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Enaxis Consulting


Information technologies
Since 2002

More then 75 workers




Enaxis Consulting offers the companies of service of digital transformation. Primary clients — airlines and representatives of an oil and gas sector. Thanks to consulting services of Enaxis large business can transform the organizations, increase efficiency and develop innovations.

According to specifics the of Enaxis activity constantly consults with the leading Chief information officers, technical directors and other heads for development and flexible implementation of new digital technologies and business models. The company helps clients to implement digital products, the promoted analytical tools, robotic process automation and technologies of Internet of Things.


2018: Accenture purchased Enaxis Consulting

At the beginning of December, 2018 Accenture announced Enaxis Consulting acquisition, however did not begin to sound purchase cost.

At the expense of this transaction of Accenture she intends to implement plans for increasing consulting business in an oil and gas sector in North America to help such clients with complex transformation.

We look forward to building of target business services for the main oil and gas areas, including drilling and completion of wells, production operations and optimization of an asset portfolio — the senior managing director of Accenture John Downie heading energy projects in North America said.

Accenture purchased service provider of digital transformation for oil and gas and airlines
Accenture purchased service provider of digital transformation for oil and gas and airlines

The cofounder and the managing partner of Enaxis Jonas Georgsson says that the main force of the company are employees. He also hoped for achievement "excellent synergy in the market together with the Accenture command".

The transaction on sale of Enaxis of Accenture company is closed at the beginning of December, 2018. About 75 employees of Enaxis, including two co-founders, passed into Accenture.[1]