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The State Corporation Rostec is the Russian corporation created in 2007 for assistance to development, production and export of hi-tech industrial output civil and military.


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The purpose of activity of State Corporation " Russian Technologies " is assistance to development, production and export of hi-tech industrial output by ensuring support in the internal and external markets of the Russian organizations - developers and producers of hi-tech industrial output, the organizations in which the State Corporation " Russian Technologies " owing to majority ownership in their authorized capitals and according to the agreements signed between them or otherwise has an opportunity to influence the decisions made by these organizations and also by the investment attraction in the organization of different industries, including defense industry complex.


663 organizations from which for August, 2016 9 holding companies in defense industry complex and 6 – in civil industries of the industry are created and also 32 organizations of direct control are its part of Rostec. The organizations of Rostec are located in the territory of 60 subjects of the Russian Federation and supply products to the markets more than 70 countries.

Among the most known enterprises of Rostec:

Performance Indicators


Growth of consolidated net income by 39.9% to 179.2 billion rubles

In 2019 consolidated net income of State corporation Rostec grew by 39.9% and was 179.2 billion rubles, revenue added 7.8%, having reached the level of 1.77 trillion rubles. Sergey Chemezov The CEO of Rostec reported about it at a meeting with the President Russia Vladimir Putin.

Submitting the annual report of State corporation, Sergey Chemezov noted that development of applied science became one of priority activities last year. In 2019 structures of Corporation executed 350 Researches and Development with a total amount of financings of 169 billion rubles. More than 200 innovation products and technologies are created, 865 patents are taken out, 570 know-how are issued. The enterprises of Rostec cooperate with the scientific organizations and universities – the total volume of their developments by request of Corporation reached 14.8 billion rubles.

"Research and production capacity of our enterprises allows to create demanded hi-tech products and to develop the whole complex of the knowledge-intensive industries: aircraft industry, radio electronics, automotive industry, new materials, medicine. Revenue of Corporation grew almost by 8% and reached 1.77 trillion rubles – without partner projects where a share of Corporation less than 50%. The net profit of State corporation increased by 39.9%, to 179.2 billion rubles, including taking into account effect of restructuring of debt obligations of troubled assets. According to the results of last year sales of the innovation products grew to 705 billion rubles", - Sergey Chemezov said.

The corporation invests in development of personnel potential. In 2019 the average salary at the enterprises of Rostec grew by 9.9%, having reached a point 54.4 thousand rubles a month – above, than on average in regions of presence.

The head of Rostec noted that at the end of year the share of civilian products in total sales of the company made 31.1%. The Corporation implements the civil developments in practice, participating in national projects "Digital economy" "Health care", Ecology Education, "Science".

So, the Avtomatika concern implemented the Digital School system in 350 Russian educational institutions. The Schwabe holding in 2019 provided the automated laser surgical ALHK-01 complex - Zenit for esthetic medicine and also in partnership with Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University a prototype of the ultrasonic Diater complex for diagnostics and therapy of new growths by means of the focused ultrasound – HIFU. The Nacimbio holding delivered to regions more than 5.4 million doses of tetravalent vaccine for prevention of flu – Ultriks Kvadri.

Rostec participates in large infrastructure projects. In particular, United Engine Corporation (UEC) delivered 18 turbine jets for the gas pipeline "Force of Siberia" which in December, 2019 was opened by Vladimir Putin and the chairman PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Xi Jinping. The foreign trade organization "Technopromexport" in March, 2019 completed the construction of the Balaklava and Taurian thermal power plant in the Crimea. Input of objects in operation allowed to provide needs of the peninsula for power power completely.

The RT-Invest subsidiary company continues to develop an end-to-end system of the address with waste. In Moscow region Myachkovo in 2019 the first line of a complex of processing of waste opened – it allowed the authorities to close the Volovichi landfill of 22 hectares.

The portfolio of civil orders of REK in the first half of the year reached 78.6 billion rubles

On August 2, 2019 Rostec reported that the portfolio of civil orders of a radio-electronic cluster (REK) of state corporation in the first half of the year 2019 reached 78.6 billion rubles. The share of civil products in the general structure of revenue grew to 25%, having exceeded an indicator of the same period of 2018 for 5%.

It is expected that the consolidated civil revenue of the REK enterprises at the end of 2019 will step over a mark of 70 billion rubles that the current contracting on civil products confirms at the level of 95% of the annual plan. The main growth is provided for the realization account of complex infrastructure projects among which equipment of health facilities the medical equipment, implementation of technologies of "the smart city" in regions of the Russian Federation, creation of the "digital" systems for transport, the industries, housing and public utilities, power engineering specialists, telekommunikatsionnoyotrasl, a state administration and the social sphere.

the Sector of hi-tech electronic products develops the advancing rates in comparison with economy in general. It is natural that radio-electronic cluster becomes one of main growth drivers of State corporation. In 2018 sales of our civil products grew by 55% and reached 67 billion rubles. This positive trend remains, the portfolio of civil orders exceeded 78 billion rubles, including the essential backlog for 2020 is created. The current share of civil revenue in sales pattern makes 25%, our reference point – 60% by 2025. We actively participate the developments in implementation of such national projects as "Digital economy", "Housing and the urban environment", Health care, Education, "Safe and qualitative highways". We expand deliveries for a number of the branches of the economy implementing modern digital solutions. For domestic radio electronics it is the main potential of growth,


Total portfolio of orders of a cluster in the first half of the year made 280 billion rubles, taking into account contracts in the field of state defense order and export. The consolidated revenue at the end of year is predicted at the level of more than 300 billion rubles.

The radio-electronic cluster of Rostec includes holdings "Schwabe", "Ruselectronics" and Avtomatika concern which for August, 2019 integrate more than 200 enterprises in 35 regions of the country. The number of employees of a cluster exceeds 100 thousand people. The REK enterprises make the wide product range – from electronic components and blocks to medical products, the optical equipment, difficult software packages and systems. In particular, the cluster participates in projects for development of wireless communication 5G industrial Internet of Things, blockchain and other advanced technologies.



Creation of National competence center "Smart city"

On January 25, 2019 the State Corporation Rostec, Rosatom and Rostelecom signed the agreement on creation of National competence center "Smart city" in Moscow. Read more here.

Alexander Nazarov's appointment curator of digital projects of Rostec

The head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov appointed the deputy CEO of state corporation Alexander Nazarov responsible for implementation of digital projects. The top manager's task — coordination and consolidation of the different directions of works of corporation in the field of digital technologies, reported TAdviser on January 24, 2019 in Rostec. Read more here.

2018: Start in operation of the center of high-performance computing and modeling

In 2018 the "Solnechnogorsk Instrument Plant" (SIP) which is a part of Rostec put the center of high-performance computing and modeling into operation. At the time of commissioning it is one of the most powerful in Russia. Read more here.

2016: The Center for fight against cyberthreats is created

Antikhakersky the center or the Corporate center of detection, warning and mitigation of consequences of the computer attacks (KTsPKA) in November, 2016 began work in structure of Rostec state corporation. Cyber security specialists were a part of the organization. Their main objectives are the round-the-clock tracking of malfunctions in work of computer systems at the military-industrial enterprises, timely response to attempts of cracking and blocking of cyber attacks. Learn more: KTsPKA.

2015: IT outsourcing will become the standard in Rostec

Rostec develops technical policy which will contain the basic rules and standards in information technology field, and full translation of IT services on outsourcing will become one of standards. It is reported in the annual report of corporation published in July, 2015.

By the time of development of technical policy already transferred a part of the functionality connected with information technologies, Rostec to outsourcing of the infrastructure subsidiary company "RT-Inform". In the report it is said that in August, 2014 service of support of IT infrastructure of corporation was transferred to this structure. The number of staff of IT management of Rostec with the advent of RT-Inform was reduced by 85, data are provided in the report.

Further Rostec will distribute the IT processes transferred to outsourcing between infrastructure "daughter" RT-Inform and external contractors

In July, 2015 Rostec the choice of the contractor for rendering services announced[1] of providing and maintenance of IT services within the large contract for 1.2 billion rubles. A set of services includes user support of corporate systems, maintenance of information systems and general-system services of corporation, warranty and post warranty support of the equipment, management of backup, providing virtual work places (DaaS), service of printing and some other services.

In addition to own resources Rostec is going to involve to support of IT processes also external contractors. The state corporation at the same time could not explain TAdviser as the processes transferred to outsourcing between RT-Inform and external contractors will be distributed further.

"Now a part of IT functions really executes RT-Inform, but in the near future third-party contractors will also be attracted - it is necessary for increase in efficiency of IT processes. The detailed plan for redistribution of functions between RT-Inform and the third-party companies is in development and will be read later", - told TAdviser in Rostec.

Earlier in the company told TAdviser that already used services of outsourcing of support of systems from third-party contractors. So, for example,the Corus Consulting company supports EDMS, a system of uniform corporate treasury is supported by Novikombank and CFT, the information and analytical system is supported by Central Research Institute Elektroniki.

2012: Start of creation of the Center of computer simulation of industrial output

Main article: Center of computer simulation of Rostec



The consortium led by Gulnara Hasyanova will be engaged in development of domestic radio electronics

On April 21, 2020 Mikron announced TAdviser that State Corporation Rostec, Rostelecom and the Element group with support Minpromtorg combine efforts on an output to the market of the Russian radio-electronic products. The Consortium Telekommunikatsionnye tekhnologii (ANO TT)]] which purpose is formation of conditions for implementation of the state strategy in import substitution and development of domestic development and production of radio-electronic products, localization of the equipment for the telecommunication industry and also creation of demand for domestic electronic and component base is created. Read more here.

Production resuming by a considerable part of the enterprises of Rostec

On April 8, 2020 the State Corporation Rostec is recognized by the systemically important organization on which activity economic development and employment of the population in 60 regions of Russia depends. Results of work of corporation directly influence implementation of national projects, defense capability of the country and other aspects of national security.

Taking into account it a considerable part of the enterprises in April, 2020 resumes work. In particular, the most part of the enterprises of aviation and radio-electronic clusters, a cluster of arms and also a number of the organizations of direct control will continue work.

First of all, the personnel necessary for ensuring continuity of production processes involved performed by priority contracts in the field of civil production, state defense order and military and technical cooperation with other countries are involved. Also without stopping the enterprises of Rostec performing release of pharmaceutical products and the medical equipment sharply necessary for health facilities continue work. First of all, the speech about production of ventilators, the narcotic and respiratory equipment, thermovision equipment, obezzarazhivately air and individual protection equipment. Rostec reminded that are determined by the decision of the government of the organization of Rostec by uniform suppliers of these products.

The made decisions certainly consider the existing legislative restrictions of the federal and regional level. The working schedule of each specific enterprise is defined in coordination with the regional authorities.

Exhaustive measures are taken for prevention of a koronavirusny infection and ensuring the maximum safety of people.

Where it is possible, employees continue work in the remote mode - for them remote jobs will in large quantities be organized.

Number of staff in workplaces is increased gradually. In production premises before the working day at employees the contactless method takes temperature, including, using thermal imagers. Disinfection of jobs is regularly carried out by special means. In addition in premises air disinfecting devices are installed. Employees are equipped with individual protection equipment.

Control of observance of necessary measures and prevention of spread of a viral infection is performed by the operational staff which is specially created based on the enterprises and the holding companies.

Plans of creation of Competence center for development of end-to-end technologies of digital economy together with the Financial university

The State Corporation Rostec and Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation will create national Competence center on development of end-to-end technologies of digital economy. Rostec reported about it on January 27, 2020. The agreement was signed by the deputy CEO of Rostec Alexander Nazarov and the rector of the Financial university Mikhail Eskindarov. Read more here.


Signing of binding documentation with Sberbank on sale of 1% of a share of "MF of Technologies"

Sberbank announced on November 19, 2019 signing of the binding documentation on acquisition of 36% in JSC MF Tekhnologii controlling 58.3% of voting shares of Group at JSC Gazprombank (in the amount of 35%) and Rostec state corporations (in the amount of 1%) and becomes the equal partner in this company. Read more here.

Rostec and the ex-Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov created command center the movement of UAVs

In July, 2019 Rostec and the ex-Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov founded the "Center of the Organization of the Movement of Pilotless Vehicles" joint venture (DPC of BTS) registered in Innopolis. Read more here.

Approval of the plan of creation in Moscow of the Center of prof training and certification of the personnel for the innovation industries

On September 10, 2019 the State Corporation Rostec reported that together with Singapore Institute of technical education (ITE) approved the step-by-step plan of creation in Moscow of the Center of professional training and certification of the personnel for the innovation industries. Specialists of ITE which experience will be used during creation of special organization in Russia will continue to participate in the project within the next three years. Read more here.

Cooperation with CETC in the field of the radio-electronic equipment and electronic components

On September 6, 2019 the State Corporation Rostec reported that together with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) held negotiations and approved the development plan for cooperation in the field of development and production of the radio-electronic equipment and electronic component base. Read more here.

Rostec and AFK "Sistema" created the developer of microelectronics

On July 15, 2019 Rostec and AFK "Sistema" announced creation of joint venture in the field of microelectronics. The company received the name "Element". Read more here.

Agreement of Rostec and Government of the Russian Federation on intentions on joint development of four hi-tech areas

On July 10, 2019 the state corporation Rostec in the presence of the President RUSSIAN FEDERATION Vladimir Putin signed from Government of the Russian Federation the agreement of intent on joint development of four hi-tech areas – technologies of the distributed register, quantum sensors, the last generations narrow-band wireless communications for Internet of Things and communications of near and average ranges and also the last generations of mobile wireless communication (5G) (together with "Rostelecom"). In more detail here.

Rostec sold a share in MegaFon

At the end of June, 2019 it became known of sale by Rostec" the share in MegaFon. The state corporation was going to increase number of stocks of the operator, but finally refused this idea. Read more here.

Denis Manturov: Rostec is engaged in development of the Russian MR-tomograph

The head Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov announced on May 13, 2019 the project of development of the domestic magnetic and resonant tomograph (MPT). According to him, the state corporation "Rostec" is engaged in project implementation. In more detail here.

Rostec and Rostelecom will have one more joint venture for production of DWH

In April, 2019 Rostelecom announced plans of entry into the capital of Natsionalnye tekhnologii LLC. Under the terms of the transaction, Rostelecom redeems 49% of shares from structures "IKS of Holding" of Anton Cherepennikov - Tsitadel holding and KNS Yadro. Rostec will possess 51% of shares in authorized capital of the company. Read more here.

The agreement with structure of AFK "Sistema" on creation of the joint venture in the field of microelectronics

RTI Microelectronics Ltd (enters into the RTI holding belonging to AFK "Sistema"), State Corporation Rostec and its "daughter" of JSC Ruselectronics signed the legally binding agreement providing creation of the consolidated company in the field of microelectronic component base (MEKB). It is said in the statement of Rostec published on the website of state corporation on February 19, 2019.

Under the terms of the agreement, the parties will contribute in the united company in total control shares in 19 enterprises in the development area, production and the MEKB design centers. As a result of the transaction RTI Microelectronics will possess in the united company 50% plus 1 action, and to Rostec and Ruselectronics in total — 50% minus 1 action. The list of the assets entered to the joint venture is not specified.

According to Interfax, from Rostec can enter into the joint venture JSC Microelectronic Research Institute Progress, "RIEE Elektrostandart", "The Novosibirsk plant of semiconductor devices with special design office" (NZPP), "Plant of Semiconductor Devices" (PSD), TD ROSEL, "Special designing and technological bureau on the relay equipment" (SKTB RT), "scientific research institute of electronic and mechanical devices" (NIIEMP). In turn, from RTI as a part of the joint venture, as expected, there will be the Mikron plant, "scientific research institutes of molecular electronics" (NIIME), "Research Institute of Exact Mechanical Engineering" (RIEME), "Voronezh Plant of Semiconductor Devices" (VPSD) and others.[2]

The parties are going to close the deal on transfer of assets in the united company until the end of the first quarter 2019. Closing of the transaction will depend on accomplishment of a number of conditions suspensive, including approval by regulating authorities of the Russian Federation.

Zuk reported RBC with reference to the source close to System, within 18 months from the moment of closing of the transaction of AFK "Sistema" will pay to Rostec 1.35 billion rubles. Considering a difference in the cost of the entered assets, System will redeem from Rostec a share to control for 1.35 billion rubles. As the representative of Rostec specified RBC, calculations should happen within one and a half years, for payment by installments interest in the amount of a rate of the Central Bank is accrued.

For the first time possible creation by Rostec and JV AFK Sistema in the field of microelectronics became known in November, 2016. Then merge of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) and Ruselectronics from Rostec was discussed with belonging to System RTI and "Mikronom" concern. In June, 2017 the parties signed the agreement of intent to create the united company, but afterwards the transaction was frozen against the background of judicial proceedings of System and Rosneft.[3]

Rostec and MSU will create the center for fight against oncological diseases

State Corporation Rostec and Lomonosov Moscow State University on February 14, 2019 signed the agreement on cooperation in the field of development and implementation of technologies for fight against oncological diseases. Read more here.


The head of Rostec reported to Putin on key results of work of state corporation

On July 22, 2019 the state korporatsiiya "Rostec" reported that its revenue in 2018 reached 1.642 trillion rubles, nearly two thirds it fell on sales of civil products and export of high-tech solutions. Consolidated net income of the company exceeded 128 billion rubles. The average level of the salary on Corporation was 49.5 thousand rubles. The CEO of Rostec told about results of year Sergey Chemezov during the meeting with the President Russia Vladimir Putin.

The head of Rostec reported to Putin on key results of work of state corporation

Submitting the annual report of Corporation, Sergey Chemezov reported that in 2018 Rostec performed state defense order for 99.6% and with advancing carries out a national objective of production diversification – the share of civil products in the total amount of revenue grew by 1.5 percent points and reached 30%.

Last year became also record for export of the Russian arms. The total amount of deliveries through Rosoboronexport was 13.7 billion dollars. The firm portfolio of foreign orders for the Russian military equipment reached 55 billion dollars.

Profitability on the net profit of the company made 7.8%. Almost the average monthly salary grew by 6 percent points — it was 49.5 thousand rubles.

As Sergey Chemezov reported, in 2018 the Corporation made considerable efforts for improvement of the troubled industrial assets which are recently transferred to the structure of Rostec.

Actions for integration into structure of Corporation of Ural Carriage-Building Plant holding continued. By the time of transfer the consolidated loss of the company was made by 4.2 billion rubles. Support of State corporation allowed to cut losses of "UVZ" by half (in 2018 - 2.1 billion rubles), at the same time civil revenue (the share in revenue made 38.2%) and other financial performance of holding grew.

Rostec also gave a serious organizational and financial support to Tractor Plants concern which was transferred under management of Corporation with total debts more than 106 billion rubles. Over 16 billion rubles were directed to implementation of crisis response measures by Rostec. Taken steps allowed to stabilize a situation and not to allow failure of obligation fulfillment of KTZ before the state and foreign customers.

Besides, in 2018 transition under management of State corporation of the OAK enterprises started. Process of improvement and program implementation of civil aircraft industry require considerable investments and are directed to creation in Russia of aviaproducer of the national level which will integrate design, production of components, finishing assembly of airplanes, helicopters and after-sale service. At the same time the aviation cluster will become the most powerful in structure of Rostec – its consolidated revenues will exceed 1 trillion rubles a year.

One of striking examples of work in the civil sphere Sergey Chemezov called creation of information and telecommunication infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup of 2018. System solutions of Corporation provided high quality of television broadcastings for the audience from 220 countries of the world and uninterrupted communication. Effective management of the project allowed to save more than 500 million rubles for the state budget that is confirmed with results of treasurer check.

During the championship also there underwent approbation the intelligent system of face recognition of FindFace thanks to which it was succeeded to delay more than 100 offenders. The NtechLab company — the creator of a sensing technology of persons which, according to the American agency of researches in the field of investigation, is the best presently became the partner of Corporation.

Separately Sergey Chemezov stopped on key projects of Corporation in the field of health care. In particular, in 2018 Rostec completed the program of construction and equipping of 15 modern perinatal centers in Russian regions.

Also clinical trials of domestic vaccine against flu of the last generation - the first such structure in the Russian market, containing at once 4 virus strains were complete. As the head of Rostec noted, use of tetravalent vaccines — the world trend allowing to reduce considerably incidence of the population. Literally the other day vaccine registered in the Ministry of Health, Chemezov reported. Vaccine will be manufactured in Russia on technology of a full stroke.

Besides, clinical trials of the three-component combined vaccine against measles, a rubella, parotitis came to the end. Documents for its registration are transferred to the Russian Ministry of Health.

The head of corporation paid attention that Rostec actively participates in implementation practically of all national projects fixed by "May" decrees of the Russian President.

So, within the Digital Economy national project Rostec became operator of road maps on end-to-end digital technologies of wireless communication of a 5G, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and a blockchain. The corporation develops and implements digital technologies in a state administration, power, the industry, housing and public utilities, the social sphere. Increases developments of modern element base, the different software, the telecommunication and computing equipment, etc.

For the benefit of the Health care national project the corporation creates different types of the diagnostic and medical equipment, builds and equips medical clinics in regions of the Russian Federation. With the assistance of Corporation the federal project on digital goods marking which helps to control quality of medicines is started. Besides, in 2018 the project on creation of national service of sanitary aircraft in which over 40 billion rubles are invested started.

As Sergey Chemezov noted, participation in implementation of national projects is closely coordinated to national objectives in the field of diversification of defense industry complex which shows extensive growth in the perspective civil markets - electronic engineers, IT, the medical equipment, chemistry.

The radio-electronic cluster of Corporation became the leader of diversification in 2018: its consolidated revenue in a year increased by 18%, to 266.6 billion rubles, and net profit showed almost 8-fold growth, having been 12.4 billion rubles.

The head of Rostec reported also that in 2018 the corporation traditionally supported a large number of the social initiatives and projects in the field of education, mass and professional sport, culture. Among them – the military and musical festival "Spasskaya Tower", the international festival of fireworks, the international musical festival "The Opera in Chersonese" and other cultural, sports and educational projects. Besides, with the assistance of Rostec in Tula in the territory of the operating plant the creative industrial cluster Octava was created.

Growth of revenue of REK of Rostec up to 266.6 billion rubles (+18%) also there arrived about 12.4 billion rubles (+790%)

The radio-electronic cluster (REK) of State Corporation Rostec at the end of 2018 increased the consolidated revenue by 18% — to 266.6 billion rubles. Its net profit at the same time grew almost by 9 times (+790%), having been 12.4 billion rubles, reported TAdviser in Rostec on March 12, 2019. Growth of financial performance is caused by accumulation of export volumes and implementation of large-scale projects in the civil markets, including in the field of digital economy.

Sales of civil products of REK in 2018 exceeded 67 billion rubles (+55.4%), at the same time its share in the general structure of revenue grew from 16.9% to 23.2%. The export volume of radio electronics of military and dual purpose increased by 56.1%, having been more than $580 million.

Summing up REK of Rostec for 2018. Photo: Igor Rodin,

The largest growth of revenue in 2018 showed Avtomatika concern — to 38 billion rubles (+45%). Revenue of Schwabe holding reached 61 billion rubles (+ 20%), Ruselectronics holding — 167.3 billion rubles (+12.5%).

Radio-electronic cluster — one of the main drivers of the development strategy of corporation. Creation of hi-tech products, an exit in new niches and increase in a share of civil products up to 60% by 2025 — such strategic objectives face the REK enterprises. Results of 2018 show growth of the key financial performance of a cluster, including growth of revenue from civil products more than for 55% and almost eightfold growth of net profit, significant increase in deliveries of products both at the domestic civil market, and through export — the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov summed up the financial results of 2018.

According to Sergey Chemezov, digital technologies will be able to become the locomotive and the driver for achievement of technological leadership of the country and also growth of economic development and social progress.

According to the most conservative estimates, for the next five-six years digitalization of economy should give about 4.5% of a gain of GDP, and at the ambitious scenario — more than 11% of a gain. In terms of economy digital technologies allow to reach significant cost reduction and formation of new sources of income through creation of new products and services and their integration into system infrastructure projects. Transition of the country from raw to digital economy, certainly, demands from the radio-electronic industry of rapid changes — the head of Rostec considers.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov to create hi-tech competitive products in the radio-electronic industry, it is necessary to build network of the design centers specializing in electronic components. He also added that economic effect for REK of Rostec of creation of such centers will be 12-15 billion rubles of revenue.

By the time of start of serial production of new products it is necessary to create network of the design centers capable to provide requirements of the different directions and industries. Teams of designers which have skills of work with hi-tech products and automatic design systems are necessary. Would like to set an ambitious goal: where as not at you to create network of the design centers. Deficit of such skilled staff makes about 20 thousand jobs. If on the following summing up you could report that about 4 thousand jobs are created in REK of Rostec, it would be fine — he told.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, for creation of such quantity of jobs in the field of design of electronic components the alliance with universities is necessary, the road map of such interaction will be developed together with the Ministry of science and the higher education of the Russian Federation.

In 2018 there were big changes in a management system for the REK enterprises. Necessary work on optimization of financial and production assets and increase in their transparency is carried out. For the first time the share of employees is younger than 35 years at our enterprises exceeded 30%. The average salary in a year grew almost by 7% and reached 57 thousand rubles — it is much higher, than on average in regions of our presence. We create new productions, we are reoriented from state defense order on civil technologies. In 2018 the cluster brought to the market a big number of civil products for trade, power, housing and public utilities, medicine, educations, telecommunications and other industries. Extensive competences of our enterprises allow us to participate in the big system projects implemented in many regions of the Russian Federation — such as "Intelligent transport system", Digital school, "Safe city", etc. — the industrial director of a radio-electronic cluster of Rostec Sergey Sakhnenko told.

Among the large-scale projects implemented by the REK enterprises in 2018 — creation of information and communication infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup, delivery of security systems and ballot paper processing systems for polling precincts during the election of the president of the Russian Federation, implementation of mobile and stationary inspection and customs complexes in the Federal Customs Service, implementation of the systems of "The smart city" and also equipment by the medical equipment of network of the perinatal centers in regions of the Russian Federation.

According to Rostec, growth of revenue managed to be provided also thanks to cooperation with other players of the market. Among partners of REK — Rostelecom, Rosseti, Spetsdorproyekt, the Pension fund, the Russian Railway, Gazprom, Prosveshcheniye Group, MegaFon, Citadel, Milandr, a number of the federal ministries and departments and also 24 regions of Russia.

As noted in the device REK, positive trends continue to remain in 2019. For March 1 contracting of the enterprises of a cluster in the area of state defense order made 190 billion rubles, in the area of civil customers — 40 billion rubles, the amount of export orders exceeded 24.5 billion rubles.

As of March 12, 2019, the Radio-electronic cluster of Rostec integrates 362 enterprises which are located in 35 regions of the country. The total number of employees of a cluster exceeds 100 thousand people. The REK enterprises make the wide product range — from electronic components and blocks to medical products, the optical equipment, difficult software packages and systems.

Transfer of 92.3% of stocks OAK by the Government of the Russian Federation

On November 20, 2018 the Government of the Russian Federation disposed to transfer Rostec state corporations of 92.31% of the stocks of United Aircraft Corporation (OAK) which are in federal property. The decree on share transfer was signed on October 24, 2018 by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Execution it is specified 18 months are allotted.

It is expected that transfer will provide consolidation of the main research and production capacities in the field of aircraft industry, will contribute to the development of domestic research and production potential in the development areas, productions, sale and upgrade of the aircraft equipment civil, military and special purpose.

From entry of PJSC OAK into the structure of state corporation economic effect, including in the form of investments into the MS-21 project is expected. Economic effect will consist also in optimization of operational processes, balancing of production capacities and development of cooperation of subsidiaries of OAK and organizations of state corporation, including JSC Vertolety Rossii.

MegaFon, Rostelecom and Rostec can create the infrastructure operator of a 5G networks

On November 20, 2018 it became known of creation in Russia of the uniform infrastructure operator for development of 5G network. The joint project of Rostelecom, MegaFon and Rostec should reduce costs on deployment of network of fifth generation, however there is a risk of restriction of the competition. Read more here.

The announcement of production of bionanorobots for cancer therapy

On September 10, 2018 the Rostec state corporation called terms of the beginning of serial production of the bionanorobots intended for fight against oncological diseases. Read more here.

Creation of a machine-tool constructing cluster in the Vladimir region for 460 million rubles.

The State Corporation Rostec announced on August 17, 2018 creation of a cluster for development and serial production of modern high-precision machines and the processing centers based on the Kovrov electromechanical plant (KEMZ). The cluster is designed to solve a problem of technology dependence of the Russian economy on foreign industrial equipment. Said it during the exit meeting in the city of Kovrov of the Vladimir region the CEO of Rostec Sergey Chemezov. According to him, investments into creation of a cluster will make about 460 million rubles till 2024. Read more here.

Investment of 3 billion rubles into creation of the center of additive technologies

The State Corporation Rostec announced on August 17, 2018 investment of nearly 3 billion rubles into development industrial 3D - printings in Russia. Means will go for opening of the Center of Additive Technologies (CAT) based on Chernyshev Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise (enters into UEC) — its creation occupies holdings of an aviacluster of state corporation: United Engine Corporation (UEC), Helicopters of Russia, Tekhnodinamik and KRET. By estimates of Rostec, revenue of TsAT for 2018-2027 can make 13.2 billion rubles, and a sales profit — to exceed 3.6 billion rubles. Read more here.

Sale of a share in Yota Devices to the Chinese consortium

Rostec announced on July 24, 2018 completion of the transaction selling the share in Yota Devices to consortium led by the Chinese investment group Trinity World Management (TWM). The transaction was initiated by Rostec within the option agreement with TWM. Rostec will receive for the packet in 25.1% money and liquid securities for the amount more than 3 billion rubles. Read more here.

Creation of JV Kriptonit

The Avtomatika concern of Rostec state corporation and Tsitadel company announced in July, 2018 creation of the joint venture which will promote on the commercial market of military developments in information technology field. Read more here.

Formation of JV MF tekhnologii

The MegaFon company announced on May 8, 2018 creation of joint venture JSC MF tekhnologii (MFT) with Gazprombank, Rostec and USM Holdings for digital service development and projects implementation in the field of digital economy. Under the terms of the transaction, MegaFon will enter to joint company 11,500,100 of the stocks Group of class A owned by it (that makes 5.23% of economic and 58.87% of the voting share in Internet holding).

In turn, within the transaction Rostec will purchase at 100% of "subsidiary" of MegaFon of Lefbord Investments Ltd 11% of stocks MFT for $49.5 million Read more here.

Creation of network of medical laboratories together with Siemens Healthineers

On January 11, 2018 it became known of cooperation of Siemens Healthineers with Rostec state corporation. Partners agreed about creation of network of the centralized kliniko-diagnostic laboratories, TASS reports. The relevant agreement is signed in January, 2018 between the enterprises of a radio-electronic cluster of Rostec and Siemens Health Care company, TASS the source in a health care system of the Russian Federation familiar with the course of negotiations reported. Read more here.


Selection to Rostec of a subsidy in 7.3 billion rubles for creation of domestic ELKT

The prime minister Dmitry Medvedev approved as the resolution No. 1659 of December 27, 2017 rules of selection to Rostec of a subsidy in 7.3 billion rubles for creation of the electron beam computer tomograph with a double radiation source within the state program "Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industry" for 2013-2020.

JSC RZM-Tekhnologii entering into Rostec state corporation will act as the receiver of a subsidy, and the subsidy will be transferred in a type of a property contribution. The approved rules suppose that the company in exchange for a subsidy is obliged to provide two prototypes of the tomograph by 2020, two patents by 2022, and by 2026 — to create 200 hi-tech jobs and to provide export volume in 6 billion rubles.[4]

Revenue of 1.58 trillion rubles

The consolidated revenue of Rostec in 2017 reached 1 trillion 589 billion rubles, consolidated net income – 121 billion rubles, EBITDA – 305 billion rubles.

As the director of special orders of Rostec Vasily Brovko reported on June 6, 2018, the state corporation is going to increase by 2025 the sales volume of the civil digital products to more than 300 billion rubles, at the same time Rostec expects to double revenue share from the innovation products to 14%.

Such indicators are going to be reached within the Development strategy of corporation which provides increase in a share of revenue from civil products to 50% by 2025, Vasily Brovko specified. The main sales volume is going to be provided at the expense of complex infrastructure projects, implementation of the systems of "the safe city", automation systems, including industrial and also modern types of the IT and telecom equipment.

At the end of 2017 revenue from civil products of Rostec made 548 billion rubles (growth by 46.5% in relation to 2016), at the same time revenue from the digital systems and the equipment exceeded 90 billion rubles. The share of the innovation products in total sales made 7%.

Investments in R&D all enterprises of state corporation made 141 billion rubles last year - it is about 9% of revenue of Rostec. Similar level of investments is steadily supported for already row of years. We perfectly understand that investments into new technologies and the advanced products — the main driver of development allowing to implement the ambitious plans put in our Development strategy. Only for 2017 the corporation takes out 870 patents and 1300 know-how are registered — Vasily Brovko added

Sales plans of 49% of stocks of "High-precision complexes" to the private investor

The State Corporation Rostec at the beginning of November, 2017 expressed the intention to attract the private investor in the capital of High-precision Complexes scientific and production association.

As of November 7, 2017, the initiative of sale of 49% of stocks of defense holding was approved by the supervisory board of state corporation, however it still undergoes approval of all interested federal executive authorities, including special customers. The final decision on sales opportunity of stocks of holding will be made by the Government of the Russian Federation. Read more here.

Creation of the partner center in Skolkovo

The State Corporation Rostec and Skolkovo Foundation signed on October 17, 2017 the agreement on placement of the partner center in the territory of the innovation center "Skolkovo". The state corporation till 2020 is going to select 300 million rubles for financing of operating activities of the center. The partner center is created based on the Informkhimmash enterprise entering a cluster of Arms of Rostec. The cluster already studies pilot projects of products in the civil sphere which will be implemented jointly about Skolkovo. Read more here.

Plans for creation of uniform non-state pension fund

The Federal Antimonopoly Service approved in October, 2017 transfer of 100% of stocks of NPF AvtoVAZ (which owner is the AvtoVAZ company) to perimeter of Rostec. It is going to transfer NPF of state corporation on a grant basis at the beginning of 2018. You watch NPF Rostec in more detail.

1.7 billion rubles on construction of the perinatal centers

The State Corporation Rostec until the end of 2017 will put into operation of 10 more perinatal centers in regions of the Russian Federation. The modern medical equipment the corporation will in addition select for completion of construction and equipping of new objects from own sources 1.7 billion rubles.

The program of construction of the perinatal centers in regions is implemented since 2013 within the corresponding order of the President of Russia. To the middle of 2017 5 centers - in Ufa, Orenburg, Bryansk, Makhachkala and Nazran are already constructed and open. The perinatal centers in Penza, Yakutsk, Pskov are almost ready to opening. Other objects - all the State Corporation Rostec received the order for creation of 15 centers for the whole country - will be handed over until the end of December, 2017.

To accelerate rates of works, a number of objects will receive additional financing from sources of State Corporation Rostec. In particular, according to the solution of Corporation of 360 million rubles more than 200 million rubles – in Penza, over 140 million rubles – in Ulyanovsk are already directed to construction of the perinatal center to Karelia, in the coming months objects in the Leningrad and Tambov regions will also be co-financed. In total 1.7 billion rubles will be until the end of the year directed to construction and equipping of the perinatal centers.

The decision on selection of additional financing is caused, including objective value addition of works as the project documentation prepared in 2014, in other price conditions. At the same time in certain cases the taken measures are integrated to claims to contract organizations which did not maintain terms, did not observe the quality requirement of works and allowed cash gaps. With several contractors who were not fulfilling the obligations, agreements are terminated, concerning a number of unfair firms criminal investigations are initiated.

The strategy of POZIS - sale of civil products

rostekh approved in the summer of 2017 the strategy of POZIS providing fourfold increase in proceeds from sales of civil products by 2025. The enterprise will become one of engines of growth in the field of civil products of a cluster Arms of State Corporation Rostec within the program of conversion of production of the defense enterprises.

During the visit to the Republic of Tatarstan the industrial director of a cluster Arms of State Corporation Rostec Sergey Abramov inspected the course of implementation of a number of projects of POZIS (enters into Rostec), examined new developments of the company.

"Due to end of the State program of arms, State defense order amounts will naturally be reduced. For preserving of production volumes, the defense enterprises need to be reoriented on release of hi-tech civil products. The strategy of a cluster Arms provides the 30% growth of amounts of "citizen" by 2025", – the industrial director of a cluster noted Arms of State Corporation Rostec Sergey Abramov. – "POZIS will become one of engines of the program of conversion. In the Strategy of POZIS increase in proceeds from sales of civil products by 2025 to 21 billion rubles is put. It is 4 times more than the total revenue of the enterprise for 2016".

In addition to traditional production of small-bore ammunition of POZIS develops the directions of home refrigerating appliances and medical refrigerating appliances on the basis of implementation of the hi-tech equipment and progressive technologies and also – due to mastering of production of new types of home appliances: dishwashing and washers, stoves. Among the last developments there are companies: specialized refrigerator for fur products which is compact analog of the fur-coat room. In 2017 POZIS became the pioneer among the Russian plants on production of wine cabinets in wooden execution.

The strategy of POZIS provides end of a complex of actions for restructuring of industrial capacities at the enterprise, also development of release of hi-tech civilian products due to production diversification.

Project of "Smart city"

The Rostec state corporation presented the project of "the smart city" at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The project of Rostec on the innovation arrangement of the cities includes a number of the "smart" systems. It in particular, technology of LED lighting with intellectual management "Light city", the centralized complex of photo and video fixing of violations of traffic regulations and road control "Intelligent transport system" and also "smart" technology of monitoring and the notification of the population "The safe city". The state corporation also developed separate solutions on control of state of environment using unmanned aerial vehicles.

"For the further growth and reaching the level of global world competitors we need to develop in the new fast-growing markets, passing from "iron" to intelligence" — the director of special orders of Rostec Vasily Brovko said. The state corporation including due to new developments in the field of smart city intends to increase annually revenue by 17% within the next eight years. By its estimates, the world market of appropriate technologies grows almost for 20% a year.

New office for 35 billion, refining - 90 billion rub

The Russian Direct Investment Fund will make investments in construction of new office of Rostec state corporation in Moscow. About it with reference to the sources wrote RBC in February, 2017.

The complex of buildings Rostec City will build on site the former Tushino airfield. Total area is 380 thousand sq.m. From them 263 thousand will occupy offices of structures of state corporation, still a part of squares (no more than 60 thousand sq.m) - apartments for employees. Also the hotel and trade real estate, objects of sports and social infrastructure will be built. Experts estimate the total investment volume into construction at 30 - 35 billion rubles.

Vee Holding of Vitaly Mashchinsky acts as the developer of the project. The same company possesses section under future complex. It is supposed what will take premises in office center "Rostec" from structures of holding in long-term lease. As earlier wrote Vedomosti, Mashchinsky and the head of state corporation Sergey Chemezov since the childhood are connected by the friendly relations.

In May, 2017 it became known that investments into construction of a complex of buildings on site of the Tushino airfield in Moscow where also future head office of Rostec state corporation will enter, will exceed 90 billion rubles (1.55 billion dollars). With reference to the sources write Vedomosti about it. As a part of a complex about 1 million sq.m of office real estate and also housing, sporting and social venues will be built.

The main investors sources in the market call RDIF created with its participation the Russian-Chinese investment fund and the Arab Mubadala Development. As the builder in the project Vee holding of Vitaly Mashchinsky acts. The last a number of media was called the childhood friend of the head of Rostec state corporation Sergey Chemezov.

According to sources of Vedomosti, a considerable part from 1 million sq. offices will be occupied by Rostec. However earlier it was reported that the state corporation will rent the far smaller areas.

Use of work of prisoners

In Russia a large number of prisoners on whose ensuring life activity hundreds of thousands of people work and large sums from the state budget are spent. In many countries work of convicts is used for production of different products, these are established practices.

Thus, cooperation with FPS is not a unique example, a number of the Russian enterprises cooperates with organizations of FPS for a long time. Convicts will not be involved on the productions connected with VVST, confidential, high technology productions, work on which requires appropriate level of education and competences, or admission to the state secret. At the same time for prisoners similar practice will allow to purchase broader spectrum of skills and competences which will increase chances of successful socialization after release.

Meanwhile representatives RUSSIAN RAILWAY of JSC and OFPS of Russia across the Republic of Tatarstan discussed an opportunity to attract condemned to construction of facilities of state monopoly, including a high-speed backbone in July, 2017 Moscow-Kazan. The press service of management reports about it. Convicts to obligatory works should non-paid till 4 o'clock in day be engaged in socially useful work, reminded in OFPS. They serve sentence on the objects determined by municipal bodies and local government authorities. Convicts to corrective works can work in the workplace if like that was available for them. At the same time a part of their salary — from 5% to 20% — is listed to the state. In total such convicts now in Tatarstan 1.8 thousand people.

Strategy of a cluster Arms

In April, 2017 the Board of State Corporation Rostec approved the strategy of a cluster Arms. A key target reference point is growth of revenue of holdings and organizations of a cluster with the annual average speed of 12.1% (from 2015 to 2025, without the new assets transferred in a cluster). Regarding the purposes on entry into the smart markets the cluster sets to itself a task of aggressive growth of volumes of civil products of a cluster and growth of export volumes.

The planned indicator of revenue of a cluster correspond to the target values designated for an arms segment in the Development strategy of Rostec till 2025. The indicator of annual average growth considers GOZA expected decrease in volumes by 2020. At the same time, in general, the corporation should show annual average growth on revenue in 17%. Arms in State corporation are responsible for accomplishment of strategy of a cluster the industrial director Sergey Abramov.

"Sustainable development of corporation requires preserving of steadily high level of revenue of a cluster against the background of decrease in State defense order. With respect thereto we plan significant growth of revenue on VTS, increase in a share of civil products in a total amount of revenue, increase in operational efficiency, the investment attraction and Formation of intra cluster competence center", – the industrial director of a cluster noted Arms of State Corporation Rostec Sergey Abramov. – "In case of successful strategy implementation cluster revenue in terms of money by 2025 will make about 700 billion rubles, and net profit to exceed 50 billion rubles".

Increase in total revenue from VTS is planned due to development of the new product samples conforming to requirements of the customer, development of services, optimization of interaction with Rosoboronexport.

The share of civil products in cluster revenue at the moment makes less than 15%. At a boundary of 2025 the share of civil products will grow more than twice. The annual average growth rate of revenue on civil products will exceed the general annual average speed on a cluster almost twice.

For expansion of competences, entry into the new markets and financings of new projects of a cluster involvement of private investors and formation of the joint venture is planned.

According to the Development strategy of Russian Technologies State Corporation, the Corporation is faced by a task of increase in a share of civilian products up to 50% by 2025, in compliance with the strategy of a cluster Arms, the share of civil products by 2025 should exceed 30%.


Among key events of State corporation in 2016 the CEO of Rostec noted completion of deliveries of 151 helicopters to India, opening of five new production facilities of Kalashnikov Concern, opening of the international airport "Zhukovsky", sale of a share block of Helicopters of Russia holding of RDIF, completion of deliveries of S-300 air defense complexes to Iran, etc.

In 2016 work on transfer and operational integration into structure of Corporation of share blocks of key production assets was continued. Stocks of 100 joint-stock companies, including 19 organizations executing the state defense order on a number of critical technologies came to the property of Corporation. In the end of the year the decision on transfer of stocks of JSC NPK Ural Carriage-Building Plant to Corporation was made.

According to the proposal of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to start the large-scale system program of development of digital economy, in 2016 Rostec paid special attention to digitalization of industrial enterprises and development of technology infrastructure based on an electronic cluster of State corporation.

Growth of revenue by 11% to 1.2 trillion rub

The consolidated revenue of Rostec in 2016 grew by 11% in comparison with 2015, having made 1 trillion 266 billion rubles. Consolidated net income of State corporation was 88 billion rubles, and EBITDA – 268 billion rubles. The salary on average in Corporation in 2016 grew to 44,000 rubles (in 2015 – average on Rostec - 41,000 rubles) while the average salary across Russia was 36,600 rubles a month. Total investment volume in 2016 was 142 billion rubles. The total amount of social expenses on the staff of Rostec exceeded 7 billion 700 million rubles.

The average salary in Rostec for 20.2% exceeded the average salary over the country

The State Corporation Rostec provided results of activity of 2016 within corporate policy. The number of employees increased almost by 4% and was for the end of 2016 of 462,000 people. The salary on average in State corporation in 2016 grew to 44,000 rubles (in 2015 average on Rostec – 41,000 rubles) while the average salary across Russia was 36,600 rubles a month. Development on one employee also grew in comparison with 2015 by 9%, having made 2,793 rubles.

The State corporation is faced by tasks of attraction and deduction of vysokoprofessionalny specialists, ensuring the guaranteed social support, standardization of elements of social policy with it. Uniform standards of corporate social policy, including the list of social programs and also mechanisms and conditions of their implementation are developed for the solution of these tasks in 2016.

In general, the volume of expenses of social character grew by 15% in comparison with 2015, having been 7.7 billion rubles. And the volume of expenses of social character on one employee in 2016 grew by 11.4%, having been 16.6 thousand rubles. Also in 2016 implementation of the housing programme and program of sanatorium service within which the State corporation selected 828 million rubles and 546 million rubles respectively continued. 1 billion 228 million rubles were selected for programs of voluntary medical insurance of employees.

Development of function of personnel potential is one of the most important vectors of strategy of State Corporation Rostec. Complex projects on training of workers within which they go as for compulsory education, and the programs of additional professional development passing including, in new formats are for this purpose implemented: business breakfasts, conferences, meetings with experts.

For attraction of personnel resources the active work providing interaction with the leading Russian highest and average educational institutions is conducted. Rostec cooperates more than with 200 universities and also with 50 professional schools with which the relevant agreements for target training of specialists, development of cooperation within the scientific and technology directions and carrying out joint research, design and technology works are signed.

In 2016, after signing of the three-year partnership agreement with the union of Vorldskills Rossiya, the State Corporation Rostec received the status of the general partner of the WorldSkills Hi-Tech championship – the most large-scale competition of working specialties of high-tech industries of the industry in Russia. Support of the championship promotes implementation of a global mission of Rostec – reconstruction of a class of the working intellectuals and increase in prestigiousness of the skilled worker of work.

Plans for acquisition of producers of electronics for 368 billion rubles

On December 19, 2016 it became known that Rostec approved the strategy of an electronic cluster according to which the state corporation intends to spend more than one third of one trillion rubles for purchase of producers of electronics.

According to RBC, the general investments of Rostec into strategy implementation of an electronic cluster will be measured by 1 trillion rubles. Here own, budgetary and  borrowed funds  and also the financing attracted at strategic and  portfolio investors will enter.

According to forecasts of Rostec, revenue of an electronic cluster during the period from 2017 to 2025 will grow on average for 22.4% a year. One of the main drivers of this growth in state corporation consider the new products received including as a result of purchases of the companies.

Rostec is ready to spend 368 billion rubles for purchase of producers of electronics

In the field of electronics Rostec is ready to invest 368 billion rubles in acquisition of key assets. Investments will be provided generally through attraction of the "smart" capital of private investors and reinvestment of own means (44%) and also borrowed funds (49%).

According to the strategy of Rostec, in structure of revenue of an electronic cluster the share of civil products should increase, by 2025 it can exceed 60% that will correspond to income in 1.5 trillion rubles. In 2015 revenue of a financial cluster made 212 billion rubles, and a share civil products — 13%.

Among the key directions of civil products in Rostec call  transfer and storage of data, photonics (the discipline which is engaged in fundamental and  applied aspects of work with  optical signals  and also creation on  their base of devices of different function) and  element and component base, security systems, medical equipment and optics. The total amount of the world market in  the specified directions by  2025 will reach $3 trillion, predict in state corporation.[5]

Rostec reported on fight against corruption

On December 9, 2016 the press service of Rostec company announced results of an anti-corruption company performance according to which the state corporation prevented a number of crimes, than saved ~ 1.8 billion rubles.

Anti-corruption in Rostec, according to the statement of the company, is executed under the direct guide of Sergey Chemezov, the CEO, on the basis of federal laws, decrees of the president, government decrees, regulatory legal acts of Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, internal legal acts of corporation.

Responsibility in questions of the organization of work on prevention of corruption and other offenses is assigned to the deputy CEO Nikolay Volobuyev.

As a result of carried out together with FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Investigative Committee of Russia of actions crimes of corruption character concerning corporation and its organizations are revealed and stopped. On the materials of state corporation directed to law enforcement agencies 15 criminal cases are brought. Thanks to suppression of illegal acts only on two episodes the damage is prevented and the threat of property acquisition for the amount about 1.8 billion rubles is eliminated.

Nikolay Volobuyev, deputy CEO of Rostec

For increase in efficiency on anti-corruption in August, 2016 Rostec started "hot line" by means of which the facts of fraud, plunder and corruption are elicited. This tool, according to the statement of the company - one of the most effective for information processing, timely identification and prevention of offenses. "Hot line" allows all staff of state corporation and also the third parties to direct messages about signs of plunders, fraud and corruption.

For December, 2016 the perimeter of work of "hot line" covers ~ 400 organizations, for the period works 700 messages are processed ~.

8 billion rubles on social package

On November 29, 2016 the press service of Rostec announced selection of 8 billion rubles by the company during 2016 on implementation of expansion of a social package for the staff of corporation. Within financing it is supposed to implement support of the housing programme, sanatorium providing, corporate pension plans, special offers on rest and bank service.

In anticipation of 2017 the state corporation announced start of a social package for the employees as a part of which, in addition to traditional programs (voluntary health insurance, financial support and compensations, non-state pension provision) created taking into account individual needs of employees of a privilege and the offer. Among them:

  • housing programme,
  • sanatorium providing,
  • corporate pension plans,
  • special offers from the child organizations and partners of Corporation in the field of medicine and rest, banking and insurance services.

At a stage of implementation of a packet providing privileges from partners of Rostec in the project will be implemented by means of payroll cards of Novikombank – payment instruments based on national significant payment system "MIR" and an international payment system of MasterCard determined by corporation for implementation of salary payment to employees, social programs, services and services for the benefit of workers and members of their families.

For the purpose of increase in efficiency of a social package its components are created taking into account age, length of service and a professional profile of employees, limits of rendering corporate support are defined proceeding from the need for attraction and deduction of the specialists, most valuable to Rostec, having necessary competences for implementation of the approved strategy.

One of tasks of Rostec for the medium term is further development of instruments of social policy, increase in justification and efficiency of social expenses. At the same time we set an ambitious task for ourselves: on the one hand, to standardize data application of tools in all holdings and the organizations of corporation, with another – to develop the personified approach and the flexible system of providing the privileges meaning that the worker at discretion selects for himself services of a social package from the list.

Yulia Tsvetkova, head of financial planning and social programs Rostec

For formation of a reserve and an additional source of resource providing social programs in Rostec the social fund filled for the appropriation account of net profit of state corporation and means from implementation of non-core assets is created.

Rostec became the strategic partner of Arsenal Football Club

Основная статья: Arsenal Futbolnyy_klub

The government disposed to transfer Rostec state corporations stocks of seven companies

The Government of the Russian Federation disposed to transfer in March, 2016 Rostec state corporations as a property contribution of a stock of seven joint-stock companies executing the state defense order. Rosimushchestvo is offered to perform transfer within 12 months.

According to the document, Rostec will receive the shares of the following organizations which are in federal property: Scientific research institute of an air equipment, Kazan instrument-making design office, "Russian electronics", Krasnozavodsky chemical plant, Federal scientific production center "Nizhny research instrument-making Novgorod Institute "Kvarts" of A.P. Gorshkov", Central Research Institute TSIKLON, Stavropol radio plant "Signal".

To Rostec from Rosimushchestvo will transfer assets of 19 radio-electronic enterprises

On the website of the Government of the Russian Federation there was a text of the order prepared by Minpromtorg[6] about transfer of stocks of 19 joint-stock companies to Rostec state corporation which field of activity is the radio electronics for military and civil use[7].

In the explanatory note to the document it is reported that this consolidation of assets is necessary in order that "not allow 'washing out' of a share of state corporation in authorized capitals of joint-stock companies and provide preserving of control of their activity".

In the same place it is said that the specified share blocks were created and appeared in federal property during implementation of a number of federal target programs. And need of their transfer to Rostec as a so-called property contribution of the Russian Federation is fixed in the basic principles of functioning of this state corporation, in particular, in the decree of the President of July 10, 2008.

From a note it is possible to conclude that share transfer — only one of elements of real consolidation of assets. The considered organizations execute state defense order on a number of key critical technologies, and control of this process is imposed on Rostec. The main programs of development of these organizations, including the budget, form according to legal acts of state corporation. And programs of their activity — a part of development strategies of the holding companies of Rostec.

The military division of Tractor plants passes into Rostec

The State Corporation Rostec will receive a military division of Tractor Plants concern until the end of 2017. The corporation will become the only owner of data of the enterprises.

Rostec prepares for receiving Kurganmashzavod, Lipetsk plant of caterpillar tractors, Volgograd machine-building kompany VGTZ, the Trans-Ural forge foundry, the Special Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering (SDBME). Rostec does not apply for other enterprises of Tractor Plants concern.

"Rostec did not act as the initiator of receiving Tractor Plants concern, and the corporation is not going to guarantee on its credits. The KTZ enterprises should be transferred to Vnesheconombank on account of repayment of debts. Vnesheconombank, in turn, will transfer the enterprises to the state. After that Rostec is ready to take them under the management. Speak about creation of separate holding prematurely", – the CEO of State Corporation Rostec Sergey Chemezov reported.
Kurganmashzavod is the only enterprise in Russia releasing infantry fighting vehicles. The Lipetsk plant of caterpillar tractors – the main producer of the upgraded self-propelled caterpillar tractors for the surface-to-air missile C-300B and C-300BM missile systems.


Growth of revenue by 18% to 1.1 trillion rub

The consolidated revenue of Rostec in 2015 grew by 18%, having made 1 trillion 140 billion rubles. Consolidated net income of State corporation was 99 billion rubles, and EBITDA – 253 billion rubles. Profitability on net profit made 8.68%, having increased by 6 basis points. Profitability on EBITDA grew by 5.58 points (up to 22.19%). The salary on average in Corporation in 2015 grew to 41,000 rubles (in 2014 average on Rostec – 37,000 rub, and average across Russia according to FSGS – 32,600 rub). Tax payments of Corporation in budgets of all levels exceeded 160 billion rubles.

"Against the background of the sanctions pressure, the general decrease in the Russian economy and fall of the index of industrial production more than we managed to increase revenue of State corporation to 1 trillion 140 billion rubles by 3%, having shown growth by 18% in comparison with 2014, – Sergey Chemezov at a meeting with the president emphasized. – The export volume of military products in 2015 grew by 39% (to 4.6 billion dollars). At the same time production of civil products increased by 6% (to 336 billion rubles). Steady growth on all financial performance allows us to develop also civil industries of the industry. According to the new strategy of Rostec, our main objective is providing Russia with technology advantage in the highly competitive world markets. The planned investment volume for development till 2025 is 3086 billion rubles".

Development and maintenance of IT systems of Russian Post gave to Rostec

On November 5, 2015 "Rostec" and "Russian Post" signed the agreement on cooperation on development and maintenance logistic CRM, ERP and other Mails systems and also the automated jobs and mobile terminals of her employees. In more detail about it here.

Rostec reformed the scheme of motivation of heads

On August 13, 2015 the press service of Rostec corporation announced reform of a system of motivation and remuneration of the CEOs of holdings.

According to the statement of the company, the level of the fixed salary of heads of the holdings which are a part of corporation will be increased to average market value in the industrial sector. At the same time, its share in the general structure of a total return will be raised from present 15–30% to 50%. The rest will be paid in the form of a target award according to the results of accomplishment of the key performance indicators (KPI) by holding. At considerable overfulfillment of KPI the head can expect extra fee at the rate to 10% of a target award.

The new remuneration system is adapted for individual business challenges of holdings. To replace a directive form of setting of the list of financial KPIs, standard for all holdings, dialog about the purposes and new structure of performance indicators is entered into practice, there was a group of the results, specific to each holding, reflecting efficiency of the CEO in the solution of strategic tasks and significant projects. Both implementation of short-term tasks, and the projects providing growth of capitalization of holding in the average and long term will be considered.

Holdings will also receive more independence in questions of regulation of the pay level of work of heads of the subsidiary companies. Earlier the issue of the amount of the salaries was resolved by central office of Corporation. In a new system powers on management of remuneration of heads of the child organizations are delegated to the level of holdings, and the central office has only functions of methodical support and budget control.

"Rostec continues improvement of a management system, and the current changes together with optimization of administrative-and-management personnel demonstrate transition of this process to new level, – Vladimir Artyakov, the First Deputy CEO of Rostec said. – The aims which we pursue at this stage – growth of investment attractiveness and value addition of assets – can be reached only in case of providing bigger independence to holdings. For this purpose we should increase efficiency of their management. We began with heads of holdings, but further this system will be extended to all administrative personnel. At the same time within the general process of optimization in Corporation we had an opportunity to attract and hold highly skilled managers. Rostec will become competitive in terms of fight for talents that will undoubtedly affect efficiency of corporation".

Need of reform became obvious after the audit of the operating system of motivation of the CEOs of holdings and its comparison with market practice booked at the end of 2014. The revealed weak points and deviations from best practices became the main directions of improvement of a system of motivation.

Creation of the program of long-term remuneration for accomplishment of medium-term KPIs, training in cascading of KPI and cultural development of effectiveness will be the next stage in development of a remuneration system of key heads of holdings and central office of Corporation.

2014: Revenue of 964 billion rub

For 2014 the consolidated revenue of Rostec Group made 964.5 billion rubles and[8], thus grew by 0.7% that growth of economy of Russia for the same period was 0.6%. The volume of the state defense order of the enterprises grew more than by 60%.

2013: Growth of net profit to 40 billion rub (+4%)

For 2013 revenue of Rostec state corporation increased by 11.4%, to 1.038 trillion rub. In the radio-electronic sphere of state corporation, despite decrease in growth rates of industrial production in Russia, growth of revenue was 14%. The net profit of state corporation in comparison with 2012 grew by 4% and was 40 billion rubles the total amount of capital investments in development of corporation was 133 billion rubles that is 41% more in comparison with a similar indicator of 2012. Also in Rostec in 2013 the investment program of state corporation for the medium-term period which provides capital investments in the amount of 332.5 billion rubles in 2013-2015 was approved.


Net profit at the end of year 45.6 billion rub

Net profit in 2011 was 45.6 billion rubles, tax deductions in budgets of all levels reached 100 billion rubles.

Start of restructuring of objects in Moscow

On December 7, 2011 it became known that the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and the CEO of Russian Technologies Sergey Chemezov signed the agreement on cooperation. The agreement is necessary to coordinate plans of Russian Technologies for reorganization of the Moscow economy to development plans for the city[9].

Russian Technologies in the city have nearly two hundred organizations which are located on 243.2 hectares. The state corporation intends to re-structure a part of these assets in 2012-2013, the deputy head of department of Russian Technologies Maxim Vasilevsky says. According to him, it is about the enterprises which are located on 82.9 hectares in 243 buildings with a total area of 602,000 sq.m.

Follows from materials of state corporation that 100 objects on 12 hectares "will be involved in investment programs (new construction, new production)", and the rest is "aloof" — is probable, sold out.

The biggest enterprise which was included in the program — Federal State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Plant of the Radio Engineering Equipment (51,700 sq.m on 30.3 hectares). This plant — a typical asset of Russian Technologies, tells its former employee. With the collapse of the USSR the regime enterprise could not start civil production, and a defense order either did not arrive, or was not paid. The equipment morally also became technically outdated, qualified personnel left the plant, and "all this was followed by fight against non-payments, blackout, leapfrog of CEOs and an output of assets". The territory of the plant and once factory settlement is located between the residential districts Saburovo and Brateyevo opposite to Borisovsky Ponds on the bank of the Moskva River. All settlement territory with the former social and cultural facilities is built up for a long time with multi-storey houses, actually the territory of the plant is fenced and is protected therefore it is mainly saved. However potential production is practically absent, even when financing was resumed, qualitatively to perform the state order all the same was unreal, the employee considers.

One more large enterprise — JSC Moscow Plant Sapfir (121,500 sq.m on 9.7 hectares) — is located behind Varshavskoye Highway, near the Southern subway. The considerable part of placements on territories of the plant is leased, and not only under offices, but also under productions.

According to the admission to the tenant to get on the territory of problems does not make including on own transport, the client of one of tenants told.

However, Vasilevsky from Russian Technologies says that this desolate picture is not true: the enterprises are in working order. Within a year the list of the released territories will be created, their assessment is made, he tells. Their development should be coordinated to development plans for Moscow, Vasilevsky explains: "We are extremely interested in their inclusion in the system of municipal economy". By the end of the I quarter 2011 it has to be already defined what to do with each platform, the head of department of science and industrial policy of Moscow Alexey Komissarov promised. It assumed that on site the plants hostels can be built.

When Russian Technologies start implementation of the plan, on a competitive basis private developers will be attracted, the manager of state corporation promises. The managing partner of S. A. Ricci Vladimir Avdeev says that on such production sites in Moscow offices of class B which price is $500-800 for 1 sq.m usually are placed (i.e. proceeding from the total area of $301-480 million for 602,000 sq.m). Avdeev considers that on all asset portfolio it will hardly be possible to find the buyer, but to sell out them separately quite really. And the commercial director of Capital group Alexey Belousov is sure that, considering present urban policy in Moscow, such platforms will be more and more demanded. Belousov considers that premises can be used under multifunction complexes which include offices, trade premises and apartments.

2010: Purchase of a share in the developer of the free software

Russian Technologies which purchased in the summer of 2010 a block packet in one of the largest Russian operating system developers (OS) Alt Linux addressed in Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications with the offer to appoint them the operator of the created national operating system. The French developer can become the competitor of Russian Technologies in this project which annual volume of public finance is estimated at 10 billion rubles software Mandriva. The winner is going to be defined at tender which had to be announced at the beginning of 2011.