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The INLT company is a technology startup which was founded in 2017. In total in it about ten employees from Los Angeles and Philadelphia work. INLT started the first in own way cloud solution for execution of customs papers. The platform of the company approved by Service of customs and border control of the USA and Department of internal security performs all functions of the normal broker and many others, providing to importers the cost-efficient solution for optimization of their supply chain.


2019: Amazon was purchased by INLT

At the end of September, 2019 Amazon purchased a technology startup of INLT for the unsolved amount to help dealers to import in the online market goods to the USA.

Amazon showed for a long time willingness to expand the services offered sellers and to add the tools allowing to facilitate difficult process of cross-border sales with which earlier sellers had to cope independently. Now told Amazon that will offer the sellers a cloud service on the basis of the software of INLT. The press secretary of Amazon noted that the solid INLT command will manage to develop and deploy the convenient service capable to simplify execution of customs papers and to reduce commodity import cost in the USA.

Amazon purchased a technology startup of INLT
Amazon purchased a technology startup of INLT

Terms of start of service and cost future services of INLT are not announced yet. The INLT company already announced the conclusion of the transaction on the website: registration of new users is completely closed, and from the website all other information was gone. However the company explained that it will continue to service the available clients, despite new tasks. Refused to report to Amazon how many paid for INLT. The Crunchbase online database describes INLT as the company of initial level which managed to earn $1 million[1] by April, 2018]