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Educational Internet resource for school students, teachers and parents which helps the teacher to hold testing of knowledge of pupils, to set homeworks in electronic form. Yaklass began the work in March, 2013 and became the platform for training more than in 16,000 schools in Russia, the CIS and the Baltics. Yaklass — the graduate of an accelerator of IIDF, the resident of Skolkovo Foundation and programs of Microsoft.

"ЯКласс" helps the teacher to hold testing of knowledge of pupils, to give homeworks in electronic form and to save time on their check. The technology of generation of huge number of options for each Genexis task due to which the writing off problem is solved is the cornerstone of service. The company received investments in two rounds from the European holding Data Pro Group, from Almaz Capital, Vesna Investment, Moscow Seed Fund and Internet Initiatives Development Fund.



Opening of representation in India

The Yaklass company, the resident Klastera of information technologies of Skolkovo Foundation, opened representation in India. The Skolkovo Foundation reported about it on November 18, 2019. The platform educational online is successfully tested at schools of several large cities of the country at once.

Representatives of one of EdTech-projects held a meeting with the Minister of Education of the State of Tamil Nadu Mr. Sengotayan. According to the results of the presentation of the Yaklass platform the official highly appreciated its advantages and perspectives of development. It is predicted that by the end of 2021 the number of the users registered in a system only from the State of Tamil Nadu will exceed 4 million people.

during our meeting with directors and teachers of local schools we agreed about start of a pilot project. Our product promotes considerable simplification of work of teachers and also increase in efficiency of educational process. At the Yaklass platform the huge potential for rapid development in India. High interest in our services from schools and local authorities allows to expect the successful fate of the project,


The feature of the Yaklass platform consists in a possibility of creation on its base of complete solutions for different types of students. Service includes online exercises for effective preparation for tests. It allows to keep track of all sequence of actions of pupils and also generates tasks for each child that, in turn, solves a writing off problem.

our project began work in India. It is the huge market which is aimed at big changes in the next years. First of all, it is about implementation of the online technologies and mobile services allowing to facilitate work of teachers on the one hand and to make learning process more effective for school students – with another


India is one of the most perspective markets for implementation of digital technologies in the field of education that is explained by high demand on services of virtual training at the regional market.

Education in India enters a stage of active digital transformation. With respect thereto local authorities show high interest in educational projects of Skolkovo Fund. The Yaklass service proved the efficiency – for November, 2019 40 thousand schools use it. Therefore there are no doubts that our resident will help development of education with India: will make life of teachers more convenient, and training of school students is more productive and more interesting,
commented Dmitry Starikov, the project manager Klastera of information technologies of Skolkovo Foundation

Start of online courses of financial literacy for the project of the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank

On January 31, 2019 the press service Skolkovo reported that "ЯКласс", the resident of IT of a cluster of Skolkovo Foundation, developed "Bases of Financial Literacy for School Students" rate. The program is created together with LANIT-Integration company within the project of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the World Bank "Assistance to increase in level of financial literacy of the population and to development of financial education in the Russian Federation".

The financial literacy rate is already available based on the digital Yaklass platform to pupils, teachers and parents. Material is ready to introduction to the training program both as independent discipline, and within studying of the objects "Social Science" and "Economy". After passing of a training course school students receive bases of knowledge of a banking system, financial and investment activities, forms, types and the principles of insurance, about revenue management and on other related topics.

When developing the program testing with participation more than 1500 school students from seven regions of Russia was held. Tests were carried out twice - prior to work with the educational Yaklass platform on studying of Bases of Financial Literacy rate and after carrying out approbation of training materials (on 15 class periods). Also more than 50 teachers from these schools took part in assessment of a resource. According to the results of testing the rate is recognized effective.

Formation of financial literacy should create favorable conditions for growth of savings, formation at the population of responsible financial behavior and, as a result, to lead to growth of welfare. Are glad that one of the Skolkovo companies in the field of education took part in accomplishment of so responsible public contract of the Ministry of Finance.
Ekaterina Ryzhkova, head "Education" of the Cluster of information technologies of Skolkovo Foundation

The educational online course is separated into two parts, each of which is expected pupils of the 7-9th and 10-11th classes. Children can study 8 subjects in detail:

  • bank and tax systems;
  • risks and financial security;
  • crediting;
  • insurance;
  • stock market, foreign exchange market;
  • possibilities of pension accumulation;
  • financial mechanisms of work of the enterprise;
  • organization and conducting own business.

In total the online course for January, 2019 includes 80 sub-themes, 800 tasks for the online exercise machine and 150 test tasks. The training course is adapted to material and educational and methodical conditions of school. For users the theory, tasks and tests are free of charge available to a training.

Passing of a rate will allow pupils to increase the level of knowledge and understanding of financial terms and concepts and also skills, motivation and the confidence necessary for acceptance of effective solutions in various financial situations.

2017: The Yaklass system is integrated into InternetUrok

In educational online project "Home School InternetUrok" in the fall of 2017 the system of electronic testing and generation of the Yaklass tasks (resident company of an IT cluster of Skolkovo Foundation) is implemented. From now on pupils of Home school have an opportunity to practice on additional tests and exercise machines and to perform a part of homework in electronic form, instantly receiving a feedback from school.

The home school InternetUrok began work in 2014 based on the project.

2016: Yaklass came to Belarus

On May 12, 2016 electronic educational resource Yaklass announced start of an educational resource in Republic of Belarus. The electronic diary, most popular in the country, became the partner of service in the country.

Testings and homeworks for nine objects became available to the Belarusian school students: algebra, geometry, mathematics, information science, chemistry, physics, biology, English and Russian languages. Besides, in the nearest future, developers and methodologists will place three more objects on the portal: history of Belarus, Belarusian and Belarusian literature. These objects will be specially developed according to the school program of the republic.

School students will be able to perform homeworks and to take tests online from any device and also to study remotely. The resource will be free for all users, for the mezzanine board it is possible to connect the electronic assistant Ya+ who helps to work on errors quicker.

In Republic of Belarus about one thousand average educational institutions are connected to the resource which provides to schools electronic diaries and magazines. On assurances of participants Yaklass and will cooperate further significantly to improve quality of educational services for educational institutions which will be connected to service.

There takes place approbation of a resource in Austria and Germany, there are negotiations on start in Kazakhstan.


Yaklass it was started in Armenia, here service became a part of the program of providing school students with tablets.