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NPF Rostec



The Federal Antimonopoly Service approved in October, 2017 transfer of 100% of stocks of NPF AvtoVAZ (which owner is the AvtoVAZ company) to perimeter of Rostec. It is going to transfer NPF of state corporation on a grant basis at the beginning of 2018.

Completion of process of transfer of NPF AvtoVAZ will require also the consent of the Bank of Russia and approval of authorized bodies of management of Rostec and AvtoVAZ. Then the corporation is going to consolidate all pension assets in uniform fund, having integrated this NPF with NPF The First Industrial Alliance and NPF Rostvertol which are also entering into structure of Rostec Group.

By estimates of state corporation, consolidation of non-state pension funds will allow to reduce costs and to optimize work of uniform corporate NPF Rostec, at the same time to increase business scale. Parts of final structure (including determination of parent organization) will be studied together with experts who will win competition on conducting complex examination of the pension funds of corporation.

We are going to consolidate all non-state pension funds in a circuit of Rostec. Until the end of 2018 the joint fund based on which implementation of corporate pension plans is planned will be created — the CEO of State Corporation Rostec Sergey Chemezov told.

As noted, creation of uniform NPF Rostec is the next step in development of corporate social programs and formation of a long-term resource for financing of the projects of corporation provided in the Development strategy of State corporation. According to preliminary estimates, consolidation of NPF will allow to give additional opportunities to participants and the insured persons of corporate pension fund, to increase financial stability of NPF and will positively affect customer service quality. ​