the Russian media holding controlling assets in traditional and internet mass-media.


Main article: History of RBC

All events from life of the company from the moment of the basis up to now.


For 2017, the major business in structure of RBC is registration of domains which brings the lion share of the profit necessary for support of unprofitable media assets.

Cumulative audience of media assets of RBC – 25 million people a month, spoke in holding in the middle of June, 2017 with reference to data of Mediascope. From them 17 million people on average in a month watch RBC channel, 10 million people read the website of RBC, 2 million people read the newspaper of the same name and the magazine.

Registration of domains

RU-Center Group is the largest registrar of domains in Russia. Including the company controls the following services:



  • the business portal (20.2 million visitors a month, February, 2012),
  • the edition about high technologies,
  • the edition about a car of
  • 25% in the Internet portal, one of the largest resources of online hotel booking and air tickets. "We were included into this project at the good price, allowed it to develop, today there is a potential buyer who offers several million dollars for our share (on December 20, 2011, the chief executive of the Onexim group Sergey Lavrukhin[1]).
  • Rescore (service for check of partners).


  • 76% in the dating site (for October, 2014). For April, 2014 audience of 237,700 people in day.
  • Aeterna
  • The network of contextual advertizing (is closed)


RBC TV TV channel,


"We have not controlling stake in Mango Telecom telecommunication company. We in partnership with it develop the QIP messenger on which website made the big media portal where we tried to integrate all the mass Internet resources" (on December 20, 2011, the chief executive of the Onexim group Sergey Lavrukhin[1]).

Printed media

Board of Directors

On September 6, 2017 shareholders of PJSC RBC elected new members of Board of Directors which were:

  • Vadim Medvedev, vice president of the UST group. Graduated from MEPhI. Worked in investment and the Baker Tilly consulting companies, the group "Komstrin", "Uralsib". Since 2009 works in investment department of the UST group.

  • Anna Tyushkevich, daughter of the new owner of RBC Grigory Berezkin, board member of JSC Gazeta Metro. Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in Economy. From 2014 to January, 2016 was the CEO of JSC Gazeta Metro.

Performance Indicators

Main article: Financial performance of RBC

Revenue of the company according to IFRS for 2018 remained at the level of previous year, having made 5.9 billion rubles.

Income of the main segment of the company "information and services" (including the portal, RBC TV channel, the newspaper and the RBC magazine and so forth) also showed to B2C last year's result - 3.2 billion rubles of EBITDA of this segment made 597 million rubles, having saved profitability at the level of 18.6%.

The second in value revenue the Group segment – "B2B Infrastruktura", the including business of registration of domains and a hosting - increased income by 4.7% up to 2.25 billion rubles thanks to start of completely new website RU-CENTER with the unique system of personal recommendations of domain names, the adaptive version under all platforms and a full-fledged panel of the site administrator. EBITDA of this direction grew to 1.07 billion rubles (+4.1%), profitability on this indicator made 47.5%.

Operating expenses increased by 1%, having made 5.32 billion rubles. It should be noted reduction of business expenses for 7% up to 1.37 billion rubles because of decrease in agency and commission fees. Expenses on compensation grew by 1.7% up to 1.5 billion rubles. Depreciation charges showed increase by 6.1%, having made 398 million rubles. As a result operating profit of the company was reduced by 5.5% – to 618 million rubles.

Net financial income of the company in the amount of 77 million rubles was replaced by the huge expenses which made 3.9 billion rubles. The last years have significant effect exchange differences on a currency debt on this article: in 2017 they were positive and made 774 million rubles, and in 2018 became negative, having made 3.05 billion rubles. The debt load of the company for reporting year increased from 14.5 billion rubles to 18.4 billion rubles.

As a result the company showed net loss in the amount of 3.4 billion rubles.

Analysts note that the company in the near future will not manage to display net assets in a positive zone.

Segments of business of RBC group at the end of 2018:

B2B infrastructure. Business of registration of domains and hosting. These are the brands and operating companies entering into RU-Center Group: RU-CENTER, Registrar P01, Reggae, "Hosting Center", Spaceweb, "Peterkhost".

B2C information and services: portal, RBC TV channel, magazine and RBC newspaper. And also thematic projects: RBC Real estate, Autonews, RBC Style, RBC Sport.

B2B information and services. The Segment is based on paid access to content. Includes projects of RBC of the Research, RBC of the Conference, RBC of Quote and

Inspiration from RBC it is provided by the Award of RBC.

Minor assets: LovePlanet.


December, 1998 - RIA RosBusinessConsulting is included in the list most actively and steadily developing companies and banks Russia.

November 5, 1998 - RIA RosBusinessConsulting is awarded the highest award of the tender "Business Website 98" - the GRAND PRIX