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Ridus  is the Russian electronic periodical. The main direction  — the publication of news.





Originally owners of Ridus remained are unknown[1], however  on May 21, 2012 reported to RIA Novosti[2]that the domain belonging to online media Ridus passed to KAMAZ company.  On May 22, 2012 the founder of the website Ilya Varlamov in the blog confirmed this information, having emphasized that the editorial policy of Ridus will remain to invariable[3].


For 2012 a part of news is written with edition "Ridusa", and a part by users of a resource. Ridus positions itself as the agency of civil journalism.

"Edition" and "Chasm of news"

Ridus consists of two components. One  is called Edition  and represents traditional media, with edition and own correspondents. The second part  — "A chasm of news"  — the section where all news written and uploaded to the site by Internet users are published. Chasm of news is ranged according to reader's voices and the top ten of the most popular news gets on the homepage.  All publications of Edition and also those news from Chasm which Edition selected there independently[4] get to a "official" part of the project except the most popular materials from Chasm[4]

Special projects

Separate hottest topics are selected in "special projects". Each "special project" has own leader. For August, 2012 five such "special projects"[5] are opened]:

  • "Characters"  — the information platform of volunteer movements and human rights organizations.
  • "Survival science"  — the section on ecology.
  • "Society of Blue Buckets"  — publications about violations of traffic regulations by cars with special signals. Information platform of the movement "Societies of Blue Buckets".
  • "The country without nonsenses"  — the information project site "The country without nonsenses".
  • ArchNadzor  is the information platform of social movement "ArchNadzor".

History of informatization

See the main article: Information technologies in PJSC KAMAZ group


On June 26, 2012 it became known that Ilya Varlamov leaves Ridus because decided to become fair what was not able to afford, working for money of KAMAZ:

zyalt Ya made the decision to leave Ridus. Reasons for this purpose a little. First, I performed the main work on a project startup. Of course, there is a lot more work, but the foundation is laid good. The project occupied the niche among internet mass-media and I am happy with result. The excellent command works on the project and I am sure, it will not bring. Secondly, now I start several new public projects (City projects), and I will need to devote a lot of time to them. I do not like to be broken off between global projects and I do not want. And of course, one of the main reasons, the fact that because of this work I could be with you up to the end fair. Unfortunately, from the very beginning could not tell neither about parts of my work, nor about financing of the project by KAMAZ.


  • 2011  — Runet Prize in the "Culture and Mass Communications" nomination[6].
  • 2011  — the award ROTOR in[7] Information Website of Year nomination].



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