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Information technologies in Russian Post

Article is devoted to questions of creation, development, operation and reliability of information systems of Russian Post.



TAdviser Interview: CIO of Russian Post Sergey Emelchenkov - about digital KPI, the future doubling of IT personnel and import substitution

The deputy CEO for information technologies and development of digital services of Russian Post Sergey Emelchenkov in an interview of TAdviser told about digital transformation of the enterprise, IT strategy and key projects of import substitution.

Beginning of implementation of the platform of geoinformatsionno-analytical maintenance of activity

Russian Post On September 10, 2019 announced the beginning of implementation of the platform uniform geoinformatsionno-analytical maintenances of the activity. Its deployment will provide system approach to business management and will allow to make quickly decisions, based on the analysis Big Data.

At the heart of functioning of the platform progressive methods of the analysis and forecasting with algorithms of machine learning using the analysis and processing of the structured and unstructured data will be used. At a system design the Russian Post was guided by successful experience of use of similar tools in large retail networks, the international companies and banking organizations of federal scale.

It is supposed that the analytical platform will allow management of Russian Post to obtain in real time operational data on key indicators of each department: completeness of the state, load, financial performance and so forth. By calculations of Mail, in the long term it will promote growth of customer service quality, will help to reveal development zones in processes and will increase their efficiency.

Trial operation of the analytical platform is going to start in the first quarter 2020. Connection of all network to a system is planned on the second quarter 2020.

The platform will be integrated with other information systems of Russian Post, for example, with a management system for an electronic queue, a management system for working time of personnel. We locate considerable client audience and a broad spectrum of the services demanded at clients therefore we need to be able to structure and manage Big Data, relying on world practices — the deputy CEO of Russian Post for operational management and retail trade Mikhail Volkov noted.

In the next five years the Russian Post is going to direct more than 40 billion rubles to digitalization.

Start of electronic brands

On August 20, 2019 Russian Post announced about introduction of payment of correspondence using electronic signs which will become an equivalent of traditional brands.

For technology launch it is available in the experimental mode to separate legal entities which can independently make advance payment for mail services through a personal account on the website, requesting the necessary number of electronic brands. The brand is printed using the printer in the form of the QR code directly on an envelope or on self-adhesive paper.

Russian Post started electronic brands
Russian Post started electronic brands

Department of a mail service where the letter will arrive, recognize the code using the scanner. In the sign online of payment is put key information on departure, the place of delivery of the mailing, its type and a rate.

New service of Russian Post will allow clients to optimize business process of premail preparation and to avoid expenses on payment of additional services on drawing signs of mail payment or purchase and service of the franking machine, including personnel training to work with it. Thanks to new electronic service the client will be able independently to do everything, saving means.

The deputy CEO of Russian Post for mail business and social services  Yaroslav Mandron says that the new technology will allow to increase customer service quality and also to lower costs. 

Within piloting it is going to hold stress testing of service, to approve new business processes regarding acceptance, transfers, deliveries of written correspondence with the put signs payment online, to create optimal interaction interfaces, including to transform and improve the user experience of clients – legal entities. It is in the future going to make this service available and for individuals — he reported.[1]

Couriers of Russian Post began to accept payment by bank cards

Now it is possible to pay the order from online store at goods receipt at the courier of Russian Post with the bank card. Russian Post reported about it on June 25, 2019. Read more here.

"Digital income" of Russian Post in 2019 will reach 15 billion rubles

By estimates of specialists of Russian Post, in a year "digital income" of Mail from implementation and use of electronic services and platforms will reach 15 billion rubles. Announced this TAdviser in the federal mail operator on June 24, 2019. Among the most financially successful digital services: solutions for business — the and API portal, the services for individuals provided via the website of Russian Post and also service of the electronic registered mail.

The leader in profitability — solutions for business of API which help to integrate services of Russian Post into the third-party websites, applications, an accounting system and document flow of the customer, to add function of tracking of departures and the system of work with orders.

Among the most demanded digital solutions of Russian Post there is a portal using which delivery services of letters, sendings, money transfers, the courier's call, financial services are provided. For June, 2019 in a month clients of the national mail operator through the whole country hand over more than 550 thousand issued online sendings. At the same time 17% of sendings clients make out online.

Service of the electronic registered mail which allows to deliver legally significant correspondence from public authorities closes the three, to receive resolutions on violations of traffic regulations in electronic form and to pay penalties "in one click" – about 25% of all correspondence of state agencies the Russian Post receives in electronic form, and in 2019 is going to increase volume to 50%. Revenue from use of service in a year grew twice. Service in the capital region and also in the Rostov, Yaroslavl and Orenburg regions is most popular. In plans — in 2019 to connect more than 80 regions to service.

Similar dynamics shows demand of digital services at our clients and correctness of investments into digital transformation of the enterprise — the deputy CEO for information technologies and development of digital services Sergey Emelchenkov noted.

Departments of Russian Post in the remote localities equip with telemedicine complexes

On June 5, 2019 the Russian Post reported that it together with Mobile Medical Technologies company starts a pilot project on increase in availability of medical care in the remote localities of Russia. Read more here.

More than 2000 publishers passed to electronic model of interaction through digital service of Russian Post

On May 28, 2019 the Russian Post company reported that a personal account of the publisher, the electronic service of Russian Post designed to simplify interaction of the subscription agency of Mail and publishers of printed materials expands a partner network.

"In 2016 service was actively used by 320 publishers. By the end of 2018 the number of the partners working through the Personal account grew up almost by 7 times. All publishers who work with the Subscription agency of Russian Post have the Personal account on the website. For May, 2019 the scope makes more than 2000 publishing houses".

The personal account of the publisher is the automated service which was started in 2015 for optimization of interaction and operational information exchange and documents between the subscription agency of Russian Post and the Publisher. Service is own development of Russian Post and provides interaction of partners of the Subscription agency of both the federal, and regional level.

The personal account simplifies work to publishers, allows to calculate the cost of a subscription, discount and privilege. The final price for the subscriber is calculated automatically. In turn, electronic passports which are appropriated to publishers help to store important data, to browse or unload electronic documents. Newspapers and magazines appear in the subscription directory and in departments of a mail service at the same time – it is possible to get acquainted with them and in an online service.

Russian Post will double quantity Iteshnikov and will invest 40 billion rubles in digitalization

In March, 2019 the CEO of Russian Post Nikolay Podguzov told about digitalization of the company. According to him, this process continues about two years and pursues several key tasks: creation of the digital platform of enterprise management, transfer of customer interaction to digital channels and also transformation of work of mail carriers based on modern technologies.

The CEO of Russian Post Nikolay Podguzov told about process of digitalization of the company
The CEO of Russian Post Nikolay Podguzov told about process of digitalization of the company

Podguzov noted that in the next 5 years more than 40 billion rubles will be directed to digitalization of the company. About 15 billion will be enclosed in strengthening of digital infrastructure, about 10 billion - in project implementation on cloud computing, processing of Big Data, in testing of work of artificial intelligence for robotization of business processes. About 10-15 billion more rubles will be invested in digitalization of products and services.

For increase in efficiency of digital transformation in Russian Post the uniform competence center on behalf of Mail Technologies subsidiary company was created. In its state now about 500 programmers and developers, by the end of the year their number will increase almost twice. The company is engaged in development of the digital platform and product development based on the best available technologies, the CEO of Mail told.

Noting progress of the company in product development, Nikolay Podguzov said that one of the most demanded mail services – the simple electronic signature (SES) – was developed by specialists of Mail Technologies. Implementation of the simple electronic signature allowed to refuse use of paper forms and to reduce time of receiving sendings by clients by 5 times. Using the electronic signature every second sending in Russia is issued already.

The first results of transformation of Russian Post are already visible. There are new digital products, time of their development and deployment was reduced. If recently product development term in Russian Post was 15 months, then today we start products less, than for half a year. We determine the top level purposes by products, and to developers we divide tasks into two-week and monthly cycles. Thanks to such approach we began more time to give to a feedback of clients and to finish products, proceeding from it, - the CEO of Russian Post noted.

Installation in departments of Russian Post of 50 thousand terminals for payment by bank cards

On February 14, 2019 the Russian Post company reported that it together with Post Bank completed the main stage of installation of terminals of cashless payment in departments of a mail service. 50 thousand operational windows of Russian Post through the whole country which more than 60% are located in the small cities and rural areas were equipped with pos-terminals thanks to what clients had a possibility of payment of mail services by bank cards. Acquiring support of national mail operator performs Post Bank.

In departments of Russian Post 50 thousand terminals for payment by bank cards are installed

According to the company, using the bank card in departments of Russian Post it is possible to pay mail services, including sending sendings, parcels post, the registered mail, express delivery, subscription of a cell of a subscription mail cabinet. Besides, cashless payment is possible upon purchase of envelopes, brands, clerical products, the printing periodical press, goods of own mail retail. For stable operation of payment terminals and ATMs of Post Bank of department of a mail service are equipped with high-speed Internet access. Terminals maintain technical capability of making payments using the most popular services of contactless payment.

For February, 2019 cashless payment of services promptly gains popularity at Russians therefore equipment mail department payment terminals is the important step directed to quality improvement of customer service. It should be noted the social importance of the project also. Thanks to it in many localities the possibility of payment by the card appeared for the first time. In the small cities and in the village transition to a non-cash payment method and acquaintance to modern payment instruments are the imminent need, one of the first and most important steps on the way of increase in financial literacy of Russians long ago.

Vladimir Salakhutdinov, deputy CEO of Russian Post for financial business

For February, 2019 terminals are installed in 37 thousand departments of a mail service across all Russia complying necessary technical requirements. The departments which are not equipped with pos-terminals yet will be equipped with them in process of upgrade. The share of cashless payments at Russian Post in 2018 increased more than three times in comparison with 2017.

Equipment of post offices terminals – the project of social importance. Because in many settlements and towns often there are no bank departments and ATMs where citizens could remove cash, fill up the card or make other financial transactions. Existence of the terminal by mail in this situation becomes this rescue for the people living in small and remote localities. Additional benefit which is especially appreciated by people of advanced age is an opportunity to remove using the terminal any amount which is required at present, including not "round", down to the penny. In many remote inhabited. points installation of payment terminals by mail provided arrival of modern bank infrastructure.

Elena Mokhnacheva, board member, operating officer of Post Bank

Staff of departments of Russian Post in whom terminals are installed are trained during which they tell them about how to use the terminal what services are available with its help, including financial. In windows where banking services are rendered by mail employees according to the agency scheme, clients of Post Bank can remove or deposit cash on the card, open a deposit, repay the credit.

End of system implementation "Sort master" through the whole country

On February 4, 2019 the Russian Post announced reduction of number of manual transactions. Through the whole country implementation of automated information system "Sort master" more than in 1050 regional sorting offices and also on the Moscow and St. Petersburg automated sorting centers is complete.

The Sort master program developed by Russian Post based on domestic software is based on minimization of manual actions. System implementation allows regional sorting offices to communicate about all mailings in online the mode.

System implementation will allow to reduce processing of mailings considerably. Due to digitalization of processes sorting of mail for operators is considerably simplified. By means of mobile terminals a system gives hints on processing of departures. All accompanying documents are processed automatically.

Reconciliation and adjustment of information is automatic and does not require intervention of employees of mail. At a delay in passing of departures and tanks through sorting office the Sort master program allows to reveal a stage at which there was deceleration and to quickly remove its cause.

The main objective which faced us, - to automate document flow during the work with mailings in the sorting centers. Earlier they formed manually, and it took considerable time. With implementation of the created software product, all accompanying documents in sorting sections are autocompleted, and processing of mailings is fixed on the general server.
Igor Chebunin, deputy CEO of Russian Post for logistics

For February, 2019 one of the main objectives of Russian Post - to create the hi-tech logistic centers for the whole country that optimal delivery dates of his order were guaranteed to the receiver. The purpose of conversions is creation of a uniform ecosystem of digital logistics for ensuring growth of digital economy.

Russian Post created uniform DPC

In January, 2019 Russian Post announced completion of creation of the joint DPC. It is implemented based on the data center TrustInfo belonging to AiTeco in Moscow and DPC of Rostelecom in Adler. Read more here.

The new director "Mail technologies" - Vladimir Urbansky

On January 21, 2019 Vladimir Urbansky who was earlier working in Alfa-Bank was appointed the advisor to director general of Russian Post and the new head of her subsidiary technology company "Mail Technologies". Read more here.


IT infrastructure

The Russian Post integrates one of the biggest collectives in the country: in the company 350 thousand employees work, in 42 thousand departments more than 160 thousand computers are installed. More than a half of departments of the enterprise are connected to the Single automated system of departments of a mail service (EAS RPE) which is developed by the principle of "single window" and replaces more than 15 different software products used earlier. Average age of computers does not exceed one and a half years.

For better and convenient customer service the Russian Post enhances technological effectiveness and on "the last mile": in 2016 the company bought 10 thousand mobile point-of-sale terminals for mail carriers, now they will be able to accept payments at clients directly at home. The Russian Post actively collects and uses data bulks about clients who are processed on Big Data technology. 4 billion transactions a year are added to the central base, and the total amount of the stored information already exceeded 3.5 PBytes. The systems of Russian Post work more than on 4000 servers.

Plans for 2017-2019

Customer service. Mail without queues

  • In 42,000 departments the new IT platform (EAS RPE) is implemented.
  • All products are available online
  • 25,000 mail carriers are equipped with mobile terminals

Management system for logistics

  • Centralized operation by transport and sorting online.
  • Uniform situational center

Transformation internal business of processes

  • Management on the basis of data
  • Digital robots instead of clerks
  • Total failure from paper

As Russian Post turned from "idler" into "lightning". The chief information officer opened secrets on TAdviser SummIT

The deputy CEO of Russian Post for information technologies and development of new products Sergey Emelchenkov in the performance on [1] TAdviser SummIT 2017 31 of May, 2017 told how for 3 years of its organization it was succeeded to liquidate technology lag and to increase a market share from 4 to 60%.

Sergey Emelchenkov passed into Russian Post 3.5 years ago. In 2012-2013 there was a New Year's Eve collapse to mailings.

Complete mountains of sendings collected at the airports, received 30 thousand sendings a day. We then blocked all international traffic, told our colleagues from abroad: it is not necessary to send sendings, we do not cope, - he remembers.

Now daily clients of Russian Post receive 1.3 million sendings. In December, 2016 peak traffic made 3.5 million a day.

The new Chief information officer began to look for problem solving of Russian Post in increase in speed.

I looked what is done by other companies that to reach this speed. It appeared, they use only IT for this purpose, - Sergey Emelchenkov told.

According to him, it is new technologies: machine learning, fast extraction of knowledge from Big Data, Internet of Things, advanced analytics.

According to Sergey Emelchenkov, now all modern organizations use Big Data management. Market leaders collect up to 1 million client transactions per hour. Walmart processes 2.5 petabytes per hour, Google – 1 petabyte of search data per hour. Russian Post learned to collect 1 petabyte of data a year so far.

In 2013 Russian Post except tons of sendings at the airports had also other anti-records. The market share of sendings in Moscow and St. Petersburg – made only 4%. When carrying out 2 billion transactions Russian Post on a centralized basis collected 0 (zero) data bit about the client. On closing of the tax period 100 days were required.

The normal such ERP system which is based on 17 accounting accounting systems which in 100 days allows to learn what financial result at you was … 100 days ago, - Sergey Emelchenkov remembers.

Now Russian Post is 350 thousand employees, 42 thousand departments. The client flow grew by 3 times, to 6.5 million clients daily. The company controls about 60% of the market of sendings. Changes concerned approaches to customer service.

We strongly reduced queue, having delivered video fixing, considering how many in it people, having changed all business process and a frontal system. There were earlier 15 systems which the operator had to use for customer service. On one client at it 11 minutes left. Now average time is not optimal yet, 3.5 minutes. New processes allow to give sending in 30 seconds, - Sergey Emelchenkov told.

Sergey Emelchenkov on TAdviser SummIT 2017
Sergey Emelchenkov on TAdviser SummIT 2017

In Russian Post the team of IT specialists considerably rejuvenated. Earlier middle age was 45+, now – 30-.

These are children who really live in other mentality. We from 1.5 summer cycles of creation of a product and an output passed it to network for 4 months, - Sergey Emelchenkov reported.

Significant growth and development showed the website The daily audience makes more than one million unique visitors. Monthly audience - 20 million people. 12 electronic services are developed. This subscription online agency, service "electronic registered letter".

Of course, paper will die. And we want to head this movement - the translation of the paper in digit. The electronic registered letter - any can subscribe for this service and receive letters from the state, from other bodies, traffic police, tax - in electronic form. No matter, where do you live, any information which you obtain will be legally significant, - Sergey Emelchenkov explained.

In plans of the company – to raise the level of customer service across all Russia.

Customer service is our pain. We did not learn to work well yet, only just lived to start the first pilot across Moscow. Let's do the same across Russia now, - Sergey Emelchenkov reported.

Russian Post began to use modern logistic algoritmya, allowing to calculate in a second all logistics across Russia. The centralized accounting systems which are under construction on Datalake ideology are implemented.

The company became GIS operator of housing and public utilities. According to Sergey Emelchenkov, all but Moscow, in Moscow it will appear in 2 years, will be able to see the payment orders in this state system.

Further development of Russian Post will lead to the fact that in departments of mail there will be no queues any more. Until the end of 2017 25 thousand mail carriers will communicate with clients via gadgets. The company will continue business process optimization for increase in the opportunities.

We will improve the sorting centers, it is necessary to us prepares that in the future will be in 5 times more of sendings, than now. Also we will create an ecosystem for e-commerce", - Sergey Emelchenkov told.

The TAdviser SummIT conference took place in Moscow on May 31, 2017. For the first time it was carried out with official support of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. At a conference the reports devoted to global technology trends, the changed political and economic realities, their influence on the IT industry were heard. Also sessions on IT in the separate industries were organized.

Шаблон:TAdviser Gallery 2017

In panel discussions participants of the summit exchanged views and forecasts on perspectives of development of technologies and information systems.

Russian Post saved up 3.5 petabytes of Big Data and learned to turn them into money

In 2016 Russian Post began to apply Big Data technologies widely. About it at the end of April, 2017 TAdviser was told by the Deputy CEO for IT and development of new products of Russian Post Sergey Emelchenkov. The enterprise collects in uniform storage and analyzes data about more than 40 thousand postal telegraph offices, including customer information and transactions and also data from logistic objects and others. In more detail - in the separate article:

IT support in UFPS of Moscow

2016 - was

  • 530 departments
  • 6 departments of technical support
  • 42 specialists


  • Align the level of service
  • Exclude double subordination
  • IT as service
  • Expansion of the working schedule of support
  • Align the level of service
  • Exclude double subordination
  • IT as service
  • Expansion of the working schedule of support


The equipment in RPE

  • Successfully opened 2 RPE of the RPE of the Future format;
  • Within major and running repairs, 41 RPE was moved;
  • Within retrofitting, 261 sets of the equipment were set;
  • Within EAS RPE circulation, 138 sets of the equipment were replaced;
  • 388 automated workplaces, including 70 automated workplaces in 101000 are upgraded;
  • It is installed 81 CR;
  • About 1000 POS terminals of Post Bank are installed;
  • 3 servers of Huawei, in RPE 101000, 115127 and 115419 are put into operation.

Plans for 2108

  • Upgrade all equipment which does not meet the requirement of EAS RPE;
  • Open in Moscow 39 RPE after capital and running repair;
  • Centralization of technical support of objects of logistics.
  • Centralization of technical support in the Moscow Region.
  • First Call Resolution

From the presentation "How to raise quality of IT support without increasing the budget" Paramonov Maxim Viktorovich - the Moscow post office, UFPS, on February 21, 2018, the Conference of TAdviser IT priorities

2016: Partnership with 1C

On June 17, 2016 Russian Post and 1C Company signed the agreement on development of cooperation in information technology field. Expect increase in management efficiency and quality of process automation of financial and economic activity of Russian Post using solutions on the software platform of 1C from strategic partnership of the party.

For June 16, 2016 as a part of Russian Post 42 thousand post offices, with one of the biggest labor collectives of the Russian Federation – about 350 thousand mail employees work.

In 2015 Russian Post completed two projects of complex automation of financial and economic activity on the platform of a product line of 1C. The first project provided process automation operational, accounting and tax accounting for all divisions of the enterprise for the whole country. Considering a wide branch network of Russian Post and specifics of the industry, on complexity and a scope this project became the most large-scale implementation project of 1C in Russia.

More than 40 thousand employees of Russian Post became users of a system.

The second project promoted consolidation of credentials for the centralized delivery of accounting and tax statements. Complex automation helped the enterprise to standardize methodology of accounting, tax accounting and payroll, provided completeness, increased reliability and efficiency of collecting of the reporting. The executed projects allowed to create uniform rules of sales and rendering services in departments, to manage quickly stocks of inventory items, to provide operating control and the analysis of indicators of a business activity.

The agreement will assist in the effective organization of interaction and exchange of experience between specialists of Russian Post and developers of ERP solutions of 1C Company. Cooperation will help to optimize costs for support of solutions of 1C, including due to centralization of installation and service of systems, the organization of their work in the environment of open source software.

According to the development strategy Russian Post implements the large-scale program of a software update, applying the most modern solutions in the market. An ultimate goal of all conversions – increase in efficiency of the enterprise in general and also speeds and qualities of rendering services to our clients. 1C Company is one of key partners of Russian Post, and the signed agreement will promote achievement of an effective objective.

Sergey Emelchenkov, deputy CEO of FGUP Russian Post for information technologies, development of new products

We are proud of the fact that solutions of a 1C system: The efficiency of the work and customer service quality in country scales help Russian Post to raise the enterprise. We calculate that the agreement signed today will allow us to take together a number of new steps on improvement of business processes of the national mail operator.

In plans of Russian Post control automation by the motor transportation park and budgetings. In June, 2016 upgrade of the workflow system (EDMS) on the platform of the solution "1C: Document Flow 8 CORP" begins. The program will help to automate processes of approval of internal documents of Russian Post between all structural divisions, including branches, post offices and macroregions.

2015: Agreement with Rostec on development of IT systems

On November 5, 2015 "Rostec" and "Russian Post" signed the agreement on cooperation on development and maintenance logistic CRM, ERP and other Mails systems and also the automated jobs and mobile terminals of her employees. In more detail about it here.

2012: Concept of development of IT

In November, 2012 the board of Russian Post approved the concept of development of IT till 2015 developed with the assistance of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) the Deputy CEO of the company Sergey Kiryushin supervising IT told CNews. The main objective of development of IT of the enterprise declares quality improvement of services, level of service for consumers and efficiency.

The main current problems the company calls outdated solutions and backwardness of IT infrastructure. So, now from 42 thousand post offices of 12.5 thousand are not connected to Network even on slow channels.

In the concept the principles of development of IT are formulated. Creation of a common information space without duplication of data, using modern methods of application integration is offered. At the same time Mail aims to reduce number of applications, transferring departments to single systems, selecting strategic suppliers and taking outdate software out of service.

At last, standard commercial solutions will have a priority before independent development. As software on which work of the mail enterprises in other countries is automated Microsoft, SAP and Oracle[2] are called [2].

The directions of implementation of large IT projects are specified in the document. This construction of the corporate data network (CDN), consolidation of a server framework in two central data centers (the main and reserve) and regional mini-DPCs in branches. Departments of Mail are going to be transferred to easy terminal solutions, in parallel setting pochtomata and other devices for self-service.

Projects on monitoring system implementation transport based on GLONASS, to implementation of a single treasurer system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, automation of the financial and economic block of branches based on products "1C:Enterprise 8" and "Galaktika" and a number of other projects are already kept. The front - and a back office for all departments, to implementation of a uniform production and logistics system, transition on new Internet and the intranet portals, to implementation CRM- systems, etc. is in the short term going to start works on creation of a single centralized system.

In addition to technical issues Mail states a shortcoming of IT specialists. So, in the document it is said that for achievement of an average on retail of an indicator of level of IT personnel the enterprise lacks about 4 thousand IT shnikov.

Let's remind that Sergey Kiryushin earlier within several years till August, 2009 worked in Aeroflot airline where was also responsible for IT in the rank of the deputy CEO. From large IT projects during this time it is possible to select transfer of airline for a booking system of tickets Sabre, implementation of the common bus of data of IBM WebSphere and SAP ERP.

The IT passport of projects in Russian Post

Описание проектаBinomial (Bing integrator)New cloud technologies: MyOfficeSaaS - Software as service, Office applications2022
Описание проектаAkado-Telecom (Comcor)Projects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing2020
Описание проектаNew Service Technologies (NST), I-Teco (iTeco), ServionikaProjects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing2020
Описание проектаRostelecomServices of telephony and communication2020
Описание проектаNational Center of Informatization (NCI)1C: Enterprise 8.0ERP2020
Описание проектаUnicredit Leasing, I.L.S.2019
Описание проектаI-Teco (iTeco)Projects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing2019
Описание проектаRT LabsRostelecom: Electronic doctorVideo conferencing2019
Описание проектаRostelecomDigital Signage projectsAudiovisions2019
Описание проектаIveco Russia2019
Описание проектаOpen Mobile Platform (OMP), NORBITAurora (before SailfishOS), Inoi R-серия Smartphones2019
Описание проектаI-Teco (iTeco), Rostelecom, ServionikaDPC Projects of creation and upgradeDPC, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC2019
Описание проектаMerlionAcer Veriton X4630G, Samsung SL-M2870FD, IPPON Back OfficeOffice equipment2018
Описание проектаMaykor-GMCS, LANIT, InformzashitaMicrosoft SQL Server, Windows Server 2012DBMS, OS2018
Описание проектаDigital DesignAVACOR Automation of Internal Audit, control and risks assessment2018
Описание проектаTechnical transleasing, Unicredit Leasing2018
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data2018
Описание проектаAkado-Telecom (Comcor)Comcor: Services of cloud video surveillance (VSaaS - Video Surveillance as a Service), Akado office Virtual PBXSaaS - Software as service, Video surveillance systems, IP telephony2018
Описание проектаEnforta (Prestige Internet)SCS projects and wireless network infrastructureSCS2018
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataFSIS (individual development)Informatization of state functions2018
Описание проектаNational Center of Informatization (NCI), 1C-KSU, LANIT1C: Document Flow 8EDMS, EDMS - Systems of stream recognition2018
Описание проектаIT, Terrasoft (Terrasoft, CU-Consulting)Bpm`onlineBPM, CRM, SaaS - Software as service2018
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data2018
Описание проектаRostelecomVPN projectsVPN - Virtual private networks2018
Описание проектаToshiba Rus Complex projects of creation of the engineering systems2018
Описание проектаIT Departmental SystemsIndividual development of electronic state servicesInformatization of state functions2018
Описание проектаMobile TeleSystems (MTS)Services of telephony and communication2017
Описание проектаLuxoftApache Hadoop, PostgreSQL of DBMS, Pentaho BIDBMS2017
Описание проектаBusiness EcosystemsBusiness Ecosystems Console Management System (BE CMS)Cybersecurity - Authentication2017
Описание проектаMaykor-GMCSEnterprise OptimizerBPM, SCM2017
Описание проектаSmartfin (2can&ibox)2can: mPOS-terminalTrade automation systems2017
Описание проектаCyberPowerCyberPower BU seriesUPS - Uninterruptible power supply units2017
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data2016
Описание проекта1C Joint Stock Company1C: Trade Management 8Trade automation systems2016
Описание проектаBARS GROUP2016
Описание проекта1C-Bitrix1C-Bitrix: Corporate portalCorporate portals2016
Описание проектаAplana. Development center (Aplana Development Center)Pentaho BI, IBM Content Foundation (ранее IBM FileNet)BI, Data Mining, OLAP, BPM, CMS - Content management systems, EDMS2016
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data2016
Описание проектаI-Teco (iTeco)Projects of IT outsourcing, DPC TrustInfoIT outsourcing, DPC2016
Описание проектаHFLabs (HumanFactorLabs) HFLabsHumanFactor: Uniform clientCRM, MDM - Master Data Management - Management of the main master data, DBMS, DWH, Server platforms2015
Описание проектаDigital Design2015
Описание проектаDigital DesignDocsVision (EDMS/ECM system), Docsvision EDMS/ECM and BPM2014
Описание проектаVideoMostVideoMost SDKSaaS - Software as service, Video conferencing2014
Описание проектаSingle National Dispatching System (SNDS)2014
Описание проектаFederal State Unitary Enterprise NIIPS - Research and design institute of a mail serviceMicrosoft Team Foundation ServerDevelopment tools of applications2012
Описание проектаCorporate Systems of Training (CST)TrainingWareSystems of distance learning2012
Описание проектаRTK-Leasing2012
Описание проектаNIS GLONASSNIS-PlatformaSatellite communication and navigation2012
Описание проектаALP Group (KT-ALP, ALP-IS)1C: ConsolidationCPM, ERP2012
Описание проектаALP Group (KT-ALP, ALP-IS)1C: Payroll and HR Management 8HRM2012
Описание проектаGalaktika CorporationGalaktika of TOROEAM2012
Описание проектаGalaktika CorporationGalaktika ERP: Guidance loop personnelHRM2012
Описание проектаAkado-Telecom (Comcor)VPN projectsVPN - Virtual private networks2011
Описание проектаGalaktika CorporationGalaktika ERPERP2011
Описание проектаMultiregional Transit Telecom (MTT)SCS projects and wireless network infrastructureSCS2010
Описание проектаSAP CISSAP ERPERP---
Описание проектаRST-InventProjects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data---
Описание проектаALP Group (KT-ALP, ALP-IS), Mkskom, 1S:NPTS1C: Enterprise 8.0, 1C: Holding Management, Projects of IT outsourcingERP, CPM, IT outsourcing---
Описание проектаAMT Group---
Описание проектаI.L.S.Projects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing---
Описание проектаNational Center of Informatization (NCI)BARS.Byudzhet-Online, PostgreSQL of DBMS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)SaaS - Software as service, Accounting systems, DBMS, OS---
Описание проектаAsterosOracle Database, Oracle Business IntelligenceDBMS, BI---
Описание проектаPowercom (Pauerkom-service)Powercom Spider N-серияUPS - Uninterruptible power supply units---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataApache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, ClickHouseDBMS---
Описание проектаRussian Government Analytical CentreProjects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing---
Описание проектаMobile Medical Technologies (Online Doctor)---
Описание проектаMobile Medical Technologies (Online Doctor)VKS projects (video conferencing)Video conferencing---
Описание проектаLANITProjects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing---
Описание проектаUnited Engine Corporation (UEC)---