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Goods (Marketplace)


Internet services
Since 2016
Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya St., 40/12, building 2, 5 floor

Top managers:
Tsitkilov Dmitry Tsitkilovich



Goods (Marketplace LLC) is the Russian full-scale marketplace which develops M.Video.

Owners of Goods are M.Video and Alexander Tynkovan. As the M.Video subsidiary company, Goods are included into group perimeter Safmar.

M.Video announced start of the universal trade Internet platform in February, 2017. From April to September, 2017 the marketplace worked in the alpha and test mode.


2020: Creation of consulting council for independent assessment of results of work and external examination for strategic initiatives

On January 9, 2020 Marketplace of (enters into the M of Video Eldorado Group) announced creation of consulting council for independent assessment of results of work and external examination for strategic initiatives of the company. The ex-head of directorate on development of an ecosystem of Sberbank of SberX and the director of Alibaba Group in Russia Mark Zavadsky will head council.

Some more people were a part of council in addition to Mark Zavadsky:

Consulting council is not governing body and is urged to help shareholders and management of a marketplace with comprehensive assessment of results of a company performance, strategy implementation and search of sources of growth.

Involvement of independent experts of the market on a permanent basis for consultations of top management and shareholders – one of elements of a healthy corporate management system. M.Video used such practice long before an exit to the IPO, having created advisory board which directors with work experience on top positions in the foreign retail companies and in manufacturing companies entered, and the history of development of the retailer proved efficiency of such approach. In public business this role is played by Board of Directors, but unlike the last consulting council is not included into a legal management structure the company. Experts make recommendations about business development, help shareholders and to management comprehensively to estimate results of work, the planned actions and to consider a maximum of risks. I am very glad that consulting council was headed by Mark Zavadsky, his experience of development of a global marketplace, undoubtedly, will be useful to the company,
noted the founder and the president of the M of Video Eldorado Group Alexander Tynkovan

Consulting council is an opportunity to owners and to management of the company on a permanent basis to involve external examination without need to build a complex corporate structure at a stage of fast business development. External consultants allow to look at business from the different parties and give ampler opportunities for creation of dialog with the market. In the nearest future we are going to strengthen council several strong professionals with the examination necessary for at the current stage of business development,
said Mark Zavadsky

2019: The agreement with Russian Post for sales increase

On November 14, 2019 the Russian Post reported that her clients will get access to the range of which for November, 2019 contains more than 1.5 million goods. In turn, the marketplace will expand the opportunities for promotion of products at the expense of effective logistics and the operational platform of Russian Post with the big customer base that will provide significant growth of sales volume to the sellers placing commodity offers on the online platform. Prdrobny here.

2018: Processing of the first 85 thousand orders

M.Video, the Russian retail seller of electronics and home appliances, and Goods marketplace entering into Group Safmar of Mikhail Gutseriev in January, 2018 was announced by the first results of work of the platform. As of January 11, Goods already cooperates more than with 200 online stores and producers and managed to accept orders more than for 370 million rubles.

The Russian full-scale marketplace works since September, 2017 and offers clients more than 250 thousand goods from 200 partners — home appliances and electronics, children's goods, toys, pet goods, goods for the house, beauty and personal care, auto-goods and also for repair, the house and a garden. The range available on Goods makes 60% of an annual consumer basket of target audience. A ratio of men and women among buyers of Goods — 55% and 45%, age — 25-44.

We gradually increase load of the website within the last several months and we check work of IT systems and also all business processes connected with packaging, delivery or return of orders. During the beta test we received more than 1000 offers from our buyers, implemented their most part in work of the platform. Monthly our turnover grows almost twice, two thirds of clients who made at us even small purchase return. In total we accepted orders more than for 370 million rubles so the start of Goods can be considered successful — the CEO of Goods Solomon Kunin said.

The platform offers the integrated basket: it is possible to add goods from different sellers in any categories to one order and to receive them one delivery that saves time and money. On the platform it is possible to compare the prices from different sellers and to select the most profitable. The "guarantee of the best prices" program that buyers could compare the prices not only at sellers on the platform, but also in the market in general and to make purchase on the most profitable works for Goods.

Goods also suggests clients to enter the loyalty program, to save bonus rubles and to pay with them up to 50% of cost of new purchases. By analogy with coalition programs in which several companies participate at once the marketplace charges bonus rubles for orders at any shops, and the user can spend them for any other goods at the choice.

During 2018 Goods expects to start mobile application, service "existence guarantee" which purpose — to provide 100% execution of the order even at failure of one of sellers, at the same time to save the cost and the period of delivery, so that the buyer with guarantee received the purchase. In the first half of the year 2018 the company is going to organize points of issue and return of orders in M.Video shops and in points of issue of orders.

2017: Start of the online platform

On February 16, 2017 the M.Video company announced start of the trade online platform Goods. At its means the buyer will have an opportunity to compare the prices, to order a general delivery of goods from different sellers.

Developers declared Goods project ambitions - to become "Russian Amazon". The platform should compete with service of a price comparison Yandex.Market.

The company declared plans of start of the platform in work in the second half of 2017[1].

Screenshot of a window of a resource, (2017)
Screenshot of a window of a resource, (2017)
Meanwhile Goods passes internal test. Technically the platform will begin to function in the II quarter 2017, however commercial start will take place later. At first it will service only Moscow and the Moscow region, however by the end of 2020 of M.Video is going to display Goods to the cities with the million population.

Solomon Kunin, project director

The platform has chances to become a domestic analog of Amazon, having taken in the medium term about 15% of the market of the Russian Internet trade.

Alexander Tynkovan, president of M.Video

Goods belongs to M.Video. The volume of the authorized capital selected with parent company does not reveal. After completion of sales process of M.Video, Goods will belong to the Safmar group.

Goods will charge from sellers the fee for each executed order, the size of the commission is not specified. The buyer will be able to see and compare the prices of the goods interesting him in different shops. Purchases from different sellers will be arranged in the blanket order, the payment system, deliveries, return and exchange will be the general, regardless of the seller. In the long term clients will receive bonuses for perfect purchases and to spend them on the platform.

For February 16, 2017 declared to M.Video presence of nine partners in the Goods project, expect 30 more shops. In 2017 the company is going to bring a total quantity of project participants to 400.

In the first months after start the platform will represent five types of goods:

  • home appliances and electronics,
  • goods for the house and repair,
  • products for children,
  • goods of daily consumption, including products with long term of storage
  • pet goods.

After start it is going to add category of sports and automobile goods.

The most "difficult" categories, i.e. clothes and perishable products, meanwhile will not be added.

Before M.Video planned start of the platform in February, 2017, representing seven categories of goods with delivery across Moscow and the Moscow region. At the beginning of 2018 the company was going to bring amount of categories to 13, having added food, clothes, footwear, household chemicals and furniture, to begin to service other regions of Russia.

2016: Company registration

The idea to create a marketplace came to the management of M.Video in 2016, then work on its embodiment in life began. On August 26, 2016 the retailer registered Marketplace LLC, Solomon Kunin was appointed the CEO.[2]