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Enterprise System Partners





200 employees in 2019


The Irish company Enterprise System Partners develops the technology increasing production efficiency of pharmaceutical products. It traces and documents production processes of medicines, increasing automation in a supply chain.


2019: Accenture purchased Enterprise System Partners

In March, 2019 Accenture announced acquisition of Enterprise System Partners, but did not begin to set the price of the transaction.

Accenture due to merger of Enterprise System Partners intends to expand the opportunities to help the clients working in the medicobiological industry (pharmaceutics, the medical equipment, biotechnologies), with digitalization and conversion of their production operations.

Accenture purchased the supplier of services for increase in production efficiency of drugs
Accenture purchased the supplier of services for increase in production efficiency of drugs
Within Accenture we will be able to offer expanded services for conversion of activity of our clients at the expense of process optimization — from early researches before development, production and distribution — the managing director of Enterprise System Partners Liam O'Brien said.

By March, 2019 the number of staff of Enterprise System Partners totals 200 people working at offices in the USA, Ireland and other European countries. 17 of 20 world's largest pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are among clients.

After closing of the transaction Enterprise System Partners will be a part of division of Accenture Industry X.0 which is engaged in services and technologies for production digitalization.[1]

Digital technologies in a root will transform production workshops.  Using the production solutions Enterprise System Partners and our opportunities Industry X.0 we can help clients to take advantage of development and product lifecycle management, the advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to the organization of flexible, effective and economic production process — the managing director of the British representative office of Accenture Industry X.0 Ben Salama said.