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Analytics8 — the Australian consulting company founded in 2002 specializing in data analysis and Big Data technologies. Analytics8 offers clients of service in data management, their analysis and visualization, on creation of reports on the basis of their use, etc. A number of the largest Australian companies from the different industries is among clients.


2019: Accenture purchased Analytics8

At the end of August, 2019 Accenture announced acquisition of Analytics8. The cost and other financial terms of transaction of the company did not begin to open.

Purchase expands possibilities of Accenture regarding provision of services on advanced data analysis and their use with the systems of artificial intelligence. Besides, the transaction will strengthen positions of the buyer in the markets of Australia and New Zealand.

Accenture announced acquisition of Analytics8
Acquisition of Analytics8 means that we expanded our offer in the field of applied artificial intelligence even more, quickly scaling it for satisfaction of the growing demand for AI analytics — the leading analyst and the global head Applied Intelligence Athina Kanioura said.

The transaction on sale of Analytics8 of Accenture company is closed at the end of August, 2019, and concluded the 15th day of the same month. The Accenture command from 70 people who worked in Melbourne and Sydney will pass into division of Accenture Applied Intelligence which uses analytical instruments, solutions for automation and an AI system for work with data to help clients to transform their business.

The co-owner of Analytics8 to Hedde Schuitemaker, commenting on the transaction with Accenture, noted that it opens new opportunities for work with the advanced projects in which data, analytics and automation integrate.[1]